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Introducing Tina Mast
Reader of the Month

I have a truly inspiring story to share today. I feel humbled and excited to introduce you to the gorgeous Tina Mast. Tina describes herself as "a communications director for a garden center and an avid gardener. She’s interested in saving the planet, eating great food, and enjoying the good things in life which include but are not limited to friends, beautiful places, good books, good movies, good wine, snuggling, and neck massages. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and four somewhat off-kilter cats." 

I don't normally quote people in my introductions. But Tina is so magnetic and entertaining that I feel like if were to paraphrase her words much would be lost in translation, and I would be robbing you of discovering just how magical and fun this woman and her story is. 

Tina found my site through Dr Young's Alkaline Green Smoothie post and she left this comment:

"Starting a juicing regimen is one of the best things I ever did! I'm always singing its praises. I've never felt so good, and I came through radiation therapy  with absolutely no fatigue. In the interest of expedience, I make the same juice most days. I know I should rotate, but it's hard when it's the first thing you do in the morning and you're not a morning person!" She then shared her amazing juice recipe:

Tina Mast's Anti-CancerJuice: (read her post about not drinking this every day)

  • 2-3 carrots
  • 5-6 leaves lacinato kale, maybe about a cup and a half once de-ribbed and roughly chopped
  • 2-3 celery stalks
  • half a cucumber
  • juice of 1/4 to 1/3 lemon
  • couple dashes of habanero hot sauce
  • a drizzle of olive oil

I immediately felt a connection with Tina and emailed to thank her for sharing her personal story and delicious recipe. When I asked to feature Tina's whole story she wrote, "I'd be more than happy for you to share my green drink recipe on your blog! The more the merrier, and go team, right? I'm also happy to share my story because I truly feel that nutritional support for cancer therapy is sadly lacking in the U.S., and I would love to do what I can to encourage cancer patients to augment their treatment with good nutrition." Don't you love this woman already?! Oh, you will.....

She then followed this up with, "Can a part-time meat eater be a piggy? *slightly worried* I'm on the paleo/primal thing but love incorporating raw and massive quantities of veg where possible. Actually, I already wrote the intro when I woke up in the middle of the night, and scribbled it out on post-its that were the only paper in the bedside table. Thank heavens for pens with little lights in them so we don't wake up our husbands." 

I fell in LOVE with her instantly! We have kept in touch every since, and with every witty and hilarious interaction I think to myself, "I just have to meet this woman and celebrate her story toasting with her green juice one day!"

That we will. 

Read Tina's inspiring story of how she restored her health from a battle with cancer with the power of juicing and whole foods. 

Tina - thankyou for graciously sharing your story with our community. 

You inspire me...

Reader of the Month Tina Mast

My juicing journey began with a big freak out. I was 39 years old with no family history, but suddenly found myself staring a breast cancer diagnosis in the face. Fortunately, it was caught early and I wouldn’t have to have chemotherapy, something I dreaded.  Not having a family history of breast cancer but getting it anyway, and so young, bothered the heck out of me, though. What had I done wrong? Even though I was overweight, I always thought of myself as having a fairly healthy lifestyle otherwise. More importantly, what could I do now to help myself be as healthy as possible?

My oncologist was not a great help in this regard, though he clearly has a massive intellect and is highly respected in the medical community. Nevertheless, he had few nutritional or lifestyle guidelines to give me which was a little frustrating since I wanted to do my part to help myself, too. Though I respect the advances medical science has made, I think we’ve got a long way home still on cancer and many other diseases, and I think not enough emphasis is placed on lifestyle and nutrition. The more engaged a patient is, I believe, the more likely they are to have a positive outcome. Plus, it always feels better to be doing something to help oneself rather than just passively receiving what is being done for you.

Armed with my trusty laptop, I started doing research online as well as through books I discovered. Got a bit obsessed, actually, and was online day and night reading all about cancer, cancer therapies, nutrition and more. I tell you, we are very lucky to have the Internet for informational resources not to mention awesome blogs like Tess’! (NO, she didn’t pay me to write that!) Some books that were very helpful were NATURAL STRATEGIES FOR CANCER PATIENTS by Dr. Russell Blaylock; ANTI-CANCER: A NEW WAY OF LIFE by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber; LIFE OVER CANCER by Dr. Keith Block; and CRAZY SEXY CANCER TIPS by Kris Carr. 

Some common themes jumped out at me over time. One of them was: eat lots and lots and LOTS of vegetables. Okay. I like vegetables, but TWELVE servings a day as recommended in Anti-Cancer? My god, what else would I be doing all day besides eating vegetables? More importantly, how would I have room for chocolate?  (Organic, extra dark, of course.)

Juicing was the answer. Though, now  I’m thinking I need to be getting one these Vitamixes Tess is so fond of so I can make hot veggie soups. Nevertheless, I was gung-ho to try out juicing and incorporating more live, raw foods into my diet. We got a juicer and dove in. The main thing was not to juice too much fruit since all of my cancer information sources said to avoid sugar including large amounts of that found in fruits.  I have a friend, also a breast cancer survivor not to mention a stellar cook, who had a juice recipe she liked so I tried it out. The ingredients are kale, cucumber, celery, carrots, lemon juice, hot sauce, and a drizzle of olive oil.  Let me tell you first off that the lemon juice is absolutely KEY here! The hot sauce, too, in my opinion. The olive oil is for helping absorb fat soluble vitamins in the produce.

Just by juicing, I could start the day with 4-5 servings of veggies under my belt. I started juicing just before radiation therapy began having been told to expect fatigue from it. Oh yeah, they said. Radiation can take it out of you. You might not have your old energy for 6 months, they said. Well, crappitydoodah, I thought, but it could be worse. But you know what? It never happened! I was juicing, exercising, eating salads every day, sides of veggies at dinner, whey protein shakes with blueberries buzzed up in them, getting lots of sleep, and practicing deep breathing relaxation techniques and healing visualizations. And, I felt STELLAR. I mean, fab-u-lous.

