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Dr Mercola
This is my number one site for reliable well researched health and nutrition information.
There is a wealth of information on this well visited website. Read the latest research about health and nutrition. Sign up for the free newsletter. It is fantastic. This is the first place I come when I want to learn about a health related topic.

Dr Robert O Young
The PH Miracle changed my life. Dr Robert O Young is a genius. If you do anything for your health, read his incredible book and learn about the vital role alkalinity plays in our health. He is doing miracle work curing people with type 1 diabetes, cancer, heart disease and much more. We are SO blessed to have him in California. I am fortunate to know Dr Young and always enjoy a visit to the PH Miracle Centre. He has an avocado farm!

Dr Weil
Just like Dr Mercola, this fantastic site has very credible information about the latest natural health and wellness issues. There are wonderful health tips, vegetarian recipes and more. He has a wonderful free newsletter too which I really enjoy reading.

Body Ecology
Donna Gates and her fabulous team offer invaluable information that will lead you to better health with a natural diet rich in probiotics. This website is full of  fantastic information about whole foods, including articles about candida and delicious vegetarian recipes. Sign up for her free newsletter. I love it.

Natural News
This is another fantastic site full of information on the latest natural health related topics and wellness ideas. Subscribe to their free newsletter. It is fantastic too.

World’s Healthiest Foods
I get so much fantastic information from this site and from their books. The format of this site is really simple and easy to digest. You can search by ingredient and find out so much great information based on scientific study and research. There are also wonderful healthy vegetarian recipes. This is a wonderful resource for anyone living with whole foods and wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.

Dr Sandra Cabot
I first learnt about “The Liver Doctor” when I read her fantastic book The Liver Cleansing Diet. This book is chock-full of valuable information and phenomenal natural recipes. This is a great website for healthy living and vegetarian recipes. 

H Life Media
The gorgeous Celiz sisters run this really informative site with fantastic interviews with some of the leaders in natural health and wellness. There are some scrumptious raw and vegan recipes here too. I really love this stylish site. Sign up for their free newsletter. It is great.

Dr Pratt
Reading Super Foods RX changed my life and Dr Pratt’s health blog continues to inform and educate me.

Gillian McKeith
Gillian is a wonderful holistic nutritionist and her site is loaded with fantastic information about whole food ingredients and their health benefits. I constantly refer to this site.

Annemarie Colbin
Reading Annemarie’s books changed my life. There is so much valuable information on this site and in her books.

Weston A Price
Phenomenal natural health information. I refer to the information here constantly.

Kushi Institute
Michio and Aveline Kushi changed my life with their books. Their institute provides macrobiotic education including recovery programs and eating tips for health and healing. Information about the institute is also provided for those interested in training there.

Gerson Institute
The healing work of the Gerson Institute continues to amaze me. Read more about the power of raw foods and juicing.

Raw Family
Victoria Boutenko’s book, Green For Life changed my life. Green energy smoothies was the missing link in my health. On this site you will find information and resources on raw foods and green smoothies like books and DVDs from the Boutenko family – Victoria, Sergei and Valya.

Steven Acuff
Meeting Steven Acuff changed my life. He introduced me to the power of raw coconut, soaking nuts and grains, and the importance of bio-individuality. I credit him with so much of what I know. Check out his informative site and go and hear him speak!

Dr Elaine Carter
Elaine Carter has played a pivotal role in my life the last year. I owe my health to her this year. I am so proud to call her my friend and doctor. Her site is chock-full of articles and information. She is a really incredible woman and natural healer and intuitive. I still fly back to Springfield for my appointments! Springfield MO is so lucky to have her! 

Life Dr
Tina Morse runs a beautiful website that goes beyond physical wellness and talks about health and happiness with emotional well being and positive mental attitude. I love this lady!

Dr Natura
Dr offers a full range of natural health remedies. From herbal fibre colon cleanse, to probiotics and fish oil, you’ll find dozens of products to add to your supplements closet. Additionally, you’ll find lots of information on cleansing, body detoxification, and healthy eating.