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Brand Ambassadorship with Way Better Snacks

I am thrilled to announce my brand ambassadorship with Way Better Snacks after falling in love the company and their INCREDIBLE gluten free, vegan, sprouted tortilla chips at the Gluten and Allergy Free Expo earlier this year. 

Joining me on the team are the fabulous Eco Vegan Gal, StockPiling Moms, Lynn's Kitchen Adventures, A Few Short Cuts, and The Celiac Diva.

If you haven't tasted these phenomenal snacks, you are in for a treat of epic proportions. These are seriously the BEST tortilla chips I have ever tasted, AND they are SPROUTED :) Yipeeee! I am SO excited about spreading the word about this remarkable company and their product that are revolutionizing snack foods.

After being approached to partner with quite a few food companies, I chose Way Better Snacks because of their wonderful commitment to producing healthy foods using good quality, NON GMO, whole sprouted ingredients; as well as their philosophy of complete production transparency. In an age where we can't even pass simple GMO food labeling laws due to corporate deception, fraud, and greed, the honesty and integrity of this company is both refreshing and inspiring. Furthermore, their products are SENSATIONAL -- offering a super tasty, all natural, healthy, nutritious, SPROUTED alternative to conventional tortilla chips. 

I LOVE the Way Better Snacks mantra to "Eat Better. Live Better. Be Better." They fulfil this by providing mouthwatering sprouted snacks that are Certified Gluten Free, NON GMO Project Verified, Kosher Certified, and Vegan. All of their nutritionally dense products are high in essential omega 3’s, powerful antioxidants and other vital nutrients, and are low in sodium and saturated fat. Plus, each serving contains at least 17 grams of whole grains.

These chips are not only healthier, but they taste better! They are light, loaded with flavour, and complement all kinds of fabulous dips, sauces, bakes, and stews. They are also fabulous crumbled over salads! The ONLY thing wrong with them is that they are REALLY hard to quit eating. The company sent me a large box to develop recipes, and my family and I polished them off in three days! The general consensus was, "They really ARE Way Better!"

Way Better Snacks come in six DELICIOUS flavours: Simply Unbeatable Blue, Naked BlueBlack Bean, Sweet Potato, Multi-Grain, and Sweet Chili. All varieties are made with powerhouse superfood ingredients such as: Organic Sprouted Flax Seeds, Organic Sprouted Quinoa, Organic Sprouted Daikon Radish Seeds, Organic Sprouted Chia Seeds, Sprouted Broccoli Seeds, Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Flour, and Pure Sea Salt

These ingredients are absolutely loaded with goodness. For example, Organic Sprouted Flax Seeds are high in antioxidants, phytochemicals, and fibre, and are the highest known source of cancer preventative lignans, and the highest source of essential omega 3 fatty acids per gram. Sprouted Broccoli Seeds are loaded with Vitamin A and C, Calcium, Fibre, and Folate; and Organic Sprouted Quinoa is a complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids, and high levels of magnesium and fibre. 

These tortilla chips really are a celebration of the power of germination. For those of you not familiar with this term, sprouting raw nuts, seeds, and whole grains is vital for healthy digestion and assimilation as it removes anti-nutrients like phytates, tannins and goitrogens, and helps to neutralise enzyme inhibitors; increases the potency of nutrients such as Vitamin B and makes proteins more readily available; eradicates toxins contained in the colon and encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria like lactobacilli which we know is vital for intestinal and colon health; and promotes the growth of healthy enzymes vital for healthy digestion; which all helps activate the full nutritional potential of the food. 

For more information on soaking and sprouting check out my info page. You can also check out the plethora of information on the Way Better Snacks Sprouting Page. I also LOVE their Sprouting 101 You Tube Video which is the best quick explanation of sprouting and germination I have seen. 

The team at Way Better Snacks are really committed to approaching snacks from a nutritional perspective, and at the same time maintaining the "Fun Factor". They deliver in SPECTACULAR fashion. Up until now, sprouted convenience foods have typically been available in the raw foods section of the health food store for a hefty price! Way Better Snacks are bringing the wonders of sprouting to the masses with these popular, mainstream, affordable tortilla chips that can be enjoyed by anybody.

The Way Better Snacks phenomenon is really creating some serious buzz too! Suzanne Somers recently interviewed Way Better Snacks CEO and founder, Jim Breen, and Dennis Barker, President and CEO of Bioessential Botanicals on her show to discuss the health benefits of sprouting. 

I love it when Suzanne said, "They are designed to taste scrumptious." They really are. I also really appreciated Jim's reminder to viewers that whilst these tortilla chips do offer a great amount of nutrition, they are still a snack food, and are not designed as a meal replacement. Having said that, I know that for many people, the most challenging part of maintaining a healthy diet is finding nutritious snacks that are tasty and fun. I don't know anybody that doesn't enjoy tortilla chips. However, many of the tortilla chips available are nutritionally barren, full of trans fats, loaded with additives and preservatives, and wreak havoc on the digestive system. 

Check out the Way Better alternative. I am ADDICTED, and can hardly wait to see what they come out with next! 
Jim Breen, where have you been all my life?

Check out Way Better Snacks.
Follow their healthy conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and You Tube.

Ooohh…congrats! I love these chips! I too discovered them at the Expo earlier this year and it was love at first bite! :)


Thanks Betsy! Yes, “Love at first bite” is a GREAT way to put it. I just LOVE these chips and am really thrilled to be representing them in this fabulous way.

Tess, these sound SCRUMPTIOUS!  I am going to try and find them.  The ingredients ARE spectacular and exactly what I would choose for Scott and I to eat.  Thanks for sharing as always and congrats!  XO


Thanks Kibby! YOU and Scott would LOVE LOVE LOVE these sprouted chips! They are SO good! I got your message and will absolutely connect you after the holidays :)

Thanks Tess!  Welcome to the TEAM!


ThankYOU Melissa. I am so excited to be part of the team :)

I just want to add my voice to a chorus of online “hurrah!“s over this announcement. Tess and Way Better Snacks is a match made in Piggy Heaven! I say from experience that anything with the WBS label never lasts more than a day in our house. Congratulations, I’m absolutely thrilled!


Thankyou! Anything with the WBS label doesn’t last long in our house too!

Good Girl Gone Green - Jan 07, 2013 at 10:46pm #

These snacks look tasty! Thanks for sharing, Tess! :)


Pleasure. These tortilla chips are AMAZING.

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