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Yotam Ottolenghi - The New Guardian Vegetarian
Yotam’s inventive, modern vegetarian recipes are a constant source of inspiration to me. My friend Deidre put me onto him some time ago and now he is one of my favourite chefs. Just pure yummy in my piggy tummy!

Nigella Lawson
I absolutely love the gorgeous Nigella – the lady who brought sex back into the kitchen. I just adore her fun, rustic, “no frills” and “lots of spills” approach to simple fresh food. I modify most of her recipes. But that is half the fun for me – taking her inspiration and making it my own. Check out her website where all of her recipes are kept. But I still love flicking through all of her books.

Kylie Kwong
For anything Chinese, I can’t beat Kylie Kwong. Her “legacy-style” cooking is fresh and simple, and always comes complete with a heart-filled story about her family. Her recipes are simply incredible.

Matthew Kenney
Matthew is one of my favourite raw food chefs. Yes, he is easy on the eyes! But so is his food. It is art. I always believe you take the first bite with your eyes and Matthew’s food continues to inspire me from first glance to last mouthful. Check out his books – they are gorgeous!

Juliano’s incredible raw living cuisine is a constant inspiration to me. As is his commitment to sustainable living. I also love his quirky eccentric nature. His food is just incredible. Check out his gorgoues book RAW and don’t miss a visit to Planet Raw if you are in L.A. It will rock your world.

Ani Phyo
Eco-LifeStylist and Raw Food Author is just delightful. I was lucky enough to meet her at 105 degrees in Oklahoma City. She makes raw quick and easy. Most of her recipes are made in a blender, mixer or food processor with very few ingredients. They are very accessible and delicious. Check out her site and wonderful cook books.

Kurma Dasa
So many of my favourite recipes came from the collection of Kurma Dasa. I met him when I took a series of vegetarian cooking classes with him about ten years ago at the Essential Ingredient Cooking School in Melbourne. I have all of his cookbooks and continue to look to him for inspiration.

Tony Chiodo
Tony’s delicious macrobiotic-inspired whole foods cooking style changed my life. I have taken many classes with him; assisted him on several occasions and am proud to now call him my friend. If you want some wonderful dishes check out his site where you can search recipes by season.

Jude Blereau
I met Jude when I was playing Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing in Perth, Australia. I would visit the organic market/cafe, The Earth Market every single day with my friend Randy and we were constantly inspired by Jude's incredible food. I have been following her ever since. Her first cookbook, Wholefood is my "go-to" standard for whole food basics and simple delicious recipes.