Cleaning Your Mixer

Here are some quick hints and tips for cleaning your stand mixer.

  • Always unplug your mixer before you begin cleaning or removing attachments.
  • After unplugging, you want to detach all the attachments that you have used and hand wash them in warm soapy water. Some companies advertise that their attachments are dishwasher safe. But, in order to preserve the life of your equipment, I would recommend hand washing and drying properly to avoid rusting. 
  • With a soft sponge now wipe over the entire stand mixer. Making sure to get all excess food and stains from the beater shaft, any clamps, and the stand mixer body. Be gentle and do not use strong cleaning products or abrasive scourers that will scratch your appliance.
  • Dry with a gentle cloth and store away. If you use your mixer often, keep it out on the kitchen bench away from stove tops and any other kitchen appliances that may splatter over your machine.

Clean your stand mixer thoroughly after every use and it should last a very long time.
Love your mixer and it will love you back whipping up treats for years to come.


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