I was losing weight, too. That’s another thing a lot of the cancer information resources tell you to do if you’re carrying around extra poundage. I spent a good portion of my life overweight. I love to cook, I love to eat good food, and I have a husband who doesn’t mind a little junk in the trunk, as it were. But, 90-100 lbs overweight is too much.  I lost about half the weight long before the whole cancer roller coaster. Exercise and portion control work. But I was always hungry. After losing the first 50 lbs, I was like,”Man, I’m tired of being hungry. This weight is good right?”

Fast forward to the breast cancer diagnosis and suddenly the remaining 40-45 lbs are looking like a major obstacle to my health regardless of how I feel in the dressing room or in a bathing suit (which would be Not Good). I had already been exercising regularly for a few years. Did you know you can exercise 5 days a week and not lose weight? It’s true what they say about food intake being 75% of the driving factor in weight loss. I dialed down on my eating eliminating anything that did not make the grade and strove for whole, unprocessed, fresh foods (organic, if possible) in addition to the juicing. Somewhere along the way, I discovered the Primal/Paleo diet.

Now, I know that in this forum a lot of folks may prefer the vegan and/or raw lifestyle and to them I say “That’s great!” Ya gotta go with what works for YOU. There is clearly a case to be made for the inclusion of plenty of raw food in the diet.  I just can’t hack it 100% of the time myself. Besides, Primal works for me like nothing else, and mainly because I’m not hungry all the time (and also because the majority of my blood work tests come back outstanding so I must be doing something right). I used to get these crazy blood sugar swings and would turn into a jittery Wicked Witch of West if I got too hungry. What my poor hubby had to put up with just because skipping a meal was a catastrophe is something I’m too embarrassed to describe in detail. But, that’s all in the past now because my appetite control center and blood sugar regulation system are working like they are supposed to. If I have to skip a meal, or even two, I can do that. And, I don’t even need to rip anyone’s face off! And, I lost the rest of the weight eating delicious food.

Recently, I discovered something a little bothersome about my juice recipe. I found out that, though they are loaded with cancer-fighting goodness, eating too many cruciferous vegetables such as kale, cabbage, and broccoli in the raw state can inhibit thyroid function as these foods are goitrogenic when eaten raw in too much quantity. And, I’ve been juicing kale 5 days a week for 2.5 years. And my thyroid function tests came in at low/normal for one value and a little on the high end for another.  Fortunately, these were nothing severe enough for the doctor to get concerned about but having fired up the research engine again, I find that these foods are generally best eaten cooked the majority of the time.

The new juice recipe substitutes romaine lettuce for kale and I am finally going to take Tess’ advice and start rotating juice ingredients. (Smart woman, that one.) Also, I think I’m going to get a Vitamix finally! I don’t know yet if I will use it for blenderizing raw veggies to drink instead of using my Breville Juice Fountain but I need an easy, convenient way to regularly get cooked cruciferous veggies. If I can buzz up some hot soup in a few minutes and pound that down with meals, that’s that much more kerPOW I can add to my diet.

So far, all my blood work, scans, and exams have come back normal and for that I am beyond grateful. That’s early intervention and the grace of god for you. But it’s also because I jumped in and said “Oh, hell, no! I am fighting this crap TOOTH AND NAIL.” Food, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction, I think, are absolutely vital to a happy, healthy body and to giving it a fighting chance when it is under attack or in a disease mode. Thankfully, I was able to figure this out and had the resources to implement these changes.

And, thank you to Tess for being one of the beacons out there for the rest of us helping light the path to great health. I’m looking forward to trying even more of her amazing recipes once the Vitamix arrives! My sweetie and my friends say that I look so fit, that my skin glows, and that I seem to be aging in reverse.

That’s how I feel!
Wishing all of you reading the best of health and life.

P.S If anyone has any comments about using the Vitamix for juicing instead of a standard juicer, I would love to hear them! How is the texture? I’m wondering if it will be too thick (gag). Also, I would love to know about people’s experiences using the Vitamix to make soup. Thanks!

This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing! I truly believe American dr.s are too quick to use meds to treat instead of teaching changes in lifestyle and better eating habits! I have been researching raw foods and juicing. I really would like a Vitamix, but they are so expensive. I am a fulltime student in a Surgical tech program and hopefully starting RN program next year. Learning about our bodies and how they work and what they need….yeah, American has it all wrong! Praise God for your health :) thanks for sharing! Everyone has and is being touched by cancer in some way!


Here Here Kristen! I totally agree. Thankyou so much for supporting Tina and leaving such a lovely comment. I wish you all the best with your studies. It seems you will make a wonderful difference in the world. Save your pennies for that Vitamix. I know it is a serious investment. But it is so worth it. Christmas gifts from family? Some people have written to me saying they got all of their family and friends to chip in for one big gift instead of a ton of little ones. Just an idea….Wink :)

Thank you, Kristen! I appreciate everything you said. Yes, the Vitamix ain’t cheap but they appear to last for a long time. I started with and Omega VERT juicer and it was around $280 at the time. It’s slower but made great juice. I hope you have the opportunity to try juicing for yourself and see how wonderful it makes you feel.

Hi Tina,
Great story of inspiration and taking your recovery into your own hands. Love it!  I know someone that was diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney kidney cancer several years ago that had spread to her lymph nodes and is still alive in kicking, much to all of her doctors’ amazement, due to changing to a raw diet and some non-convential treatment.  Her doctor tells her she is the talk of his office because medically she should not still be here.  Really…then why don’t they share her not so secret secret with all of their other patients??

I recently purchased a Vitamix and love it.  As far as using for it for juicing - not sure I am 100% sold on it for that purpose.  The texture is great (much better than my Ninja I had been using).  Tastes like the juice tastes but not as thin (like water) like juice is from a juicer.  I was going to return my brand new Breville and just use the Vitamix but now I am rethinking that decision.  For soups…it is WONDERFUL!!!!

Good luck and happy health to you!


