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I-Use-It-In-Everything Raw Mayo

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I must admit, I have never been a fan of mayonnaise. To be honest, I am not really a condiment person in general. I have never really liked ketchup, mustard or relish. I was a plain Jane, lost in the condiment kingdom. Having said that, I absolutely love vegan mayonnaise, or more specifically, raw mayonnaise. I have dabbled with quite a few vegan mayonnaise recipes over the years. There are hundreds of good vegan mayo recipes out there. But I keep coming back to this basic raw recipe I adapted from a vegan camp I went to about ten years ago.

This mayo is mild, creamy, and delicious. As usual, I have listed quantities as a guide only. I tend to add in the lemon juice, vinegar and salt at the end, and keep tasting in between each addition. Every batch yields a mayo of a slightly different personality, depending on my mood, and what I am going to use it for. But the quantities I have provided will keep you on the right track. Follow them, and you will get a mayo that you can play with.

This recipe a fantastic blank canvas with which to create your own magic. But sometimes plain and simple is just what the condiment doctor ordered. After all, good condiments add a touch of something extra to main attraction events, and they don’t take over. This mayo is a fantastic served with veggie burgers, and works wonders with falafels and tacos. I most often use this mayonnaise if I am going to make a basic, quick coleslaw, or potato salad.

Everybody loves this mayo....even if they don't like mayo! 

Basic Raw Vegan Mayonnaise

I-Use-It-In-Everything Raw Mayo

  • 1/4 cup filtered water
  • 1/4 cup cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 cup raw cashews soaked for 2 hours (soaking is optional but will yield a creamier consistency)
  • 1/4 cup raw cauliflower
  • 1 1/4 teaspoon yellow mustard (like you put on hot dogs)
  • 1 teaspoon raw coconut nectarcoconut sugar or 1 chopped pitted date
  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice or more to taste
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 teaspoon Celtic sea salt or more to taste
  1. Place all of the ingredients into your blender and puree for about a minute until smooth and creamy. 
  2. Tweak lemon juice, vinegar, and salt to taste.

Makes 1 1/3 cups


**Please note – you will need a high speed blender in order to achieve a really creamy consistency, and for the best results it is essential to soak the nuts. 

Tip: the best way to clean your blender

After blending up something sticky, gooey or smelly, just place a few drops of soap in the carriage with some warm water and blend on high until all of the congealed food slips away from the blades and sides. Then repeat this process. Then rinse with water and presto! Clean carriage. 
If you have smells or stains repeat this process with some bicarbonate of soda or lemon juice and water. 
Check out the video on A No Hassle Way To Clean Your Blender that I did as part of the Chow Tips Series.

This is delicious. You would never know it was dairy-free. We LOVE using it as a creamy salad dressing base.


Yes! This makes a WONDERFUL dressing!

This is really really good. I am trying to reduce my intake of soy and am now making this now instead. Thankyou Tess.


Pleasure Brooke.
I am so glad you are finding this useful!
This recipe is a winner :)

This recipe is AWESOME. I made it for the potato salad and am making another batch now to eat with my veggie sticks. Yum….


That potato salad is the BOMB isn’t it?!
LOVE that you are making use of this recipe in lots of different ways.
It is so versatile.

I made this as part of the potato salad and it was surprisingly delicious. I am dipping my vegetables in it now. Thankyou for sharing.


This is fabulous on that potato salad and other green salads.
I also love to dip this with veggie sticks too :)

I really enjoyed your feature in Chow. This mayonnaise is really really good.


Oh, thankyou Renee.
I really love the folks at Chow and look forward to working with them more later this year.

Elizabeth Carrington - Feb 27, 2011 at 12:02pm #

This is really tasty. I am not a mayo fan but made it for the potato salad and I think I am a fan!


LOL! I know! I was EXACTLY the same way!
But this will convert anyone….I hope! LOL!

Your a genius! This recipe is so tasty and simple.


