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Natural Skin Care

My philosophy when it comes to skin care - If I can’t eat it I don’t put it on my skin. I usually make skin care fresh out of my pantry and fridge. But every once and a while I will purchase a commercial organic product. These are my favourites.

Est Australia
These are the best natural creams I have ever used. I started using the Virgin Olive Oil Botanical Salve on my face about five years ago and have not used anything else since. It is hand made in their store in Melbourne in big vats. It is just an emulsion of organic EVOO. Organic beeswax, shea butter, hypericum healing oil, avocado oil, vitamin E, olive leaf extract, and essential oils. Every time I go back to Australia I bring a stash of it back with me. It is the best cream I have ever used. The best thing about it? It costs under $50 and one tin lasts a whole year!

Ilcsi or ilike
These all-natural food-grade products are from Hungary and are absolutely incredible. If you think you need toxic man made chemical ingredients to make your skin care “active” think again. Their pumpkin and paprika peel is the most powerful peel I have ever used. The cleansers, creams and masks are the best products I have used on my skin.

Eminence Skin Care
This range is very similar to Ilcsi and is more widely available in the United States. The two companies used to be associated but something happened (not sure of the details) and they are no longer in partnership. These products are insanely similar and also sensational. 

Dosha Care
This is an AMAZING new company in California that have an incredible line of Ayurvedic skincare products. They are total believers in becoming healthy from the inside out, and taking care of your skin in a natural organic way is just the icing on the cake with these products. Their exfoliant in particular has kept my skin glowing since I began using it only a few months ago when I met owner and founder Patty Schmucker at the Women of the Green Generation conference this year. Their ama release tonic is one of the best things I have ever used on my skin.

CEO and founder Purvi Desai has created a fantastic line of natural skin care that is very inexpensive! I don't know how she does it! All of her products are 100% pure, using organic and natural ingredients. I LOVE the shea and coconut body butter, coffee and pumice body scrub, sugar and honey body scrub, balanced skin face mask, the skin clarifying toner, and the organic fruity lip balms made out of coconut oil, jojoba oil, hazelnut oil, beeswax, and citrus essential oils! YUM! Zaaina have amazing natural green products for women. men and babies. 

California Baby
I met the lovely owner and founder of California baby recently at the Women of the Green Generation. Jessica Iclisoy has created this amazing line of eco friendly organic baby skincare. From fantastic shampoo and body washes, to smooth lotions and diaper skin care this company has everything that an expectant and new yummy mummy could need. My niece who suffers from severe food allergies uses a lot of these products. They have been a life saver for our sensitive little girl.

Golden Path Alchemy
Ashley Beckman and Minka Robinson are the gorgeous brains behind this incredible range of holistic herbal hand made products. I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley at the Women of the Green Generation conference earlier this year. Made from organic essential oils and herbs they have "to die for" moisturizers, cleansers and masks, but my favourite pick of the bunch would have to be the natural renew serum. Do yourself a favour and replenish yourself with a Golden Path skin treat. You skin will love you!

Elique Organics
Elique Organics is an amazing creative organic skincare range from fellow blogger Elisha Reverby. All her unique products are food based, which I love! Try her divine wild honey and lavender whipped moisturizer. AMAZING!! I just fell in love with her at Women Of The Green Generation. 

Green Grab Bag
This is fantastic treasure that is the brain child of Carrie Pollare of White Apricot. Sign up and "try before you buy". Get a goodie bag filled with minis of the best natural, organic, vegan skin and hair care, make up, fragrance and more delivered to you for $15 a month with free shipping! This is a fantastic way to try some different green organic products and see what you like.

No More Dirty Looks
This website is not so much an actual skincare product but a great blog and directory reviewing some of the best organic skincare on the market. Alexandra Spunt runs this site. She is fabulous. I absolutely fell in love with her when I met at the the Women of the Green Generation conference.