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Restaurants - USA

New York 

Pure Food and Wine
Delectable raw cuisine in NYC. I never go to NYC without having a meal there. The food is art and tastes just incredible.

Candle Cafe

This little treasure on the upper east side is NOT to be missed if you want to have some of the best vegan cuisine in New York, and dare I say it, the rest if the country! The food here is just packed full of flavour, and every time I go there I can't decide what to order because there are so many tempting dishes to choose from. Get there early in the evening, because this gorgeous little restaurant is small. If you snooze you lose!

Candle 79
This sister restaurant to Candle Cafe is equally as fabulous. Run by Joy Pierson, Angel Ramos & Jorge Pineda, the food is SENSATIONAL! I never miss a trip to NYC without eating here. 

Angelica Kitchen
My friend Randy put me onto this little treasure in NYC a long time ago, and it has been one of my favourite whole foods vegetarian haunts ever since. Just scrumptious! 

Blossom Du Jour
I LIVE at this takeaway eatery when I am in NYC. Pamela, the owner, and RJ, the general manager are AMAZING. The staff bend over backwards to accommodate patrons and the food is DELICIOUS. If you want incredible vegan comfort food this is the place for you! They also cold press fresh juices using a Norwalk Hydraulic juice press every morning. I am ADDICTED to their Field Of Greens blend. The kale salad, chickpea quinoa salad, and BLT Caesar wrap is TO DIE FOR! Vegan, Organic, and Kosher. They have locations in Chelsea, The Upper West Side, and Midtown West. 

Baby Cakes NYC
Erin McKenna's allergy free bakery serves up the most delicious dairy free, gluten free, egg free, nut free, soy free and refined sugar free sweet treats you will ever taste. Her quirky little bakery is in a cool part of New York City right by the lower east side. Her gluten free corn bread and gluten free banana bread is to die for! No trip to NYC would be complete without a visit to this little haven of gluten free heaven.

Dean and Deluca
Is my absolute favourite gourmet food store in America, with gorgeous prepared foods and fabulous high-end kitchen gadgets. This is just class all the way. If I had one hour to live I think I would ask to be locked up by my self in Dean and Deluca to soak in this little bit of gourmet food heaven. Dean and Deluca, when are you moving to LA?!

This little eatery serves up scrumptious vegan desserts! If you are looking for some of the best vegan ice cream in New York, this is the place!

This is an amazing organic wine and martini bar that serves up a fantastic selection of vegetarian cuisine. The atmosphere here is very hip and trendy, take your carnivorous friends here, and they will get so lost in the ambience that they will be sure to forget that the meat factor is missing. Loved this place! 

Zen Palate
Zen Palate has three fabulous locations across Manhattan where you can be treated to amazing vegetarian cuisine. Healthy, yummy food in a modern serene setting.

Franchia Tea House just has to be experienced if you want to have a beautiful cup of tea and some delicious vegan food in a gorgeous setting. Sip tea with the upper crust on Park avenue to get away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Viva Herbal Pizzeria
You can't go to NYC and not have a slice of pizza! It's what New York is famous for! Try this little favourite with the vegetarian/vegan locals in New York. Choose from nine fantastic different varieties of vegan pizza or create your own. Try by the slice or go the whole hog


Los Angeles

Sun Cafe
This fabulous raw foods cafe is right round the corner from my house. So suffice to say, I am a regular. Delicious salads, wraps and other treats. Their raw vegan smoothies are the BEST! LOVE Ron Russell and his staff. 

Euphoria loves Rawvolution
This is the brain child of raw food chef Matt Amsden. It is a raw, vegan organic cafe serving up inspired dishes that will literally rock your world. Some of my favourite dishes are the nori mole tacos and the raw simplicity sushi roll. The raw pizzas, vegetable sides, and smoothies are incredible. They also provide fantastic raw vegan catering.