Thankyou for taking to time to support Tina and share your personal experience with your friend. What a WONDERFUL story. I totally agree with your comments. I really think it comes down to personal commitment. So many people just want to pop pills for a quick fix and not treat the whole system. I am so glad your friend made such an inspirational recovery and was committed to her health. Just incredible. Glad you are enjoying your Vitamix too. If you strain the juice with a filtration bag or a piece of hose they are thin like conventional juices. AMAZING. Aren’t soups in the Vitamix incredible? Great to be connected with you :)

Hi Pam,

Thanks for sharing that great story about your friend. That is fantastic to hear that she is doing so well. She is a prime example of how we have to be engaged in our own health care and not just sit back without questioning or educating ourselves. I know my doctors know a lot and went through far more schooling than I did, but they can’t keep up with the pace of research right now and do their jobs at the same time. (I say this because I read it in Dr. Russell Blaylock’s newsletter and this was his claim.) He also mentioned a cancer therapy that was having a lot of success but which isn’t getting mainstream attention. If I can find the newsletter, I’ll post more info about that.)

I don’t know why doctor’s don’t share information when a patient is benefiting from non-standard treatment except that they may have liability issues there and also they would likely claim that one case is only anecdotal and not enough to base treatment recommendations on, it’s not evidence-based science, blah, blah, blah. (Sorry, but who is funding much of the science? Thank you! I wish Big Pharma would invest in Big Organic FARMS.)

Thanks for your comments on Breville vs. Vitamix. I had a feeling that there might be a texture issue with juice from the Vitamix, and I am coming to the conclusion that the kickass kitchen needs BOTH!

What a great story, Tina!

I’m glad you mentioned the vegan thing. I’ve been feeling a little shy about the fact that I am an omnivore (eggs and meat, no dairy), too. It’s easy to become a little tribal/us-vs-them about our food choices (the zeal of the convert, perhaps), but I think it’s more effective to focus on our common values and goals, like eating whole foods and supporting an overall healthier environment, than to split hairs about the nitty-gritty details. Like you say, if your body feels good and your labs come back good, then I think that’s a sign that animal products can be a part of a healthy diet, especially if that diet contains TONS of veggies and very few (if any) processed foods. So rest assured that you’re not the only Tess follower who isn’t 100% vegan!


LOL! There is NO need to be shy. Be proud of how you move through the world. I am not one of those “Vicious Vegans”. My philosophy has always been “what is YOUR perfect blend?” Look, Listen, and Learn what works for you. Everybody is welcome here. In fact, most of my followers are not vegetarian or vegan. They are just people interested in health and fun. So, ladies, you are absolutely not alone xx

Thanks, Tess. Have I mentioned lately that you are the bomb?

*grins* Well, even if I was the only meat eater here, I’d still love this blog, but it’s nice to know there are other omnivores here, too!  Thanks for commenting and I agree 100% about not getting into the us vs. them thing. I don’t think any of us knows for certain what the Perfect diet is and there is some evidence out there that some people are metabolically suited towards more meat in their diet and others towards a vegetarian diet. I’m just trying to do right by my body and keep in mind the planet, too. I try to be sparing about meat (though I do eat me a mess of eggs) and preparation makes a difference in terms of carcinogens. Marinating meat for at least half an hour reduces carcinogens formed during the grilling process. Eating green and yellow veggies with the meat also helps. Keeping the heat low and reducing the amount of charred bits is also important.

Thank you for sharing your story! Truly inspirational, and goes to show that diet is such a massive part of our health, something that is sadly forgotten in today’s society. Food is certainly the best medicine xo


Here Here!
Thanks for taking the time to leave this lovely supportive comment for Tina.
It is great to be connected with you OJ!

Thanks, OJ!  Right back at ya!

What an inspirational story..such a practical lady..


Rebecca, Isn’t she AMAZING?!
Thanks for taking the time to leave such a lovely supportive comment. YOU Rock too!

Shucks, y’all are gonna embarrass me.  Many thanks and so glad if what I wrote was valuable to you!

Tina is awesome! So inspiring! I love how she has mastered a way of eating that works for HER body. We all have different needs (as we are unique) and everyone’s body reacts differently. She is awesome. Thanks for posting.


Yes Dee, Isn’t is wonderful….
Just inspiring.
Thankyou for taking the time to leave such a lovely supportive comment.
It is lovely to be connected with you.

Oh, Dee, that is just so dang nice. Thank you so much.  I really appreciate such kind and supportive comments, and this really is such a great online community here.

I’ve got the Omega juicer and the Blendtec blender and couldn’t be without either one anymore.  Both have there place in keeping with a healthy lifestyle.  Life ROCKS!!


Oh Cheryl!
That is AMAZING.
Both of these machines are fantastic and so helpful in any healthy living regime.
Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. It is lovely to be connected :)

Yeah, baby!

Tina, your story is an inspiration. My son’s assistant principal left work yesterday to begin treatment for stage 3 breast cancer . I am going to copy and paste your story for her. She is in her 30’s with 2 young children here in NC too.
Praise God for your good health.
Lifting you up in prayer.



Oh Gina.
My thoughts are prayers are with you for your friend’s swift recovery.
Tina’s story is inspirational. Please do share. Thankyou for taking the time to leave a loving supportive comment. It is lovely to be connected on this healthy journey.


I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I have several friends who are survivors including one who was Stage 3 at diagnosis and who is doing well today almost two years later. Hope is NOT gone and I hope she will have as few impediments as possible in her treatment. If she reads this, I urge her to look into the books I mentioned. There is a lot of practical advice that can help increase odds of success. I do know that Dr. Block runs a cancer clinic near Chicago and has some very cutting edge treatments. Dr. Russell Blaylock writes a lot about cancer in his newsletters (there is a fee for the subscription) and he wrote the book I mentioned. Also, I think it’s good to get more than one opinion about course of treatment. You get to more fully review your options as well as select a doctor that you like best.

