It is DAY 4 of our "Healthy Green Juicing with Omega" to celebrate our Omega Juicer Giveaway. Enter for your chance to WIN One of FIVE Omega Vert VRT350 Masticating Juicers. I will announce the first winner on Monday. I am SO excited!

We started the first 3 days of the new year with Karen Kipp's 3 DAY Winter Juice Fast. It proved to be extremely popular, with many people following along on the Facebook Page, Facebook Group, and on my Healthy Holiday Detox Board featured in the 30 DAYS OF PINSPIRATION campaign on Pinterest. 

Remember that Karen is offering a FREE Guided 3-Day Juice Fast with these recipes via a private Facebook Group January 18-20, 2013. You can sign up for free here. Karen will be available to moderate the group all weekend, along with daily live chat sessions at designated hours. I am participating in the group as well, and am so excited! You can find all of the juice cleanse recipes here. If you would like a deeper cleanse, Karen is offering a 14-day cleanse online January 11-25th for a minimal charge of $29. 

A lot of people are asking about healthy nut milk and juice combinations that offer a protein boost and an injection of healthy fats that can help sustain you during a cleanse and/or fast. This is perfect timing, as I had already asked my friend, Dr Robert O Young, founder of The pH Miracle if I could share his famous Raw Vegan Alkaline "Green Milk" that he feeds to all of his patients who are cleansing and detoxing at the pH Miracle Center in Valley Center, California. 

This is the most AMAZING alkaline shake I have ever had. Before you screw your nose up, let me tell you that this simple blend tastes like a mint milkshake. It is absolutely delicious. Every single person I have given it to -- raw, vegan, omnivores, junk food addicts, and everything in between has rejoiced at the delicious flavour, and responded, "Oh! I could drink that!" 

But important than the taste, is the ENORMOUS health benefits of drinking this shake. I cannot recommend this more highly. Celery gives us healthy sodium, the cucumber contributes alkalizing salts and hydrating water, and the spinach is loaded with chlorophyll and protein. The almonds add alkaline protein and healthy fats which make this shake very sustaining. This green almond milk is loaded with live enzymes, blood building chlorophyll, alkalizing water, and healthy fats. It really IS the perfect food. 

This green almond milk is a huge favourite with children and greenophobes on the ranch who may not be able to tolerate straight juiced greens. They have also fed this to babies! The addition of the almond milk changes the taste of the green juice completely, and you don't have to add very much. I like a 1:1 ratio for a rich creamy texture. But you can add more green juice if you like. Check out Rob and Shelley's You Tube video, where they discuss the science behind this milk, as well as the health benefits. 

But briefly, Dr Young has discovered in his research that chlorophyll and greens are excellent blood builders, The inclusion of liquid greens improves the quality of the red blood cells, as well as the quantity of the red blood cell count, and the amount of hemoglobin in those cells. I can personally testify to this fact. The inclusion of this green milk in my daily diet has literally changed my life. 

One important thing to mention is that it is very important to use organic produce, and soak your organic raw almonds. Soaking the nuts neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors, plumps up the almonds and draws in oxygen making them a high water content food. You can read more about the importance of soaking raw nuts on my resources page. Depending on the quality of your almonds, you can make homemade almond milk with a 3:1 ratio of water to almonds. But I like to do 2 cups of water to 1 cup of almonds, as I find it creates a deeper flavour that is less watery and more satifying. It is just very important that you do not sweeten your milk. It really doesn't need it. If you really need to, some alcohol-free pure liquid stevia would be acceptable. 

Dr Young really has changed my life. I am grateful that I know him every day of my life. For the past twenty years, Dr Robert O Young, and his beautiful wife, Shelley Redford Young have aided the healing of thousands of people with their revolutionary vegan alkaline diet and lifestyle.

This alkalizing diet and scientific approach known as The New Biology® is based on their extensive nutritional microbiological work, which is now being taught to hundreds of people all over the world. Their renowned book, THE pH MIRACLE changed my life and health many years ago. This incredible book has now been printed in over twenty languages, and continues to help people all over the world reclaim their health and vitality. 

After following their work for over 10 years, my dream of meeting these two extraordinary people came true two years ago. Through my dear friend Denise, who was Dr Young's neighbour, I finally met my heros! It was an epoch in my life. I have learnt so much from hearing them speak; and have made several visits to their beautiful avocado ranch, "Rancho Del Sol"(Ranch of the Sun) in Valley Center, California. There, I have been a witness to countless miraculous stories of healing, and embraced many "PH Miracles" as they leave the ranch disease-free. 

You can read my partner, Scott Brick's personal story of healing with Dr Young. He continues to work with Dr Young, eat Shelley's amazing vegan alkaline food, and THRIVE! Dr Young kindly allowed me to spend a few days with the chefs in the pH Miracle kitchen, where I had a crash course in preparing many of Shelley's incredible recipes. I had SO much fun! 

