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Brilliant Baked Asian Omelette

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I LOVE omelettes, and this is one of the best I have ever tasted. 

I always make sure I eat organic, free range eggs that have a healthier Omega 3 – 6 ratio, and I always pair them with non starchy vegetables to make different omelettes.

I often just throw in mixed herbs, and eat my omelette with a side of steamed greens and cultured vegetables, and I am never disappointed. But if you ant a more exotic flavor, whip up this quick and easy Asian Omelette that is absolutely sensational. I cannot rave enough about this recipe.

I couldn’t get enough the first time I ate it. I literally I couldn’t pry it away from my greedy little hands and I devoured the whole thing in under 15 minutes! You would have thought that would have made me sick (as it can be quite rich), but it only left me wanting more. And I can happily say I revisit this “eggy plate of heaven” again and again and again. For those of you following the Body Ecology Diet and looking for delicious body ecology recipes this is your lucky day!

This omelette is so quick and easy; and baked! I come home, prepare it, throw it in the oven, go take a shower, and I prepare for heaven! 

This omelette is fantastic cut into wedges and served with a simple salad for a starter; or cut into thin wedges or cubes for a wonderful appetizer. You could also make mini individual traditional style omelettes by dividing the mixture into muffin tins, as a wonderful alternative at your next brunch or easy on-the-go breakfast. I will take this omelette any way I can get it; and I suspect you will too!

I have to egg you on with this one! People far and wide agree – this omelette is a stunner, a winner, and a keeper. Wow!

Baked Asian Omelette

Brilliant Baked Asian Omelette

  • 2 teaspoons sesame oil
  • 1 tablespoon cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 small red or green hot chilli pepper finely chopped– seeds and placental skin removed
  • 1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger
  • 2 cloves of fresh garlic chopped finely
  • 2 cups of chopped shitake mushrooms
  • 4 scallions/green onions sliced
  • 8 eggs
  • 1 bunch of Cilantro/Coriander chopped finely
  1. Just preheat the oven to 160 C/325 F
  2. Put the oils in a skillet, and gently saute the chilli, ginger, onions, and mushrooms for about 5 minutes, until soft and well combined.
  3. Beat the eggs with a hand blender, and pour the mixture over the vegetables. Top with the herbs, and place the pan in the oven. Or transfer the mixture to a pie dish and cook for about 20 minutes until set. Yum!

Tip: the best way to clean your blender

After blending up something sticky, gooey or smelly, just place a few drops of soap in the carriage with some warm water and blend on high until all of the congealed food slips away from the blades and sides. Then repeat this process. Then rinse with water and presto! Clean carriage. 
If you have smells or stains repeat this process with some bicarbonate of soda or lemon juice and water. 
Check out the video on A No Hassle Way To Clean Your Blender that I did as part of the Chow Tips Series.

WOW! This is SO delicious! I have made it twice now.


LOL! I love it Kate.
SO glad you enjoyed this recipe.

Wow! This was very very tasty. My son does not eat anything with cilantro but he ate this and loved it!


Great! So glad your son enjoyed it.

Thanks for this recipe! I loved this Omelette. So simple and so tasty.


Thanks Steven! I really love this recipe and glad you did too :)

This is going to be on the menu for my Sunday brunch tomorrow. It looks and sounds so delicious. Hmmm :-)


Yes! This recipe is PERFECT for a brunch!

This omelette is just scrumptious. I served it at a Brunch, as suggested and everyone asked for the recipe. I think I have sent a few more pigs your way! Thankyou :)


LOL! Love it Mary! Thanks for rounding up the piggies. The more the merrier!

This omelet is very tasty. I like that it doesn’t rely on cheese for flavor.


Yes! That is what I love about it too!
The Asian flavours are absolutely delicious and a bit different!

Loved this Omelette! So So delish! Try it people!


Thanks Lisa! I appreciate the shout out :)

This is delicious.  Just that perfect amount of flavor that is perfect for a Sunday dinner or even breakfast. yummmmmmmmmmm


Thanks! I love eating this for dinner too :)
Morning, Noon, or night….actually! LOL!

So light and fresh! This omelette hit the spot! Yum!


Yes! It is light isn’t it? Thanks!

This is a bloody good omelette!! Bring on the ginger and chilli, gives it an edge


LOL! Thanks Stephen!
You just can’t go wrong with chilli and ginger can you?!

I know this is from almost two years ago, but it was perfect timing.  I have some mushrooms in the fridge and I was thinking about what to do with them for dinner in a few hours - I am now doing a little piggy dance - this sounds perfect!  I too, LOVE, fresh, organic eggs.  I went two years without them when I was vegan and just recently (past two months) have started eating them again and OOOHHH!  Piggy delight!  :)  I usually make them this way with LOADS of veggies and Scott loves to top off with his raw hot chili sauce he makes - we both make piggy noises of culinary delight eating our veggie egg frittata.  I am going to try your recipe exactly tonight and let you know how it is -  It’s yours - so it will ROCK!  Love ya!  Kibby :)


LOL! Piggy Delight indeed!
Love you Kibby! ENJOY :)

I’ve made this several times and taken to brunches—everyone absolutely LOVES it!  I’ve even gotten compliments from several of my foodie aunts and friends   :)  Love that my BE eats can impress even those that have no healthy eating guidelines!  Great job on this one, Tess!


Yes - this omelette is definitely as showstopper! SO glad it was a hit with everyone. ENJOY!

could you explain more what you mean about the perfect omega 3 to 6 ratio? thanks!


Yes, Omega 6 is found in many foods, and most conventional eggs have an unbalanced ratio of a lot of omega 6 to not much omega 3. Organic eggs offer more omega 3 that our body needs. Please feel free to send an email through my contact form, and I can send you some more links for further reading.

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