Love the inspiration thanks so much for sharing.  I have a question (on behalf of a family member who is fighting cancer), what is Habanero hot sauce?  Is that the same as Tabasco sauce?
Thanks so much


Hi Cate,

Thanks for the kind comments! Habanero is just one species of hot pepper. Tabasco sauce uses tabasco peppers named after a region in Mexico and they are just another species of hot pepper.  Don’t worry too much about it in terms of the health value of the juice, though. It is just in there for flavor and, if there is such a thing as a specific quantity required to provide a health benefit, I would wonder if the amount in the juice is enough to provide that.

Thanks so much Tina.  I thought I read somewhere that the hot sauce (extra hot) was helpful in fighting off/killing the cancer….so I thought perhaps the type (Tabasco vs. Habenaro) would make a difference…. good to know it’s not the case… Thanks so much for your response xox I will pass it along to my cousin

You know, I think I read that as well about habanero peppers. I used it in the juice because I like the flavor with the carrot juice but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did have cancer-fighting properties. It may be worth it to do a little more research on that rather than just taking my word for it. I would still be surprised if the amount I specified in my juice recipes was sufficient to be therapeutic but it certainly can’t hurt.

I found Tina’s story inspiring.  I’ve been wanting to try juice fasting for some time but haven’t yet dipped my toe in, so these stories really help.

Responding to her request for thoughts on ‘juicing with a Vitamixer’, it’s fine if you don’t mind drinking sludge. After all, look in the juicer basket when it’s done with the carrots and kale. You’re essentially adding that stuff back, albeit a bit more finely chopped.

By the way, I understand that the Breville is a centrifugal type? And that you may get more juice and less oxidation with a slower, masticating juicer. Just a thought.


Hi Dave,

Thank you for your comments and suggestions! I had a feeling that the Vitamix juice might be a little heavier than I’d prefer. I’m glad I already have a juicer so I won’t have to use a filtration bag but at least there is that option.

You’re right about the Breville being a centrifugal juicer and I did think about the oxidation issue when buying it. I actually started with an Omega VERT slow juicer which worked well except that I had to pry the celery/kale fibrous part out of the output chute with a bamboo skewer in order to keep it from clogging and that it was slower.  I have a somewhat crazy morning regimen that involves juicing, exercise, taking care of household stuff, and getting ready for work. I didn’t think I would have the patience to deal with a masticating juicer so I opted for the Breville. Something is better than nothing, right? (In this case, I’m thinking way better than nothing!)

Besides the issue of speed with the masticating juicers, as I recall some of them (the ones with good reveiws) were really pricey.

I do hate tossing the leftover pulp (though it’s great for the compost pile!) and would like to try some of the recipes I’ve seen here and elsewhere for crackers. It’d be cool to try incorporating some of that leftover vegetable pulp after juicing.

Thanks for your story. I am in the middle of my weight loss journey, so you are inspiring. Buying a Vitamix was what helped me get away from processed food after years of being very entrenched in addictive eating patterns. I’m still not all the way there yet, but I have eaten more greens and other vegetables in the past year than I have in 10 years. I abandoned juicing at age 20 despite knowing vegetables were key for my recovery. I wasn’t ready for it. Then I went deep into food addiction for 10+ years. Now I’m eating mostly raw. I did buy and Omega 8004 horizontal slow-RPM juicer (the VRT model is very good, too) and picked up a Green Star on Craigslist. Mostly, I blend, and I don’t like super-thick smoothies. I try not to dilute them too much so the digestive juices aren’t too watered down, but I’ve blended more than I’ve juiced so far. I think each serves a purpose. For major health crises like cancer, juicing would be more important, in my opinion. Now that I have a fridge all to myself, I plan to juice more, but I love my daily anti-cancer green smoothie filled with dark leafy greens, lemon, ginger, blueberries, onion, and anti-oxidant herbs and spices (not tasty, but it’s my insurance policy). The clean-up factor is good. At first, green smoothies were the main way I got vegetables into my body. I was so hooked on junk. Now, I do eat some tasty vegetable dishes in addition to the smoothies. I hope you enjoy your Vitamix. I’m glad you found this blog.


Thankyou for sharing your personal experience. I am so glad you have restored your health with green smoothies and juices. It IS our insurance policy isn’t it? WONDERFUL. Great to have your here.

Thank you for sharing, and let me tell you that I am right there with you as far as the addictive eating goes. I know I used food for comfort, to stave of boredom, for fun, and in rebellion. And, I still do sometimes. It’s very, very hard to break away from any addictive pattern, and addictive eating has the added challenge of the fact that you have to eat to live. It’s not like cigarettes in that regard.

I hope you will believe me when I tell you that you CAN ABSOLUTELY do this. (I’m borrowing Tess’ allcaps tendency here but it’s kind of addictive itself!)  Because if I can do it, anyone can. I love food. I love to eat, and I know that voice that keeps urging you to eat regardless of whether you are hungry or not. If you remove sugar and high glycemic foods from your diet, that voice shuts the hell up. Or at least it did for me, most of the time anyway. And, most of the time will get your there on the path to weight loss. Also, high carb, high sugar foods will cause your body to signal fat cells to make more fat and will damage the feedback mechanism that tells you when you are hungry. I think this is why I was hungry all the time before.

I also had good results by taking it slow, losing about 3 lbs a month and allowing myself a cheat day. (Now locally famous as Fabulous Friday.)  That way, you don’t get too desperate about all the things you can’t eat but you stay the course enough to lose weight. Transitioning to a maintenance mode after weight loss is easier, as well.

Exercise really helps, too. What I have learned recently is that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and/or Tabata sprints allow you to exercise for shorter periods of time but are more efficient for burning fat.  30 minutes of that twice a week and resistance/strength training twice a week will whip your muscles into shape and help you burn more fat even at rest. To make things easy, cheap, and seamless (a good combo when trying to start an exercise regimen), I started doing exercise DVDs. Collage Video has a great website for this and you can return open DVDs even if your only reason is that you just didn’t like the workout. I exercise second thing in the morning (first is JUICE!) and that way it is done for the day and I don’t have to think about it anymore or try to talk myself into doing it after work. It’s much less expensive than a gym membership, you don’t have to drive anywhere, and no one cares if you’re in grubby old clothes that don’t match. (Cathe Friedrich has a great HIIT workout that leaves me sucking wind so hard that the cats start to look worried.)

