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Restaurants - Australia

Bella Vedere
One of my all-time favourite restaurants in the world is an hour outside of Melbourne near the Yarra Valley wine country. Gary Cooper is a friend of mine and one of the most inspired chefs in the world. He has a seasonal menu that changes every day depending on what he picks from the incredible organic veggie garden that surrounds the restaurant. The degustation meal is an experience not to be missed! 

Long Grain
One of my favourite restaurants in Australia – Thai/Asian flavours that just burst in your mouth with a complexity that makes your head spin. 

Vegie Bar
I practically live here when I am in Melbourne. Good simple super CHEAP vegetarian meals. It is not gourmet food. Just yummy everyday meals. This one is a family favourite and it is in my blood.

This is one of my favourite vegetarian restaurants. My family and I used to go here regularly and I can still taste those delectable dumplings.