Thankyou! I will happily take that today :)
This recipe is SO simple and easy it makes everyone into one :) HA!

Fabo Mayo! So versatile :-)


LOVE that…..Fabo Mayo.
May I quote you on that?!

Delicious!  Makes a terrific base for all sorts of dips, too…


It does! Thanks for sharing your experience. OINK!

This looks like great- a much healthier option to a soy/cornflour based vegan mayonnaise. Can anyone who has made this already, tell me how long it keeps in the fridge? Ideally I’d like to make a batch and use it sparingly over a few weeks.


Hey Sylvia,
This recipe will keep for about a week in a sealed container in the fridge.

Wow!  This looks great.  I will definitely have to make this soon.  I also love you you use cauliflower as an ingredient - hidden vegetables are great - especially with kids.  :-)


Thanks Janna!
Yes! Cauliflower is my BEST friend.
I use it as the base for my mac n cheese and all kinds of other dips and spreads.
FANTASTIC way to sneak some more goodness in vegephobes :) HA!

I totally make a cashew mayo just like this minus the cauliflower and agave.  1/2 cashews, 1/2 water, mustard, acv, lemon juice, garlic….tI add it to my chickpea mock tuno salad! Delish!


Oh YUMMO! That tuna salad sounds AMAZING!
Thanks for sharing Katie :)

Looks like a great recipe. Can you freeze it?


Hey Christiana,
I have never tried freezing this, it never lasts that long!
I would think you could, you just might have to reblend afterwards?
It might affect the consistency a little.
If you try it, please let me know how it goes :)

Thanks. If I don’t use it all, I’ll try freezing it an let you know.

Oh Thanks! That would be GREAT!

Sounds really good and I plan to try it.  Upon my first reading, I wondered why you specify both a food processor and a blender. Perhaps when you say “food processor,” you mean to say, “blender”?

Anyway, I love your website! Awesome recipes,  beautifully photographed.


I absolutely meant high speed blender.
I must have had food processor on the brain when I was typing out the recipe.
THANKYOU for catching it after all this time!
This raw mayo is FABULOUS! Enjoy :)
Thankyou for the lovely words about the site too. I really appreciate the support.

How long does the mayonaise keep?


This will keep for about a week in a sealed container in the fridge. Enjoy :)

I found this a bit too sweet for my taste, and added some granulated garlic and white pepper, which we liked a lot.  Will try without, or with less, sweet next time, but there will be a next time :)


Thanks for your feedback Jeanie. Yes, just omit the sweetener, taste, and then add a tiny bit as you need it, until you get it juuuust right. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. I really appreciate it.

What am I doing incorrectly?  I’m using a Vitamiix with a stout 64 oz. container but there’s not enough material in the bottom to get the mix going. The blades simply splash the cashews and cauliflower against the sides and the blades spin free.

Do I need to use the tall, skinny Vitamix container or double/triple the recipe?



Thanks for bringing this up DB. Yes, with a wide container you will need to double the recipe. In the tall skinny 62 ounce container this recipe spins perfectly. You could also start on a very slow variable speed and keep adding a bit more water until you get a blending action. You will then have to tweak flavours. But doubling the recipe will get you quicker results. I hope this helps.

Thanks, BG!  I look forward to achieving the creamy results shown in your photo :-)

Yes, you can achieve them. I do every time, and lots of readers make this recipe all the time. Try it on the potato salad recipe. AMAZING!

Should be a law against using ‘plain’ and ‘Jane’ in the same sentence…...but the recipe is brilliant!!! Lol


LOL! I TOTALLY agree. Glad you like the recipe :)

Thanks for the recipe. Is there replacement for cashews? my husband is allergic to cashews, pistachios and hazelnut.


You can substitute the cashews with blanched raw almonds that have been soaked in cold water for about 6 hours. Otherwise the texture is too gritty.

Made this for your potato salad recipe and it was soooo delicious! I’m trying to keep low fat, do you think this could be made with all steamed cauliflower in place of cashews?

