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Introducing Kibby Miller
Reader of the Month

I am so delighted to be featuring Kibby during the month of her birthday! Happy Birthday beautiful Kibby! This lovely lady is one of my all-time favourite readers; and like Christine, Lori, Vibeke, Marie-Guy, Magali, has become my virtual buddy through countless emails, facebook posts, blog comments, and tweets. We have communicated so much that I feel like she is one of my family now! She is like a sister to me. Not only is she just as passionate about her Vitamix and healthy living as I am, but she has the same sense of humour and passion for life that I do. I just ADORE her.

She is a wonderful cook too! She has quite the recipe collection that she puts in her "YES! KEEP and EAT" folder! LOL! Love it! I am constantly entertained with stories about triumphant experimention in the kitchen with her 3 gorgeous Siberian Huskys at her feet waiting for their green goodies :) Kibby and Scott really sound like they have the perfect life - enjoying life in the sunshine in their fabulous garden that they tend to in between landscaping gigs (we ALL want THAT garden!!) or celebrating Scott's custom stained glass artwork in the studio out the back, these people are always being creative and loving life. 

If I could bottle some "Kibby Essence" and share it with you....I WOULD!

I have to thank Kibby for being my number one fan! LOL! She has surpassed my family and has tried more of my recipes than anyone I know! If there is someone out there who can top her I would LOVE to hear from you! But seriously, Kibby has been SO incredibly supportive of my blog -- reading every post, trying SO many of the recipes, and always leaving wonderful comments and writing me detailed emails about her experiences. 

I really appreciate it Kibby. Your support means the world to me, and I really value your opinion and feedback. I am so happy we are connected, and I will be looking forward to the day we meet for our "Vitamix Smoothie Thelma and Louise Roadtrip!".

Kibby - I love you! 

Reader of the Month Kibby Miller

I am super excited to share whatever I can and hope everyone will share back with me! 

I am a landscaper by trade with a passion for healthy foods, smoothies, juicing, organic gardening, and simple living.  I have a wonderful, supportive husband, 3 dogs and 1 cat.  What a household!   In a few weeks, I will be turning 42 years old, but I feel so much younger and happier than I did when I was in my 20's.  I wasn't always like this.  

I had always lead a life of the SAD (Standard American Diet) way of eating and so I had acne, weight issues, allergies, digestive problems, stiff joints, mild depression . . . the list goes on.  About two years ago, my digestive problems had gotten to the point that it was affecting my work and performance.   I said "ENOUGH!  There has to be a better way and I believe changing what goes into my mouth is a start."   Around the same time, I received a Vitamix high speed blender for my birthday (Thank you, Dad!)  Things were lining up for me to change my ways - little did I know that what I would be getting into would change my life for the better. 

I researched. I read. I played with recipes.  I changed my diet to a plant based way of eating.  I felt fabulous!   The high quality, organic, fresh whole foods were healing my body.  I still eat this way and have never felt better.  I have recently been incorporating some raw goat cheese, local, organic eggs and once in a while some organic, hormone/antibiotic free chicken.  I have learned thru this journey to listen to my body and what it wants - not what I think it should have.  I have realized that you are what you eat and food can either help or hinder you.  I have developed a symbiotic relationship with my body.  Give it good, nourishing, whole foods and it rewards me with no digestive problems, no allergies, no more headaches or body aches, no colds or flu. It is a win-win situation. My vision has improved, lost weight naturally (I'm at my ideal body weight without trying), have clear skin and tons of energy.  When I work outside heavily (work or fun), I recover so  much faster - sometimes I don't feel the effect of the work I did. There is no diet that will do what eating healthy does. I love the way I feel when I eat healthy! 

I have also noticed that with healthy foods, my depression (which I didn't really know was there) has lifted. I have a passion and joy for living, sharing and experiencing life. I make a conscious choice daily to do good things for myself and to interact with people who are positive and uplifting. What started out with food to heal my body has gone onto another level to heal my mind and spirit. I am more present and open with my family and friends than ever before. I was like a child, who was sitting in the corner watching - now I am the child out there playing, living, experiencing, laughing and loving. 

The fog has lifted. The REAL me has come out and I am learning more about myself every day. It didn't happen over night - I work on it always. That's what it is all about. Evolving, growing - being the best possible you. Open yourself to possibilities and enjoy the ride. We all have a choice on how to react to situations and people - change your thoughts and change your world. I do this all the time and it amazes me that all the little things that used to bother me don't any more. 