Wow, hope I didn’t TMI there and that any or some of this is helpful. Take care, be well, and enjoy the process! You have already done so much to benefit your health just by making the changes that you have made!

ps. Here is an infographic that explains high intensity interval training and ways to do it.

ps. 2 If you don’t like the taste of your anti-cancer smoothie you could break it up into two drinks. Half of my breakfast is a smoothie of almond milk, blueberries, cinnamon, ground sprouted flax seed, and a scoop of Trader Joe’s Green Drink powder. The other half is farmers market eggs gently fried in coconut oil. I only mention that because a high protein breakfast will really help in staving off hunger during the day.

Thank you for your thoughtful response. I chug the smoothie, so it’s not that unpleasant. I am okay with taking one for the team once a day. 

I believe in plant-based eating for myself for a variety of reasons. I don’t feel hungry eating raw vegan or high raw, and it is low glycemic the way I do it. The times I slip are eating out of non-hunger reasons and not letting go of food attachment and medicating, and I’ve done that for years, way before eating raw. It just happens much less now. I’ve lost 60 lbs. so far.

I have done a little bit of high intensity interval training on the elliptical. Dr. Mercola extolls the benefits of HIIN. I will be joining a gym soon. Due to chronic back problems, I have to be pretty careful. I don’t have the motivation to bust my rear the way I did in my 20s losing 85 lbs (then gaining it back plus more) because of the back problems, so I like the idea of shorter, more effective exercise sessions. I’ll check out your recommendations. I’m starting to collect HIIN workout videos.

You’ve clearly found what works for you. I’ve really been inspired by Dr. Thomas Lodi’s take on cancer. He’s pro raw food, though. Here are some interviews:

First of all, congratulations on losing 60 lbs!! I know how hard that is and that is fantastic! And, you’re doing it in such a healthy way so that is good stuff all around. I read Dr. Mercola, too, but I think I missed the newsletter about working out so that is good to know.

Definitely be careful with your back. You may find HIIT to be too high impact though much of it can be modified for lower impact. (You may also find that as you get stronger you can tolerate it.) Cathe Friedrich does have a good low impact workout called Low Max. I did it for a long time after taking on too much too soon while still 50 lbs overweight and ending up with plantar fasciitis. I believe that Collage Video has a search function that allows you to filter for low impact but if not all of the videos are labeled for what level of impact they are.  Jari Love has some good strength training videos and they are definitely low impact. She is conscientious about promoting good form, too. I like her Ripped to the Core dvd. It’s a little over an hour but once you are familiar with it you can fast forward through the talky bits and there are a couple of exercises I skip so I usually can get it done in about 45-50 min.

Thank you for the links to Dr. Lodi. I will certainly be checking them out. I am not against raw food at all except where it has been shown to be less beneficial as with the cruciferous veggies and even then I still eat them raw from time to time [and also because I might end up divorced if I tried to implement an all raw regimen! ;-) ]

Jiwan Shakti Kaur - Sep 14, 2012 at 09:37pm #

thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story. You had asked us to share our experience with the Vitamix vs a regular juicer. I have been juicing with a “Champion” juicer for 30 years and I LOVE it!!! About 15 years ago I bought a Vitamix because so many of my friends swore by it. I used it foe 1 month & returned it because after adding carrotts and then trying to drink it I had a gloopy mess. I was so use to my sweet,delicious,watery carrot juice drink that I didn’t know what to do with this glass of gloopy mess. When they suggested that I add water, just the thought made me want to vommit! How’s that for honesty (: So I returned it.
Now, years later I came full circle because once again my friends swear by the Vitamix so I purchased it again, this time determined to make it work for me.
What I found is that I didn’t know what I was doing the 1st time. I add whatever fruits I decide on and always add HUGE handful of some green like romain, spinach, arugula or kale etc…AND yes I add liquid, for me I like flavor so it’s not just water. I will add coconut water/juice, and some water…point here is that I have found that the consistency is wonderful, key is to add enough liquid, the Vitamix is so powerful that it grinds it into a wonderful smooth drink. Really does!
rather than comparing the two juicers to one another…I have found they both have their purposes…while I still LOVE my watery consistent Carrott Juice (sometimes with beets) and when I want that I make it in my Champion Juicer.
The other times I use the Vitamix, and here I REALLY LOVE the idea of having ALL the roughage in my body (:
I feel like its more of a meal, I feel full and satisfied.
With the Champion most of the fiber is removed and its more like a delicious, healthy juice drink.
Just for clarity, the Vitamix makes more of a smoothy consistent drink, its deliscious!
and sooo easy to use and clean.
I am so grateful that I tried the Vitamix, I feel so healthy.I hope this info helps (:


Hi Jiwan!

Thank you for your comments and feedback comparing your juicer to the Vitamix! It was very helpful and I can see myself doing what you are doing: juice from the juicer some days and juice-smoothies from the vitamix when a little extra fiber is wanted or I want something a little more filing.  Thanks, again!

Tina, you are gorgeous.  I would love to hang out with you, too.

Thank you for sharing your juicing recipes and your story of healing.  May you enjoy exponential good health and happiness!


Aww, thank you, Elaine! That is such a nice thing to say and I very much appreciate your kind wishes! Right back at ya, lady!

Tina—WOW !!  You are such an inspiration! 

Wishing you the best !


Thanks, Wenz!!!