Cafe Gratitude
This is one of my favourite haunts in L.A. I LOVE the philosophy of this restaurant. The food is delicious, and the staff are incredibly welcoming and positive. I go here at least once a week, and I never get sick of it. "I am grateful" for Cafe Gratitude. I frequent the Larchmont location. But am so excited they opened up in Venice! 

Planet Raw
Juliano’s famous raw creations are on show here. The food is absolutely sensational and the staff are super friendly. 

Real Food Daily
Ann Gentry's food is a constant source of inspiration and delight. This is my favourite restaurant in L.A. I go there every week!

Kind Kreme
I have to limit my visits to Piggy Heaven or I would be the size of a house! This raw vegan ice cream is SO incredible, it transports you!

Crazy Fish
Anyone that knows me would be utterly shocked if I didn’t put my old college haunt down on the list. Yes – this is an old-time favourite whole-in-the-wall place that I am addicted to. I always have the homemade seaweed salad, which I still maintain is the best in town. Yummy in my piggy tummy! This one is a “drive-across-towner” for me! 

Seed is a delicious organic, vegan, macrobiotic restaurant, where chef Eric Lechasseur serves up inspired dishes that will have your cells singing. Eric studied with the famous Michio Kushi and began his macrobiotic journey to combat his wife, Sanae's medical problems and his own allergies. Eric has been a celebrity chef to the stars, for people like Madonna, Sting, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. Check out this fantastic little treasure in Venice. The food is incredible. They also opened up one on Wilshire too. 

Lemonade L.A
Lemonade is not a vegetarian joint, however they have one of the best selections of vegan/vegetarian and raw salads I have ever seen in my life. I discovered lemonade through my friend Mika. They now have six locations in LA and have more opening in the future. They also cater events.

Native Foods Cafe
Native food is a fantastic chain of vegan eateries, founded by vegan chef, Tanya Petrovna. Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, locavore, or health conscious eater, there is something tasty and delicious for everyone. Her plant-based dishes are incredibly affordable with most dishes being under ten dollars. Locations are now in Aliso Viejo, Cost Mesa, Palm Desert, Palm Desert and Tustin.

Toast Bakery Cafe
Toast is not a vegetarian restaurant, but they have fantastic vegetarian options. Amazing omelettes, burgers, salads, wraps, and a mind-blowing selection of daily soups on offer. 

Hugo's is one of my favourite restaurants in L.A, and an institution for those living in the valley. While it is not exclusively a vegetarian restaurant, their extensive menu offers so many vegan and vegetarian options that it feels like it is. The other thing I really love about this place is that they offer a ton of gluten free options. like kelp noodles, quinoa, gluten free pasta, millet. The staff also bend over backwards to accommodate any food allergies. Their vegan tomato soup is the best I have ever tasted. I live at this place! 

Elf Cafe
This tiny little treasure in Echo Park serves up scrumptious vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere as the chefs cook in front of you from the kitchen in the centre of the restaurant. Amazing!

Cruzer Pizza
Fantastic gluten free vegan pizza made with Daiya vegan cheese! YUMMO! This is a little hole-in-the-wall take away joint and I love it! The staff are really friendly too.

Flore Vegan 
This is an amazing organic vegan restaurant in Silverlake featuring a deli counter and sit down indoor/outdoor service. They use only the highest quality, organic ingredients and there are tons of gluten free options. They have some of the best vegan cakes I have ever had! 

San Francisco

Millennium Restaurant
Widely considered the best vegan restaurant in the U.S, you have not tasted gourmet vegan food until you have sampled the delectable offerings of Eric Tucker and his crew at this incredible establishment in San Francisco. This is my FIRST STOP when I head to SF. Just INCREDIBLE. 

Chez Panisse
If you want to feel like you are having a dinner party at home head here for seasonal “slow food” that just bursts in your mouth. I just love the whole philosophy behind this place. 


Oklahoma City

Matthew Kenney OKC
Fantastic raw living cuisine in Oklahoma City. Absolutely yummo. The gorgeous modern architecture and fittings are a feast for the senses too. Wonderful!