Raw Green Beans With Marinara Sauce

from Brandi Rollin

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It is DAY 24 of "Raw Food Recipes with Excalibur" and if you think eating raw foods is expensive, the gorgeous Brandi Rollins from Raw Foods on a Budget will change your mind. This lady certainly knows how to stretch a dollar in a healthy way. I just LOVE Brandi's philosophy, "In every budget is the opportunity to experience limitation or abundance. The choice is ours."

Brandi is passionate about educating people about live raw whole foods, and offering practical strategies that make this lifestyle a manageable reality for average familes. She has written several books on affordable whole foods living, and thriving on raw foods in cold climates. Brandi’s most recent book, RAW FOODS ON A BUDGET, is a winner of the 2012 Independent Publishers’ Book Awards and is the most comprehensive guide to maintaining a budget conscious raw foods lifestyle to date.

Brandi embraces a holistic approach to her teaching, and demonstrates that an affordable whole foods lifestyle is about more than just finding low-cost fruits and vegetables. Instead, it encompasses how and where you buy food; how you store and prepare it; as well as your overall relationship with food and money.

Designed as a workbook and recipe book, RAW FOODS ON A BUDGET provides over 70 detailed strategies, worksheets, and activities, as well as 90 delicious low-cost, easy-to-prepare raw vegan recipes. Each recipe comes complete with a nutritional profile, the estimated cost of the recipe per serve, and cost cutting tips. This raw vegan green bean recipe with marinara sauce is a glowing example of Brandi's budget recipe development skills. This recipe is bursting with flavour with a few simple ingredients, and under $5! You can't beat that.

Brandi's website is also loaded with free information. There are delicious raw vegan recipes; community forums, Raw Foods On A Budget TV, where Brandi interviews inspiring people in the raw foods community; GO RAW programs; events and online classes, and so much more. You can also download a ton of free publications, including: BRANDI'S FAVORITE BUDGET STRATEGIES, 8 STRATEGIES TO STARTING A RAW FOODS DIET RIGHT NOW, RAW FOODS ON A BUDGET BOOK PREVIEW, CONFESSIONS OF AN EAST COAST RAW VEGAN BOOK PREVIEW, and more.

Trust me, check out Raw Foods on a Budget and fall in love with Brandi Rollins and her savvy frugal ways!
Brandi - thankyou for generously participating in this event. You are amazing...

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Raw Green Beans With Marinara Sauce

Raw Green Beans With Marinara Sauce

from Brandi Rollin

Green Bean Mixture:

5 oz / 1/3 lb of fresh green beans

1/3 medium red bell pepper

4 crimini mushrooms

1/2 medium spring onion

1 Tbsp balsamic vinegar

Tomato Marinara:

2 medium tomatoes

3-5 pieces sun-dried tomatoes

1 tsp dried Italian spices

1/2 clove garlic

Celtic sea salt to taste

  1. To make the green bean mixture:
  2. Remove the ends of the green beans and set aside in a large bowl.
  3. Slice the red bell pepper, mushrooms and spring onions, and add to the green beans.
  4. Dehydrate the vegetables for 5-6 hours.
  5. If you are using an Excalibur dehydrator, spread the vegetables on top of a texflex sheet. Dehydrate at 105 degrees or in your oven at the lowest temperature.
  6. For the tomato marianara:
  7. Blend all of the ingredients in a food processor or blender until smooth. If you are using a food processor, soak the sun-dried tomatoes for 4 hours before using.
  8. Once the green bean mixture has dehydrated, place it into a medium bowl.
  9. Add the marinara by the spoonful and mix.
  10. Set aside for 10 minutes and then serve.
  11. This recipe stores well in the refrigerator and can be prepared 1-2 days ahead of time.
  12. Cost saving tip: make this recipe when green beans are in season, and are most flavourful and affordable.
  13. Makes 2 ½ cups – 1 large serving
  14. Total Estimated Cost = $4.45

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