Okay, everybody gather round for a group hug.


i was just given SEVERAL scripts for type 2 diabetes, one being Lipitor for my heart that my doc is worried about… so worried that he didn’t feel the need to have my it looked at first. I’m going raw for a year. I can only afford a Ninja at the moment but it works. The scripts are still sitting here… I’m watching my sugar and so far so good… for now… I’m gonna go upstairs and create a situation where I can use the new word/phrase ‘CRAPPITYDOODAH’!!! It would give me so much joy… I keep chuckling just thinking about it! Congratulations for your successful journey and I thank God for divine intervention! I believe it led me here. Good night piggies… KERPOW!!!


Hee, hee. Thanks for the positive feedback and glad you enjoyed my story. Crappitydoodah is a very satisfying word, isn’t it?  I am sorry to hear about your diabetes condition and wish you all the best in your quest for great health.  Raw is a great place to start! Hopefully, you will be able to kiss those prescriptions goodbye!

I to suffer from lung cancer and was given only six months.When the doctor told me this I looked him straight in the eye and said no way that I would find a way to fight the cancer.I went on my laptop to find ways to beat the cancer and found that the best way was to start juicing.My doctor at first was wary about juicing but when I had my second pet scan 4 months later it showed that my tumors were gone and it has now been a year since I was first informed of the cancer.So I believe that juicing does help fight cancer and I plan on to keep juicing.So for all you out there who is suffering from cancer start juicing.


That is WONDERFUL Lori. Thankyou for sharing your personal story. My partner has cancer at the moment, and his tumours have almost gone too thanks to green alkaline juicing and blending. It is just amazing. We need to keep spreading the word.

Thanks Lori & Blender Girl - your insights are greatly appreciate and an inspiration :-) Would you be able to elaborate on “green alkaline juicing and blending” and perhaps provide an example or two of what you both include in your juices and blendings?

Yes, I am a vegan alkalarian, and maintain an alkaline pH state by eating a vegan diet high in alkaline vegetables. Lots of leafy greens, cucumber, lemons, limes, avocado, etc. There are quite a few juice and smoothie recipes on the site. Search “alkaline” in the right hand search bar.
But here are my faves:

Thanks so much Tess xox

Lori Thompson, I love your story!! You’re one of my new heroes. Keep fighting the good fight! Wishing you great health.

Great story… And Lori Thompson, you made me cry. I stumbled upon this looking for juice recipes for the lungs. In the past 6 months I started changing my diet to increase my energy and to make sure I was getting my fruits and veggies. I LOVE my Vitamix. And, when the results were so life changing, energy up, skin changed for the better, hair softer I thought WOW! My healthy lifestyle and being clean and more organic also took away cravings. I was a smoker for over 30 years and I just smoked my last cigarette one day and never bought another one. I don’t miss them, I never think about them, I never had withdrawals (I only had moments where I was in a fog and said what was I doing, Oh, yeah this is when I usually would smoke). It has been amazing! So, now I worry about the damage I have done and I am on the look out to heal my poor lungs and that is how I found you all… I pray everyday that I am safe, cancer free and can forgive myself for the damage from smoking. I lived such a beautiful life and was a “closet smoker”. I never smoked in public, at work, in my car and only smoked at home. But, smoking is smoking. Thanks for touching my heart and fingers crossed.


Thankyou so much for sharing your story Sheila. Wow. What a change. Just thrilling. It’s all up from here!

Hi! My husband was diagnosed with throat cancer in January, 2014. He completed 6 weeks of radiation last Friday. After the diagnosis, I googled everything I could in order to be prepared and came across this site.  My husband, 65, has exercised all of his life, never smoked and had no weight to lose.  His daily regime is juicing 3 times a day (started prior to radiation) plus blueberry smoothies in the evenings and Greek yogurt for the bacteria.  We eat, for the most part, a vegetarian diet now. Although he did experience some fatigue, he continued to work 6 days a week, coming home early (4:30) in order to avoid Atlanta traffic.  He never got the mouth sores, sore throat and didn’t lose any weight.  I showed him the picture of Tina sitting on “The Step”.  It was like an omen.  All I can say is thank you.  You helped us through the first leg of our journey.  Doc has said that all looks as it should right now.  In two months he goes back for a scope.  Everyone thinks that he did very well.  Thanks again.


Thankyou so much for sharing your story Louise. I am so pleased you found some inspiration in this post. I hope things are going well now.

What a great testimony, and I think is it so wonderful that your husband did so well through treatment! I’m humbled and gratified to know that I helped in some small way and wish you both the best of health and happiness.

Thank you for sharing.My mothers starts chemo today and she’s not a big veggie eater but your right she likes soup so that will be a good way to get the veggies into her:).....


Wonderful. I hope your mother’s chemo is going well and she is getting stronger.

Ive just been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the age of 41.  Ive researched so much about it, not much out there, seen this sight and all the comments,  all i can say is that I will give this a go and put up a fight.  Your all such an inspiration and make me proud to see what you all write


So sorry to hear about your health challenges Diana. I hope you can find some healthy recipes and inspiration here for your journey. We will support you in any way we can.

I’m so happy I found this site. First, I want you all to know what amazing fighters you all are! Thank you for the encouragement with not giving up. My mom was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. It’s called Mucosal Melanoma that is supposedly aggressive. I read nightmares on the Internet about low life expectancy rates. I’ve been sick over this. I’m so glad there are some sites like this to give us HOPE. I will begin juicing for my mom. I can’t say thank you enough…continue your amazing fight and kick cancer right in the A#$!!! :)


Oh….Sherry….I am so sorry to hear about your mother. Yes, food is medicine. So, keep juicing and making alkaline foods. We are here to support you. xxx

I just googled “cancer fighting juice” and found this particular page. I want to thank you so much for the recipe and the information. I just had a basketball sized ovarian tumor taken off (stage 1 amazingly and luckily!) and I start chemo in 3 days. I just bought a top o the line juicer and all the organic fruits and veggies I could get my hands on, so I am looking forward to reading my way through your site. Thanks!