My wonderful husband, Scott has been such a champ and very supportive. When I first mentioned that I was changing how I ate to help heal my body, he was all on board. As long as the food tasted great, no problem. And boy, does it!  Eating this way is more flavorful and fulfilling than the way I used to eat. A variety of whole foods excites my senses and taste buds. I am in culinary delight! Scott has benefited too. Lost weight, better complexion, arthritis doesn't bother him hardly at all anymore, lowered cholesterol and tons of energy. Scott and I love to grow as much as possible in our organic garden. Each year, it GROWS!  We grow several varieties of kale, spinach, swiss chard, cucumber, beets, onions, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, whatever I can get seeds for. The work is SO worth it when we get to harvest all the goodies for consuming. Nothing tastes better than produce fresh from the garden. 

I love playing in the kitchen discovering and trying out new recipes. I am constantly checking out my favorite blogs/websites for new recipes. That's where I found Tess and all her fabulous recipes.   Some of my other favorite sites: lindawagner, marlenatorres, detoxinista, and, of course, healthyblenderrecipes.  Great community on these sites.  It's all about sharing and inspiring each other. 

I ADORE my Vitamix blender!  It has changed how I do things in the kitchen. Every morning, I make a HUGE green smoothie for me, Scott and our three dogs (Blackie, Meg and Gigi).  They love their smoothies and come running when the Vitamix turns on and patiently sit, waiting for their small bowls of green goodness.  I can throw a bunch of different veggies and spices into it, turn it on, and within a few minutes have healthy, nourishing, and TASTY warm/hot soup that is amazing.  I can make dips, sauces, dressings, "out-of-this-world" smoothies (green and superfood), ice cream, the list goes on. I even juice in mine.  Put in veggies with a bit of water to facilitate blending - 20 seconds. Put thru an inexpensive 1 gallon paint strainer's bag (hardware store) and squeeze.  Voila! Live juice!  Drink within 20 minutes.  Delicious! I use the leftover pulp for crackers or put it into the dog's food - they love it!  

I hate for anything to go to waste around here.  After juicing lemons, I'll use peels/rinds to make my own natural disinfectant - soak in white vinegar in a mason jar for 2 weeks.  Strain. Put into a spray bottle (1/2 lemon vinegar/ 1/2 water - can add essential oils) and you are ready to tackle grime, grit, bacteria, etc. for just pennies.  The left over rinds go into compost bin.  Even the resident ground hog and rabbits enjoy eating out of the compost. Hey, little is wasted here! 

I am continuing to learn along the way.  I try to absorb as much information as I can through books, blogs, websites, videos, and other forms of media.  However, as we all know, you can't believe everything you hear or read, so it is important to do a bit of self research, and root digging to find out what you truly believe and what works best for you.  We are all different, individual beings.  So being in tune with our bodies and listening to what it wants/needs - can be a beneficial thing. 

Some simple truths I like to live by:

  • Try New Things
  • Make work into Play
  • Make your Own Inspiration
  • Love What You Do
  • Stop Holding Yourself Back
  • Exercise Daily
  • Eat Healthy
  • Work Hard
  • Worry Less
  • Dance More
  • Love Often and Be Happy
  • Choose only the Best for You and Your Family

My journey started when I was looking to heal my body with whole foods. In two years time, much has happened with me. I have grown emotionally, cleansed emotionally, brought up patterns and thoughts and changed them for the better. Believe me, I have accumulated a lot in almost 42 years.  However, I feel you are NEVER too old to change. You only have to WANT it and then do it. It will take some practice and consistency, but it will become a part of you if you are willing to be better. Thoughts, attitudes and perceptions can be just as toxic as food can be, so incorporating healthier foods into your life is only part of the equation. Incorporating healthier thoughts, attitudes and perceptions can make a huge difference toward a much happier, less stressful life. My journey is still ongoing and I can't wait to see where it will take me.

I would like to close with a great quote:

"There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it.  You surround yourself with people who make you laugh.  Forget the bad, and focus on the good.  Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don't.  Life is too short to be anything but Happy.  Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living."  - Jose N. Harris ~ A Story of Faith, Hope and Love.

Check me out on Pinterest for great recipes I have accumulated and love to share.

Tess, Thank you so much!  This was so much fun to do.  I would love to hear feedback from others and share!  XOXO


ThankYOU! It was MY pleasure!
You are just AMAZING! xxx

Kibby!!!! I LOVED this article! It is so positive, upbeat and inspirational, just like you!!! You look absolutely RAVISHING!!  42?! More like 22!! And I loved seeing all of your babies on camera! They are precious.

You and Scott make such a lovely couple. This really was a joy to read. I loved getting to know you even more!! You are a ROCKSTAR!!!


Hey Linda!
I totally agree!
Kibby is gorgeous!

Thank you so much, Linda!  I appreciate all your kind words!  Glad we’re getting to know each other more.  You ROCK too!

