I milk a lot of nuts, grains and seeds and like to make a different plant based milk every day. But I am partial to almond milk, because it is the most alkaline. I make a batch of home-made almond milk every day to mix with my green juice as an alkaline elixir. It is important to choose the best quality almonds in order to yield the healthiest richest tasting milk, and it is also very important to soak your almonds in order to neutralize the enzyme inhibitors, activate the nutrient potential, and make them easier to pulverize. Read my soaking page in the resources section.

Almonds that are still in the shells have the longest shelf life, and would be preferably stored in a hermetically sealed container. Almonds are really susceptible to rancidity because of their high fat content. Choose shells that are not split or stained. They should smell sweet and nutty. If they smell bitter, they are rancid. Always store almonds in a sealed glass jar in the fridge.

I was first introduced to home-made raw almond milk about 12 years ago when I stayed with my friend Jeanette whilst in Sydney doing a play. She had a jug of home-made almond milk that she used on her cereal. I started making almond milk from then on, and have been milking those raw almonds for all they are worth with gratitude every since. Back then, processed pre-packaged almond milk was not readily available in stores, so making your own almond milk was the only option. It is still the best option so you can control the quality and integrity of the finished product - the freshness of the nuts, the sugar levels, and the texture. 

My first encounter with “processed” almond milk was when I was in Italy. I met some local Sicilians in Catania, and they, with fantastic hospitality, gave me a taste of local life. They drank almond milk and a brioche pastry for breakfast every morning. I decided to partake, and was utterly horrified. The milk was the sweetest and most sickly thing I had ever tasted. However, I quickly discovered I had more of a taste for the guy drinking the milk! Now that was a taste I acquired! There is nothing like a Summer romance in Italy! Well, the affair is a distant memory, but I am still milking those raw almonds for all they are worth.

Home made fresh raw almond milk is contains live enzymes with no additives or preservatives like most processed nut milks. It is a little piece of nutty heaven -- sweet, mild, and more gentle on the digestive system than heavily processed milks. It is fantastic to drink, put it on cereals, use in smoothies and shakes, and in cakes. I just can't get enough of it. 

Try making home made green almond milk by mixing some home made green juice (organic spinach, cucumber and celery juice) with you raw almond milk for a fantastic alkaline treat. YUM!

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Home Made Raw Almond Milk

Awesome Almond Milk

To make fresh raw almond milk:

  • 1 cup organic raw almonds soaked for 12 hours
  • 2 - 3 cups of purified water (some people use 4 cups)
  1. Place the raw almonds in a glass bowl or large jar, and cover with filtered water and 1 tsp Celtic sea salt for about 12 hours. (Refer to the resources section on soaking, dehydrating, and sprouting, to learn more about the digestive benefits of soaking nuts).
  2. Rinse the nuts several times to remove any of the anti-nutrients and enzyme inhibitors. If soaking for the full 12 hours, make sure you rinse and soak a few times. Any nuts that float to the top have probably gone rancid, so discard them to be safe. It is not uncommon to have a few floaters. The almonds will have swelled with water and look a lot more plump.
  3. Put almonds and water in your Vitamix and start blending at low speed. Quickly accelerate to high speed until all of the nuts are completely pulverized. You can drink this without straining if you like rustic whole milk. This is the way I drink and use it. It has more calcium if not strained. But blend thoroughly and then strain if desired.
  4. If you would like a smoother, more homogenized-style milk, strain the milk with a nut bag, fine mesh strainer, or fine mesh knee-high hosiery. I must say that a nut bag is the going to yield the smoothest results. You can find these easily from health food stores or from raw online stores. Make sure you wash the bag as soon as you are done so you can reuse again and again. To strain: place a nut bag over the opening of a glass bowl, jar or jug. Pour small amounts of almond milk into the bag, and then squeeze it like a cow teet until every last drop is out. Then remove the almond pulp, set aside and keep repeating the process. Make sure you squeeze the cloth to get the last bit of liquid out. This is the creamiest yummiest bit of the milk so don’t miss out on that!
  5. Don’t waste the almond meal. Save it and dehydrate it, and then use the almond meal/flour for other recipes such as smoothies, crusts, cookies, nut butter, breadcrumbs etc You can also make a quick, easy body scrub with it. 
  6. If you would like to drink this milk on it’s own, I have listed some suggestions for sweetening and enhancing the flavour. Jazz this up with whatever floats your almond boat, and you will not be disappointed. Store in a glass jar in the fridge if you are going to keep for later. It will keep for about 2 days, possibly 3 days in a very cold fridge. Read at the bottom of this post for some general tips on home-made nut milks.

