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Recipe Sharing Sites

I LOVE Chow! It is such a fun website packed with so much great information for passionate foodies. You can share recipes and watch invaluable and fun chow tip videos. After becoming Chow's member of the month in February 2011, I was lucky enough to be asked to make five Chow video tips of my own. I had such a great time. Everyone at Chow was amazing!

Bake Space
Babette Pepaj has created a fantastic community bakers on this fabulous recipe share site. I love their slogan, "Come for the Food. Stay for the Conversation". I am a proud member of Bakespace and have shared many of my recipes with fellow bakers.

Food is another great recipe sharing site where you can connect with fellow foodies and create your own cookbooks and menus. The site is very community friendly offering forums, discussions, reviews and whole lot more.

This is one of the biggest recipe share sites in the world and a fantastic resource for finding any kind of recipe you want. I was so excited when they featured one of my recipes earlier this year as a finalist in their Farm Fresh Recipe Contest.  Thanks Epicurious!

Food Buzz
Is an amazing Food Blog community where recipes are shared and fun is had reading people's many different experiences with food! Food Bloggers unite!

Cook Eat Share
Their name pretty much says it all! Cook up an amazing dish...Happily devour it and then of course...Share it! This recipe share site has an amazing library of easy recipes and fabulous cooking tips for everyone!

Taste is an Australian recipe share site but it has members from all over the world, offering up over twenty thousand recipes and amazing stories. "Taste" some of their amazing articles, news, tips and competitions. Ah! Gives me a Taste of home. 

Veg Web
Is a fantastic vegan recipe share site. The Vegan community is a growing one and this site is great for new recipes, vegan cooking tips and articles. Chat to fellow Vegans on their forum or review a fabulous recipe. 

My Recipe Circle
Is a great site where you can store your recipes and share them with family and friends. While you browse the perfect recipes for you, you can create weekly meal plans and shopping lists. So handy and so easy!

All Recipes
All Recipes is another fantastic recipe share site. Share your site with many different members and possibly have one of your recipes become "Recipe of the Day" or become "Cook of the Week". Have great fun trying and voting for your favourite recipes!

All Recipes Australia
This is the Australian and New Zealand version of the above mentioned website. More fun to be had but for the Aussie and Kiwi cooks and foodies alike. 

Cooking Allergy Free
The is a great share site for those with food allergies. Allergies to food is on the rise around the world and all kinds of recipes for food allergies are catered for on this site. Find healthy recipes and get some great cooking tips about cooking for allergies.

Better Recipes
Kristina Vanni runs this great share recipe website where you can find healthy recipes that are great on a budget. Go in their regular recipe contests and daily sweeps to win some great foodie treats.

Gone Vegan
Gone Vegan is a purely vegan recipe share site where you can browse recipes and join in discussions all related to veganism and a vegan lifestyle. Easy to navigate and easy to share recipes this site is the sister site to Gone Raw, another great healthy recipe share site.

Gone Raw
This is the sister site to Gone Raw and an amazing resource of all things raw. A raw food diet is easy to cater for once you have the all the tools, and with this site you can have one of those tools! Go Raw!