Jamie! Welcome. I am so glad you found us and these recipes. I am so sorry to hear about your health issues. But, food can help on your journey. Look at the juices and all of the alkaline recipes. Those are great for cancer patients in conjunction with the treatments your doctors recommend. We are here to support you. xx

Do we know if Tina did the Anti-Cancer Juicing just Monday-Friday along with her radiation?  Or did she also juice over the weekend?  Am going on my 3rd week of radiation, and feel with my daily excercise and this juicing recipe of Tina’s I have been able to ward off the fatigue.  Appreciate others stories and openness of their journeys.  Thanks!


Hi Brea,

I only juiced Monday through Friday during treatment but mainly to give me and the hubs a break from the routine. If you can do it on weekends, good for you! I have also been adding a handful of parsley to the the juice because it is rich in chlorophyll, vitamins, flavonoids, and minerals, and has so many great health benefits including anti-skin cancer, anti-inflammatory, beneficial for the kidneys, and anti-breast cancer effects. “A natural chemical found in parsley, celery and other plants known as apigenin has been found to decrease tumor size in an aggressive form of breast cancer in a recent study conducted at the University of Missouri. Researchers say that this shows apigenin to be a promising non-toxic treatment for cancer in the future.”
Dr. Russell Blaylock, author of Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients, often touts the anti-cancer benefits of apigenin (as well as quercitin, luteolin, indole-3 carbinol, green tea extract, hesperidin, resveratrol, and more).

Good luck with treatment! I’m glad you have avoided the fatique and truly believe you are doing so much to help yourself kick cancer’s ass!


This was my first time of ever leaving a comment on a website.  Wasn’t quite sure how it worked and if you’d even get my message.  Thank you so much for replying and for sharing your information!  I really appreciate it!  On my way to juice before radiation. ;)


I’m just glad I happened to check my email and got the notification for you comment! I’m not always good about checking it thoroughly and could have just as easily missed it. Glad to you are keep in up with it. Oh, just remembered two resources for you to check out: 1) Chris Woollams website and newsletter, CancerActive and 2) the blog of a young colon cancer survivor who had surgery for his stage 3 cancer but refused chemo and lived to tell them tale after taking up an anticancer lifestyle.

Hi tess! Your story is an inspiration to us all. So happy for you.  I recently found out that I got cancer cell in duct. I was very emotional.  There is no history in the families at all. Yes I question myself WHY ME. Anyway tess just wondering where can I get onedof your receipe books plus tips to help fight this.  Also your the first person I told that been through and came out on the other end stronger. Your regards. Silvia


Silvia - I wish you well on your wellness journey and hope you reclaim your vibrant health soon. I recommend the alkaline recipes in my cookbook. You can find them under “alkaline” in the index. xxx

Sorry meant for Tina.


Hi Silvia,  I’m sorry to hear about your cancer diagnosis. It’s a very scary thing and one feels lost in the beginning. I didn’t have a family history either so getting diagnosed was a complete shock. But, take heart, because you are looking it the right places and there is so much information out there! You can fight cancer with lifestyle, diet, and a fighter attitude! I am far from the only one out there. I actually don’t have a recipe book but Tess does! I encourage you to check it out because she has a ton of powerhouse healthy recipes in her arsenal.  She also is familiar with approaching cancer with nutrition. There are some other good resources out there including the following books: Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber, Life Over Cancer by Dr. Keith Block, Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients by Dr. Russell Blaylock (if you subscribe to his newsletter, he frequently writes about cancer and he has archives of the newsletters available to subscribers on his website), Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips by Kris Carr (this is a great nuts & bolts book with lots of helpful tips), Knockout by Suzanne Somers. I also like the blog of Chris Wark:, and the website and newsletter of Chris Woollams called CancerActive.

I am currently watching an 11 part documentary series called The Quest for The Cure on and so far have been really impressed with doctors being interviewed and the information presented. There are many adjunct therapies available that your oncologist will NOT offer you or advocate because they are required to provide the “standard of care” set by the medical board and because they are not trained in nutrition or nutritional therapy. If they deviate from standard of care, they can get in trouble. So, definitely educate yourself about your options.

This is the part where I say I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV so I encourage you to do your own research and make decisions that are right for you. That said, in my humble opinion, nutrition and detoxification are the key players so eat super clean (lots and lots of vegetables, no junk, no sugar, avoid alcohol, cook your own food so you can avoid additives/GMOs/pesticide residues, avoid vegetable oils except olive and coconut, avoid conventional dairy products unless they are organic and labeled “no rBST” which is a growth hormone, drink green tea, consider a turmeric/curcumin supplement since turmeric works against cancer on multiple pathways but be choosy about your supplement because it is difficult to absorb.). Take care of your body (exercise, sleep), and de-stress yourself as much as possible (deep breathing exercises, meditation). If you have an estrogen-receptor positive cancer, get your estrogen levels checked and look into foods that combat estrogen dominance. Research foods and causes of inflammation in the body and do what you can to reduce it. Be careful which body care and household products you use. Make sure your Vitamin D levels are adequate (can be checked by a blood test).  Research detoxification methods to help your body eliminate toxins.

I did not know about this test, or maybe it didn’t exist when I was diagnosed but ask your oncologist about the Chemotherapy & Natural Substances Test (RGCC ONCOSTAT PLUS Test). This is a blood test that tests your blood and circulating cancer cells against many of the known anti-cancer natural substance and all chemotherapies and tells you what will work against your cancer cells. Aka The Chemosensitvity Test. Helps you avoid treatments that won’t work for you!

I hope that helps get you started and I wish you all the best. Hang in there, and arm yourself with knowledge and allies! As for “why me”, let’s all face the recent statistic that came out saying 1 in 2 men, and 1 in 3 women in the U.S. will get cancer in their lifetime. It’s a scary thing and I think we all need to ask ourselves why this is and how do we navigate out of the situation. Because it isn’t just you or me. It is so many people.