You can read more about Dr Young's approach here. You can also read his incredible books, THE pH MIRACLE, SICK AND TIRED, THE PH MIRACLE FOR DIABETES, and THE PH MIRACLE FOR WEIGHT LOSS. Whatever you do, READ THESE BOOKS! Or LISTEN to them. I am thrilled to announce that Scott and I narrated the audiobook of The pH Miracle at Hachette Audio in NYC a month ago. It will be released January 15th this year. WOO HOO! We will record the other books later this year. Stay tuned :)

In the mean time, DO NOT miss trying this milk. It is AMAZING. This is a perfect addition to a cleanse. DEEELISH and SOOOO good for you! Enjoy :)

Rob and Shelley, thankyou for graciously allowing me to share this recipe. You just inspire and amaze me....

*Published with permission from Dr Robert O Young and  The pH Miracle, Valley Center, CA

Learn more about Dr Robert O Young at The pH Miracle
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Photo: Katy Townsend

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The pH Miracle Alkaline “Green Milk”

  • To make the green juice:
  • 2 large cucumbers
  • 2 large ribs celery
  • 2 – 3 large handfuls spinach
  1. Process all ingredients through your juicer (I use an Omega).
  2. Strain this juice for cleansing purposes and texture. Set aside.
  3. Makes 2 1/2 cups of strained juice.
  1. Blend ingredients in your Vitamix on high for about 1 minute until well combined.
  2. Strain with a nut milk bag or sheer knee high panty hose.
  3. Makes 2 1/2 cups strained almond milk.
  4. To make "Green Milk":
  5. Mix equal parts green juice and almond milk and consume as desired.
  6. Note: This mixture will last in the fridge for 2 days. But I always make it fresh every day. 

*Published with permission from Dr Robert O Young and  The pH Miracle, Valley Center, CA

Learn more about Dr Robert O Young at The pH Miracle
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Photo: Katy Townsend


select fresh spinach popeye would be proud of

The best tasting spinach has vibrant bright green leaves with crisp stems. This spinach also has the highest nutritional value. Purchase organic wherever possible. Avoid wilted leaves that have yellow discolouring, bruising, or a slimy coating. This spinach has passed its prime and should not be consumed.

Looks fabulous and sounds like my kind of drink!  Do you think it could warmed up a bit during the COLD of winter?  without harming any of the nutrition aspect too much?  I have been making HOT green smoothies and they are rocking my world with the temps outside at 25 degrees.  My body just doesn’t like cold ANYTHING right now.  This way I am still getting my greens on and I feel nourished and warmed.  Thanks, luv!  <3


I totally agree.  This looks great and we have similar temperatures here so finding raw food quite a struggle at the moment!

You can warm this slightly. It is wonderful. Enjoy :)

I am on Day 1 of the cleanse and really want to make this.  Have my almonds soaking and just realized I have no spinach, only kale.  Will kale work?


It is really best to use spinach as it has a milder flavour and tastes better mixed with the milk. Kale is a bit bitter. However, I have made it with kale, and you may enjoy it that way. If that is what you have, give it a go :)

In a pinch could you use store bought almond milk instead?


Yes, you absolutely could use commercial almond milk in order to mix with the green juice. Better to get the greens in somehow than not at all. Just always purchase organic unsweetened. If you can take the time to make your own almond milk it is always best though. You can soak the almonds, and control the quality. Enjoy :)

Ok… this milk is absolutely awesome! I drunk unstrained with a pinch of ginger for breakfast. Wonderful!
The question is… My blender isn’t very exciting so need to buy a new one. Any recommendation ?
Magimix perhaps (“all in one” would suit)?


SO glad you enjoyed this milk. We LIVE on it. After trying almost every single blender on the market, I recommend a Vitamix. Yes, it is a financial investment. But, it is SO worth it.

cant wait to try this at home


Oh, it is SO delicious and full of nutrients. It has changed my life. Please let me know how you go :)

I really want to try this recipe out but I currently don’t own a juicer :(  Is there anyway to re-create this with just a vitamix?  Is straining it thru the nut bag enough for the green juice?  Or so I lose some cleansing benefits that way?  p.s. I love your site!!


Yes! You can absolutely make this in your Vitamix. Just blend the spinach, cucumber, and celery with water and strain with a filtration bag. You will need to tweak to taste to get the balance of flavours right. Mostly spinach, 1 cucumber, and 2 ribs of celery should be good. Then make your almond milk and you are good to go! Enjoy. We LIVE on this green milk!

Can these juices be made in a Thermomix?
I am thinking of selling my Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre. It has an extra dry container & is great but I don’t think I need both.


Oh, I LOVE the thermomix. I don’t own one, but have used one. You can, I believe, make these recipes, but you are still going to have to strain. I don’t find the thermomix as good for making smoothies and juices as the Vitamix. But, it ROCKS for everything else. Enjoy :)

Hello there! This sounds like an amazing drink. I was also intrigued with the use of a panty hose for straining the almond milk. How do you clean it? Just rinse it under water or is it necessary to boil it?


I just wash it with really hot water. I also put it in the washing machine.

I just made this green milk and kale chips for a snack and it was surprising good!  Thank you for sharing I doubled the recipe do you know how long it lasts?


If you soaked your almonds it only keeps in the fridge for two days.

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