Choosing a Food Processor

Here are some questions to ask before you purchase a food processor:

What are you using the food processor for and how often will you use it?

If you are only using your food processor occasionally for the odd dip or salad, you might not want to invest in one of the large top-of-the-line machines with all of the bells and whistles. But if you are a  passionate cook, vegetarian vegan, raw foodist or baker who will use a food processor a lot, you will want to invest in quality.

How much space do you have in your kitchen?

Look, I am going to say that a food processor is an essential item for any household. My food processor gets used almost every day to make shredded raw salads and vegan dips. But not everybody feels that way. If you have a very small kitchen with limited bench or cupboard space, you might want to consider getting a smaller food processor or mini-prep. If you have all the space in the world, go the whole hog.

What is your budget?

Get the most bang for your buck. Research some of the consumer review websites to look into food processors in every price point category to figure out what where your money is best spent and what your budget will allow.

As with any kitchen appliance, think about what you will use a food processor for. What recipes or foods do you regularly use that you would need to chop, slice or shred. A food processor makes cooking in the kitchen a breeze. Just make sure you choose the right one for you.

Top-of-the-line can often mean most expensive, and understandably not everyone can afford a fan-dangled food processor, so just do your research and source out the most reasonably priced good quality processor with good reviews that will work for you.

Types of Food Processors - Full, Compact and Mini. 

A full food processor is the mother of all food processors. They can hold anywhere between 7-12 cups of processed food, depending on the make and model. Dependable to chop up almost anything, professional chefs and passionate cooks wouldn’t cook without one. 

A compact food processor is a great medium sized processor that happily fits into any average sized kitchen. This is an efficient food prep machine that still has the power of the full food processor, but as less capacity. 

A mini food processor or mini prep is a small compact food processor that is great for single people cooking for one or two; or those cooks with small kitchens and limited cupboard and bench space. A mini prep is also invaluable for small piggy kitchen tasks like chopping small small quantities of vegetables, chopping herbs, and making salad dressings that can get lost in the bigger machines. The grind function is absolutely fabulous for grinding solid foods like raw nuts, seeds, spices and chocolate. A lot of the full sized food processors come with a mini prep attachment so you get two machines for the price of one. I LOVE the mini food processors. They have a surprising amount of grunt and they are easier to clean and store.


You will definitely want to purchase a food processor that has a sharp blade, soft blade (for making batters) and a variety of cutting blades that shred, slice etc. This will make your machine more versatile. 

Pulse Feature

The most important feature on any food processor after the sharp blades is the pulse feature. Pulsing allows you greater control over your cutting to ensure you achieve your desired consistency.


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