Hey Tess! You are truly an inspiration and I agree 100% on what you’re doing and encouraging others to do to cure cancer. I was wondering if I could get into contact with you somehow about a project I’m working on to inspire cancer patients to bring out the doctor in themselves. Would love to include your testimony as well as share some of your tips to all of the fighters still in this battle. Here is a short summary of the project: . Please feel free to email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) :) Thank you so much for all that you do! Shoutout to The Blender Girl for up keeping this wonderful blog as well.

Ahh.. so sorry I meant Tina* I read Tess in the original comment and for some reason it got engraved in my mind >_<

Hi I am Arthur, my dad has cancer of the spine, i would like to know recipes of juices that i can blend and the ones that i can extract with a juicer for his benefit

Princess Miyere Favour - Sep 13, 2015 at 02:09pm #

Hi. My name is Princess. I m 43. I woke about a week ago with a painful left breast. Thought it was pms but since it was one breast I checked further and found a painful lump pea sized on my areolar.
I was so scared. My husband bought over the counter antibiotics which I m yet to complete. though the pain has subsided I m still scared silly. In my fear I stumbled on this sight and I m amazed if u guys are for real. I started the smoothie today though with a local blender since I cannot afford a better one.
I m scheduled to see a Dr next week. Reading this page has given me hope that whatever the outcome with the Dr will be I ‘ll live with God helping me.
I wish to read your comments please.

Thankyou so much for sharing your story. I do recommend seeing a mainstream doctor and oncologist while engaging in any alternative treatments. While diet is so effective in helping the body to heal, this post is by no means meant to replace the advice of your doctor. Good luck! Let me know how you are.

Arthur, I am so sorry I missed your question. There was a bug in my notifications. I am so sorry to hear about your father. Please feel free to email me through the contact form on the site, and I will get back to you. Happy to help you in any way with recipes.

I have been juicing a couple of months to help my arthritis. Developed lupus and pneumonia last year and told it was caused by my medicines. My brother has just been diagnosed with stage 3 throat cancer so have him juicing now. Juicing is different from blending. With the fibre is digested different and some of the vitamins lost but its still really good. Juicing goes straight to bloodstream. Also without the fibre you can take larger amounts. Tumeric as mentioned previous is great. Slow juicing is the better option over centrifugal. I bought mine and my brothers on trade me second hand so lot cheaper. I juice fresh tumeric and ginger every day in my juice. Wheat grass they say has 96 of 120 minerals and vitamins we need so is great if your juicer works ok with this. I love my oscar juicer and I have vitaeasy blender.


Thankyou so much for sharing your experience.

I stumbled onto this post trying to find some recipes for juicing. This story is inspiring. I was diagnosed last month with early stages estrogen fed breast cancer. I had begun the journey to learning about natural healing so am prepared for what lays ahead. I have decided to fight this 100% naturally. I have been put in a strictly vegan, grain free, sugar free diet for the time being. With diet, excersize and supplements I WILL beat this :) I just want to encourage everyone in here that God created our bodies to heal, you just need to remove the toxins and junk. Cancer is a symptom, not a disease.  Once you find out what is wrong in the body that it allows the cancer to grow, you can address it and in turn beat the cancer.


Melissa, Good for you for taking your health into your own hands and being proactive. I, too, believe that there is much a person can do to make their body and inhospitable place for cancer. I would say, though, that if you are going to completely reject conventional treatment, that it would be a good idea to at least go see a naturopathic doctor or a doctor of integrative medicine and get a work up. If you have estrogen dominance and are producing excess estrogen, there are foods and supplements said to help with this. But, you may also benefit from other form of therapeutic hormone balancing that the doctor may be able to offer. I did not do this in my own case. If I could go back in time, I would consider refusing radiation treatment but I would have still had the surgery and the tamoxifen, and probably would have followed the advice I just gave you. Getting diagnosed, as you know, is really scary and I think I was susceptible to the idea of “get it out, burn it out”. Chemo, is a different story but I won’t go on that rant right now.

I would also like to say that I think cancer is more than just one disease and we should very seriously consider all of our options when we are diagnosed and take particular care to think about the type of cancer we have as well as its stage and grade. I’m thinking specifically of Jess Ainscough, the Wellness Warrior, who bravely battled her cancer in a similar fashion to what you describe as your plan, though she did the Gerson Protocol. However, she had a very rare and difficult to treat cancer the treatment for which called for having the arm with the tumor in it removed (though, apparently, there are newer targeted treatments that may not require this). She refused treatment, did the protocol, and died of the cancer eight years later pretty much right in line with the timeline for the disease, from what I understand.

You are different, though, and with a totally different cancer, and can reasonably expect to beat this crap because, with our cancer, diet and exercise make a big difference. All I’m saying is, at least go see an integrative doctor to make sure you can do this your way but in the best, most effective way possible.

Thankyou for sharing your story and thoughts. My partner Scott has thyroid cancer and did exactly that - engaged in natural therapies and treatments while under the care of a mainstream oncologist. He did both, and he is now cancer-free. But, everybody has the right to handle his or her illness the way he or she sees fit.

I just came upon your site and is very informative with tons of information. My question to you is having/owning a Breville Juice Fountain whom my husband was using daily for health reasons/dieting, stopped due to realizing it is healthier to eat fruits/vegetables whole.  Now he has been diagnosed with throat cancer & soon will start on radiation & chemotherapy in a couple weeks. I want to give him nutrition via mouth & tube! Do I need a Vita Mix as well as having the Breville Juice Fountain?


I’m so sorry to hear of your husband’s health issues. My partner, Scott had thyroid cancer, and he found great benefit from juicing and blending. I do think it would be helpful to have a high-speed blender and a juicer. We juice and blend. A mixture of alkaline green juices and smoothies would be wonderful. Feel free to email me through the contact form of the site, and I can send you all of the alkaline low-sugar recipes that helped him.

On speed of juicers, the slower the better.  High speed blade produces heat.  Heat denatures enzymes rendering them useless.  Enzymes are so important.  Cold by the way doesn’t hurt them.  When blending denatured whey (makes glutathione) never pulse more than a few seconds at a time.

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