Using Your Food Processor

My beloved blender will always be the number one kitchen appliance. But the ever-reliable food processor comes a very close second. A piggy friend till the end, this is an invaluable tool in the kitchen when making easy recipes that require a more rustic, chunky texture and appearance. A food processor is a versatile kitchen appliance that can quickly chop, shred, slice, grind, and puree most foods. Some models can also juice, beat cake batter, knead bread dough, beat egg whites and grind meat vegetables.

I cannot imagine life without my food processor. It makes life in the kitchen easier and quicker. I use it almost every day to make raw salads, vegan dips, raw nut flours, gluten free cakes and more. I have created so many simple meals with it and am forever indebted to all the spare time it has given me to create even more fantastic recipes. Less time preparing means more time to pig out.

My food processor of choice is the Breville Sous Chef. After trying many of the top brands, this is hands down the best machine on the market in my opinion. 

Here are some hints that help me get the most out of my food processor

  • Always chop your vegetables before putting them in your food processor. This will allow for the most even blend. I always cut my cabbage into quarters and do a bit at a time to allow for greater control.
  • Make sure your blade is firmly secure before adding food to the carriage. This will prevent food particles from lodging underneath the blade which interferes with the mechanism.
  • Only fill your food processor 1/2 - 3/4 full. This will allow for better chopping and blending and prevent leakages.
  • Place the harder more rustic foods at the bottom near the blades and the softer foods at the top. This will assist for a more even blend and gives the blades more time to cut into the bread and nuts etc.
  • Stop the machine and scrape the sides of the bowl with a plastic spatula to create even blends. 
  • Use a funnel to add flour and liquids through the guide to stop splattering and spills over the machine.

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