Using Your Mixer

A healthy blender kitchen without an electric stand mixer is like a piggy without a grunt. In the race for culinary divinity, my Kitchen Aid stand mixer takes a coveted spot on the podium every day and twice on Sundays. My beloved blender will always be my first love. But, she can't do everything. Nothing batters up better than a good stand mixer. It is a multi-talented best friend that has a knack for makes baking so easy. And for perfect fluffy egg whites, you just can't beat it. 

I make so many of my pigilicious treats in my stand mixer. My tail can't curl up far enough with excitment when I plug in my mixer to make cakes, or other treats because I know she won't let me down.

The various attachments that you can purchase for this stand mixer make this already magical machine a one-stop-shop for making and preparing easy recipes. 

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