Can you substitute the cashews with almonds? Aren’t they more alkaline?


Yes! Almonds are absolutely more alkaline and do not have the fungus issues of cashews. They just don’t provide the silky smooth texture of the cashews. To get to the closest consistency use raw blanched almonds and soak them for about 6 hours. Then drain and add.

Easiest raw mayo ever is made of blended avocado with a little salt, sugar and apple cider.vinegar. The texture of avocado is perfect for mayo. :)


I totally agree! Avocado is such an awesome substitute for mayo. But, it oxidizes. So, this recipe is a great option.

I have a dumb question.  For the yellow mustard, do you just mean commercially bought yellow mustard like for hotdogs?  Of yellow mustard powder?


This is actually a common mistake Peter, and I have just amended the recipe. It is not powder, but the yellow mustard you put on hot dogs. - May 14, 2014 at 01:39am #

Can’t wait to make this tomorrow!  Love the ingredient list! :)


I will be making this tomorrow, but I just noticed in the comments that you have said not to use a food processor. Rather, use a vitamix/high speed blender. I do not have either - just a food processor. Any tips to ensure I get the same results?

Thanks in advance! :o)


Sorry for my late response to this. If you soak the cashews and use your food processor on the highest setting, you will get the best results.

How long will the mayo keep in the fridge if u make batches in advance?


This mayo only keep in the fridge for one week.

Raw blanched almonds sounds like too much work, lol, and my son can’t have cashews. Would macadamias work?


You can purchase blanched almonds, making it very easy. You can use macadamias. But, they are very strong in flavour, and you will need to tweak the other ingredients - the lemon juice, mustard, apple cider vinegar, salt, etc, to get the flavour you like.

Could pepitas (Pumpkin seeds) be used instead? My daughter is allergic to all nuts, sunflower seeds and olive oil. I understand it will change the colour and give a different taste, but may it otherwise work?


Donna - pine nuts work beautifully. That would be my first choice as a substitute.

For those of you who need to sub for the nuts, try using white hominy.  I don’t do legumes so this was something I tried when making hummus.  And the hominy hummus was great!  Haven’t actually tried with the mayo, but don’t see why it wouldn’t work.  Just drain first.  I prefer the ‘Juanita’s’ brand as it does not have the sodium bisulfite.


Thanks for sharing Laura, I am going to give this a try.

How long will this yummy mayo keep in the refrigerator ?


It keeps in the fridge for about 5 days.

Sounds great!  Thank you!  I hope to make it and put it on the SOL Cuisine mushroom-rice patties I bought (in the frozen foods section)!


Allergic to coconut and have no dates. What alternative would you suggest


Mayonnaise IS dairy-free, Ann…it only has egg and oil ( and some vinegar/lemon juice, salt and pepper) so


Many people are allergic to eggs plus then it won’t be vegan with the egg.

OMG!!!!!!  Over the last few years I have suddenly become allergic to eggs, which is what Mayo is made of.  So, with that being said, Summer sucks!  I just tried your recipe, and as I am typing, I am eating moms old recipe for macaroni salad!!!!  Tomorrow I am going to take to work, a tomato sandwich!!  And when I get home, I am making some potato salad.  I honestly don’t know how to say THANK YOU enough!  Allergic to eggs means leaving all the yummy things behind, but not now.  Not to mention all of these ingredients are so good for you.  I am posting your recipe on my facebook page to share with my peeps.  <3


will this freeze?


I tried this recipe and the raw carrot pecan milk. I’m about 3 minutes away from making the potato salad, too. I’m so excited that I found this blog. Everything has been delish so far. Thank you!! I can’t use vanilla extract due to the alcohol so I used vanilla bean instead in the milk. Turned out great. I also used dates in both as suggested due to not eating sugar or sweeteners at current. Yum!!!


Does the filtered water go into the blender with everything else, or is that for soaking the cashews? I’m new at this lol


Awesome! I’m excited to try. How long does it keep?

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