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Food Writers

Michael Pollan
Is a God in my world. If I ever met him I would lose the power of speech! I have all of his books and will read anything he writes. He just speaks sense to me. I wish more people would listen!

Paul Pitchford
His book Healing With Whole Foods is my bible and I refer to it every week. I really love his simple way of teaching a new way to health.

Sally Fallon
Reading Nourishing Traditions changed my life and I still refer to this book daily. Sally is a wonderful whole foods writer. 

AnneMarie Colbin
I have all of AnneMarie’s books – there is so much information about natural health and wellness. 

Tom Philpott
Is Grist’s senior food and agriculture writer. He is the co-founder or Maverick Farms – a centre for sustainable food education. I really love what he has to say.

Alice Waters
The American pioneer of the “Slow Food” movement. I will read anything she writes. 

Sam Sifton – NY Times 
I really love reading is reviews and articles.

Ruth Reichl
I really love her writing and her recipes.