Recommended Food Processor

My food processor of choice is the Breville USA Sous Chef food processor.

After trying all of the major brands, and owning many of them, this is hands down, the best machine on the market today! 

This fantastic machine comes with:

  • a 1200-watt induction motor which makes quick work of all your processing needs, backed with a 25-year motor guarantee.
  • an accessory storage box that stores plastic dough blade, disc spindle to hold top/blade in place, mini blade, micro-serrated universal blade, cleaning brush, spatula, and five cutting discs (Adjustable Slicing Blade with 24 settings ranging from ½mm to 8mm, Julienne, French Fry, Whisking, Reversible Shredding). That is 5 multi-function discs and 3 blades out of the box; a $200.00 value
  • 5.5 inch super wide feed chute reduces the need to pre-cut most fruits and vegetables. With this wider mouth and chopping accessories, you have more slicing, dicing, chopping and kneading options than ever! 
  • BPA-FREE processing bowls; 16 cup large bowl and 2 1/2 cup mini processing bowl for smaller jobs
  • LCD display displays count-up and count-down auto timer
  • auto pulse feature
  • Accessory storage box can be stored horizontally or vertically based on storage space 

The Breville Sous Chef is the best food processor I have ever used. I have had it for a couple of years and have used it many times with great success. Not only is the design gorgeous, but the functionality has been well thought out and tested. It has a powerful motor, large capacity bowl with measurements, excellent pulse feature and amazing timer function.

But what sets this machine apart is the extra wide feeding chute, the small and large pushers, the adjustable slicing blade with 24 settings, and the emulsifying disc. All of these features give you great control, making this machine extremely versatile.

Because I make a lot of raw food it is fantastic for uniformly grinding and chopping fresh herbs, raw nuts and seeds and dried fruit. This machine makes great fresh nut and seed butters, dips and spreads. It is also FANTASTIC for thick sticky stuff like raw balls, raw crusts, and raw cookies. Amazing! I also make conventional gluten free cakes and cookies with tremendous results too. I made some gluten free breads with the dough kneader and it worked out a treat!

But the adjustable slicing disc is my new best friend. You can slice super thin pieces up to thick cuts. I cannot believe how well the slicing and shredding disc sliced tomatoes! It also makes really uniform shredded pieces for salads. The julienne disc offers incredible control over sizing - you can make really long pieces by laying the vegetables horizontally in the wide feeding chute! The emulsifying disc is really amazing too. I make delicious mayo. fresh fruit sorbets, and ice cream.

I cannot rave enough about this machine. It is absolutely fantastic!

I LOVE this Australian company, and they are taking the US by STORM!

Learn more about Breville USA at their offical website.


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