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I am very mindful about what I put inside my body. But I am just as vigilant about what I put on my body. I have this rule: “If I can’t put a spoon in it and put it into my body, I can’t put it on my body!” This philosophy has served me well, leading me into the wild and wonderful world of natural skin care products. We are really fortunate to have so many fantastic organic food-grade skin care products on the market today. However, I find that a lot of these products still have too many preservatives, coagulants, and emulsifiers for my liking.

So, you guessed it, I look to my kitchen, grab my blender for inspiration and always blend up homemade skincare that beats anything I can find on the grocery store shelf. “Fresh is best.” If make homemade skin care products and use them fresh, you are on a winning streak. Or the winning streak will be on you! Sometimes I don’t even blend anything! I just grab organic food straight out of my fridge and pantry and slap it on! I use coconut oil as a natural body moisturizer, rose water as a toner, almond pulp as a scrub, and mashed avocado and lemon as a mask.

I got this recipe from my friends Kim and Lou at their phenomenal homemade skin care workshop a few years ago. A group of us got together and took one of their classes, and came away with a wealth of knowledge, and some brilliant skincare recipes. This homemade moisturizer was the star attraction, and we have all been making it with joyful gratitude ever since.

Some girlfriends and I created a co-op, and we have been making this moisturizer, along with scrubs and lip balms ever since. We have had an annual Christmas party the last two years, where we have made these recipes for Christmas gifts. We have all received rave reviews. It is such a fun day! We all bring a dish and share a beautiful Christmas lunch after our hard work. It is a really great way to make this cream.

We buy the raw ingredients in bulk and share the cost. Then we all help make the mix, add in our desired aromatherapy blends, and jar them up ready to share. Each homemade moisturizer works out at about $5.00 each. What a fantastic inexpensive gift. Not bad for something that will rival anything you've tried on the market. I don’t know about you. But I always appreciate a thoughtful homemade gift.

Now, I am not an expert on the wonders of aromatherapy. But natural oils are miraculous. The health benefits are absolutely extraordinary. But, when it comes to pure essential oils, less is more! Don’t be fooled by those little drops. They pack a mighty powerful punch. You only need a few drops. You will want to refer to an aromatherapy guidebook in order to blend the right oils together for your specific purpose, and to learn more about using them safely and correctly. There are hundreds of sensational books out there. But one of my personal favorites is Valerie Ann Worwood’s book, The Fragrant Pharmacy. We sourced our raw products from New Directions in Australia. New Directions Aromatics is the site I use in America. It is the same fabulous company. You can buy all of the raw organic ingredients as well as the glass jars and lids.

Now, as far as actually making this recipe, let me share the wisdom of our experience with you. Be careful not to over blend the mixture. That will result in making the cream super runny. As soon as the mixture turns into the consistency of mayonnaise it is ready. Don’t be alarmed if the blend is not as thick as conventional creams. The mixture will thicken in the jars when you leave it to set in the counter top or in the fridge.

The first time we made this moisturizer we all panicked, only to realize later that all would be well. Kim and Lou suggested using a stick blender in a tall jug. This is a really good tip. You can control the blend by pulsing gradually and stirring in between each pulse. A stick blender with a variable speed dial is preferable so you can control the speed and pulse on low. We learnt this the hard way as our first batch of homemade cream flew all over the kitchen walls!

Another helpful hint when making this is to remember that this is a natural living product. It is best to store your moisturizer in the fridge to keep the natural oils at their peak. One thing I do: I make a batch of the basic mixture, and leave it in the fridge without any added essential oils. Then, when I need to make up a little jar of moisturizer for the week, I just add in the desired oils according to my needs. Then they are fresh, and I can change my oil blend depending on the weather and my mood.

This moisturizer mixture will keep in the fridge for up to six months. I seriously can't do this cream justice, except to say, blend it up! It is blendsational.

Thanks Kim and Lou!

Oh, Wow! – Organic Moisturizer

Oh, Wow! – Organic Moisturizer

Makes 6 small (300 mls) jars15 MINS
  1. Combine the apricot oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, glycerin, and emulsifying wax into a small saucepan.
  2. On low heat, gently stir the ingredients until they are just melted. Do not use high heat, and never allow the mixture to boil.
  3. Place the filtered water in a tall plastic jug, and place your stick blender firmly on the bottom. Slowly start pulsing the water, and gradually pour in the oil mixture in one steady stream while pulsing. A lovely white cream should start to form. When the mixture has thickened and become the consistency of mayonnaise, add in the vitamin E. Grapefruit Seed Extract, Rosehip Oil, Carrot Seed Oil to the cream. Just give a few short pulses to gently mix it. Be careful not to over mix or your cream will return to a runny consistency.
  4. Pour into individual jars and add in your desired essential oils. Stir each pot and allow to cool completely uncapped before sealing.
  5. Store in the fridge in a cool dark place to thicken and preserve.

​***You can use your high-speed blender to make this recipe. But you have to be very careful and blend on the absolute lowest speed. Or the cream will get too runny.


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