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Meal Delivery Services

Fresh N Lean
This is a fantastic based out of L.A that delivers three delicious gluten free vegan meals a day. I have visited their commercial kitchen in Marina Del Rey and it is AMAZING. I could not recommend this company more highly. Their best selling dish is the gluten free vegan lasagne. But my personal favourite is the lentil stew. If you are busy professional or don't want to think about cooking this company is for you!

Thrive Foods Direct
This is a fantastic initiative powered by the inspiring Brendan Brazier. Delicious plant-based whole foods prepared according to the nutritional principles outlined in Brendan's Thrive Foods book -- high net gain, alkaline-forming, organic foods delivered right to your door. There is a fantastic emphasis on seasonal foods so the menu changes frequently allowing for variety for optimal nutrition and enjoyment. The recipes are absolutely delicious!  

Healthy Surprise
My friend Joe has started this incredible company that offers a subscription service that delivers a box of all natural gluten free vegan snacks every month.   He has partnered up with some of the best natural food companies in America, and is teaming up with new companies every month, so the box is always different! I love my healthy surprise box because it makes healthy snacking easy! I don't have to think about it, and I get to discover wonderful companies that I would otherwise never have known about. Some of my favourite companies include: Skinny Crisps, Caveman Cookies, Go Raw, Olomomo Nut Company, Kopali, Bobo's Oat Bars and more. You can give a one-time gift box, or any length subscription, and cancel at any time. What a fantastic gift for a college student! 

Nutrifit Online 
Really busy? If you want to have delicious healthy organic vegetarian meals delivered right to your home check out this amazing company. There have a ton of healthy meal options. NutriFit will have what you need.

Large Marge Sustainables
These folks have catered many events that I have attended and the vegetarian food is always superb.