Beautiful post! Kibby, you look way to young to be past 40 - what a great testament to the power of plant based nutrition.
I love reading this and can’t wait till I can afford my own vitamix. Being a poor student I makedo with a standard blender for the meantime!


Hi Lolita!  Thanks for reading and all your kind words.  You will absolutely LOVE your Vitamix when you can save up and get one.  I highly recommend - it is the ONE piece of equipment that I wouldn’t want to without in the kitchen.  A friend of mine recently got one (he saved up and ordered) and said that the first thing he made was a green smoothie that he normally made in his regular blender and it was a NIGHT and DAY comparison.  The Vitamix made it so creamy and emulsified instead of chunks.  So, I hope that you can receive funds to spurn your savings for it.  I got a re-furbished one and it ROCKS like nothing else.  They are a bit cheaper than brand newbie ones. Have a fabulous day and thanks again!! XOXO

I agree with Kibby Lolita!
A vitamix will CHANGE your life.
When I was in Ohio last month shooting all of the videos for the new Vitamix website they were telling me that most of the refurbished machines have only been used a few times, sometimes only ONCE.
So you are pretty much getting a NEW machine for a HUGE discount.
Yes! Totally the way to go!
I am manifesting for you….......xx

It is so wonderful to see Kibby’s feature!  I have the great pleasure of being a friend of Kibby’s, and her new outlook and way of eating/way of life have truly been an inspiration to me.  I love my green smoothies and all of the recipes Kibby has shared with me—and so does my husband and daughter.  We have eaten several meals with Kibby and Scott—and sometimes I fantasize about hiring Kibby as my personal chef (Scott is so lucky!)  Too bad we live so far apart….


Ginger, I was just thinking about you not 30 minutes ago.  Thank you so much!  We love you, Jay and Maya and wish we could be closer too!  You know I would love to cook for y’all! :)  I have actually thought that would be a COOL job to be a HEALTHY personal chef to people.  Love you much!!

Hey Ginger
Thankyou for supporting Kibby’s post.
I also dream of Kibby being MY personal chef!
Can we share???

Thanks for sharing your story Kibby;  I am newly inspired.  I hope to find more posts and recipes from you.


Marce, thanks for reading and sharing back.  Recipes here on this site are fabulous and inspire me all the time.  Check out link on the article to my Pinterest account - lots of recipes there that I like to share.  Enjoy!  We’re here to inspire one another on this healthy journey and have FUN along the way.  :)


How exciting to see Kibby featured!! Thanks for sharing your story, and letting us get to know you more. Your positive attitude and joy for life are an inspiration!

I especially appreciate your natural disinfectant tip—I’m going to try that with my own leftover lemon rinds soon! :)


Hey Megan!
LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!
Yes! That natural disinfectant is amazing isn’t it. Thankyou so much for supporting Kibby’s post. She is just an inspiration :)

Hi Megan!  Glad you enjoyed the article and appreciate your comments.  Love your blog and recipes.  Keep them coming.  :)

Kibby - Your testimony is exactly what I needed to hear today! I feel there are parts that I could have written. :) I too have been on a quest for health and by changing my diet, I’ve been able to start some healing in my gut & life. I’ve been off Nexium for about a month and off of sugar for most of this year. Until I caved to my mom’s Easter Rhubarb pie. My sugar addiction returned with an ugly force and I’ve had 2 days of pie and even some CANDY?!!?? I feel horrid, TIRED, headachey, depressed. I can’t believe how bad I feel and yet I continued to eat more sugar yesterday. (Can you say addiction?!!?) Not today! Especially after reading your wonderfully inspiring story. Back to my healthy and pure eating. THANK YOU!

I am also so thankful for the idea to share my leftover juicing pulp w/ my pups. I’ve given them kefir, but never thought of sharing my smoothies or juice pulp. They struggle w/ chronic ear infections and I will try anything to help them get some relief! THANK YOU!

I love your lemon rind idea. I too try to avoid waste. I always put it in my compost and then fed the rest of my juicing pulp to my indoor compost worms. Now I will get another use out of it w/ your cleaning solution. THANK YOU!


Thankyou for taking the time to share your personal story. Kibby is just amazing, and I am so glad her journey has helped to inspire you to stay on the “sugar free” wagon.
So happy to have you here.

Thank you SO MUCH for your feedback.  Your words brought a tear to my eye and made my heart swell all at the same time.  I am so pleased to have inspired you to “get back on the wagon” so to speak.  We all fall down, but it is the getting ourselves back up, dusted off and back on track that really matters.  Don’t beat yourself up - it was a lesson to you that you needed.  Now you know, now you act. It just strengthens your resolve and spirit to do better.  You’ve got the physical feeling fresh in your mind and know THAT is not a way that you want to feel anymore.  If I take in too much sugar, I just stop, go directly to strong GREEN smoothies and juices - alkalinize my body - and the sweet tooth goes away.  Greens strengthen and nourish your body and you eventually don’t crave the sweets much anymore.  check out my Pinterest link on the article for more healthy choices in recipes.  Thanks again for your words and comments.  THANK YOU!  You have inspired me!  XOXO

Thanks for you reply. :) It’s so good that we’ve been able to inspire each other. I found you on Pinterest and giggled as we had so many of the same pins. I’ve got everything I need to make yet another of Linda Wagner’s green lemonaid - LOVE IT! Yes I love it when I find myself craving green foods! Find me on Pinterest and we’ll keep inspiring each other! Kathy Wince

Oh! I LOVE that the two of you have become friends and are going to inspire each other!
LOVE Linda’s green lemonaid too!

Yes, Linda’s green lemonaid is wonderful!  I love her recipes just about the same as yours.  You two are my favorite people in the blog world.  Your passion, enthusiasm, down-to-earthness, simplicity, genuine caring, inspiration and more is The BEST!  Love you both and want to support y’all as much as possible in any way I can.  XOXO

Oh Kibby…..Thankyou!
Thankyou for your support.
Thankyou for your passion.
Thankyou for your kindness.
Thankyou for your wisdom and creativity.
You are AMAZING…..Love you xxx


Kibby!!! It’s Cheryl your old pal from Blairsville! You and Scott were on my mind and I came across this article and the awesome pictures of you guys! Would love to get in touch!


I LOVE this! Kibby, Cheryl emailed me with her contact details. I have forwarded you the email. SO glad you are back in contact with each other!

You are simply wonderful, Kibby! I’ve been following your website for months…you’re site actually led me to Tess’ website today. Kibby, you inspire me to live the way I know I’ve always wanted, I.hope.  However, I am 44 (for a few more.days :-) ), extremely ill physically bad fall onto.cement & steel last year, mentally PTSD and recent stroke, emotionally unwell…BUT, I am now determined to get better - starting with blood lab tests & panels today. You will be hearing from me soon, because “God put you in my way”, and I want to talk/correspond with you…I felt some kind of connection with just reading your blog, about me, and webite the 1st time :-)! My health is not bad because of my Vegetarian lifestyle, at least not that the doctors have found. When I became.a Vegan cold turkey (HaHa) in Aug 2011 the day after I watched Forks Over Knives, I felt FABULOUS…want to get back feeling.that way again! I.own FOK Book, DVD, and Cookbook. I also have THE Original McDougall Plan book from mid 80’s, it was a gift from my Father- he gave everyone in our family a copy; I can’t believe that’s 30yrs ago!

Unfortunately, I am broke & waiting on Disability…so I cant afford Vitamax right now. But I did, just last week find an amazing deal on a Dash Blender in Red…I chose that color bcuz it was cheapest at Amazon…I CANNOT wait to get it! Kibby, I have bought all your recommended kitchen items, except dehydrator & Vitamax. I cannot believe I found the Breville Juicer for $89 at Amazon, it was one of their “lightning deal” last week! Yay! I also bought your recommended liquid B12& VitD…just started those today after blood test!  I absolutely ADORE your.recommendations page!!! Thank you, Kibby, for.leading me to this Tess’ site, and so many other places and items. Blessings to you and your family; to Tess, and to everyone else on their quests from.both of the websites.

Sorry for rambling, and thank you Tess, and everyone else here :-)!
God Bless! And if anyone has prayer requests, feel free to contact me…I love being a Prayer Warrior ;-).


The dash was under $150 :-)!  Sorry, I misspelled Vitamix…it’s late! ;-)

Hi Michelle!  Wow!  I am so moved by your words. You don’t know how I needed to hear/read all of this today.  Thank you!  I am SO PROUD OF YOU!  I will be turning 44 next month and it is never too late to change anything in our lives (food, thoughts, heal emotional wounds, learn more about ourselves and More!  I feel I will be doing this for the rest of my life and hope too!  You are an inspiring woman - not letting physical or mental challenges get in your way.  You seem to have a strong spiritual base - which I love.  Please feel free to contact me personally at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and I would love to get to know you better and communicate that way, if you would like.  Thank again, Michelle!  You made my day and gave me clarity and direction when I needed it most.  Love!!!
P.S. I am so glad you found Tess’ website thru mine.  I adore Tess and she has been a rock for me.  I support her with all my might.  She is a vast fountain of knowledge, inspiration, laughs and love.

This is so lovely…..from both of you! Thankyou.

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