Here are some suggestions:

  • 1 tsp alcohol free pure vanilla extract
  • 3-6 pitted dates, 2 - 3 Tbsp maple syrup, yacon syrup, raw agave, coconut sugar OR a few drops of Stevia for alkaline or Body Ecology Diet


  • You could add a few drops of natural alcohol-free almond extract/essence
  • 3 Tbsp organic maple syrup

For a richer, creamier milk add:

  • 1 Tbsp unrefined coconut butter or raw almond butter
  • 1 Tbsp non GM soy or sunflower lecithin 

For Chocolate Almond Milk just add in a couple of tablespoons of raw cocoa powder, 1 tsp vanilla extract, and sweeten to taste.

For Cinnamon Milk – add in 1 tsp of ground cinnamon, 1 tsp vanilla, and sweeten to taste.

For Strawberry Milk – add in the desired amount of strawberries with the vanilla, and sweeten to taste.

You get the drift – the sky is the limit. Get nutty with almonds and you will be in heaven.


Freeze leftover milk in ice cube trays for use later

Don't waste that leftover milk. Freeze it in ice cube trays, and them empty into containers or zip-lock freezer bags for use later in smoothies, soups, and other recipes. 

I really love raw almond milk and never strain it either. I love the grainy texture - reminds me I am eating live whole foods. Love the site.


I totally agree Roma.
Thanks for your lovely comments and support. It really means a lot to me.

I feel so much better about drinking almond milk I made rather than buying that un-refrigerated stuff at the store. It also tastes SO much better :) I have been converted!!


I totally agree Mallory.
It is SO easy with a Vitamix too!
Enjoy :)

I never knew how easy it was to make nut milks. Thanks Tess. Your a life saver


You are so welcome Peggy!
Once you make your own you never go back to buying it again.
It is so fresh and tasty….and you have complete control over the end product too.

So cool! This stuff is addictive!! I never even knew this existed and now it’s my fav milky thing to drink!!!! :):):):)


LOL! So pleased you are enjoying it :)

I am LOVING my homemade almond milk in my new Vitamix :-) I don’t have a dehydrator so I’m at a loss for what to do with the almond pulp. Do you have any recipes for the fresh almond pulp as well as the dehydrated pulp/flour? I can always dehydrate on the lowest setting of my oven (won’t be completely raw anymore) but I don’t know what to do with it! Thank you!


Hey Crystal.
Isn’t home made almond milk amazing and delicious?! I LOVE it too.
For a quick recipe try the almond scrub on the website for using the almond pulp.
For more recipes, just shoot me an email (address on FAQ section of website).
I never waste the pulp. It is just too precious :)

Where do you get your raw almonds from? I’ve made almond milk before and I love it but I want to give it to my son so I want to be sure it is more nutritious with it being raw.


I purchase my organic raw almonds at a health food store with a high turn over to ensure they are really fresh. It is also best to soak them to remove the enzyme inhibitors in order to maximize the nutrient value.

Got my almonds soaking now and I’m reading the BE book that I just downloaded from amazon. Thanks for all of the tips!

I saw something about a turkey lettuce wrap on their site that has peeked my interest. I know what I’m having for dinner tonight.

My boyfriend has a blood disease. It’s a non-fatal type of leukemia, but I have to say that he has so many symptoms that fall inline with having a candida yeast overgrowth. I often wonder what harm all of the medicine he’s had to take over the past couple of years has done to his body. I find it infuriating that US doctors are not required to have any substantial nutrition training and every time his doctors tell him it doesn’t matter what he eats, I want to scream. The big trick will be having him eat this way without his knowing it and finding enough foods/recipes that he’ll enjoy eating. He likes hearing he can eat whatever he wants… and what he wants is processed foods and white bread and sugar in his coffee every morning and pizza and ... well you get the idea.


Oh Dawn…...
I am so sorry to hear this.
I would HIGHLY recommend Donna’s book and diet for him.
I would also highly recommend you read Dr Robert O Young’s book, “The Ph Miracle” That book will change your life too!
Rob is a friend of mine, I have spent time at his healing ranch, and witnessed some incredible recovery stories, from cancer, type 1 diabetes, chronic fatigue and literally everything else. All with a raw vegan alkaline diet. If you think BE is hard core, try this! LOL!
Please feel free to email me anytime.
I would love to help you in ANY way I can. xx

I somehow completely missed this reply!

Thank you so much, Tess! I’ll have to check out that book as well, even if just for myself.

Getting Chris to eat healthier has been an uphill battle. He was raised eating lots of processed, high fat, low nutrient foods and he’s having a hard time letting go of these things. He’s also not much of a reader, so getting him to read these books isn’t going to happen. When I mention the foods he should be cutting out, he gets all blinky and says “Yeah.”  But, I do have to say that he does eat better now than when we first moved in together.

By the way, this milk is fantastic! Thanks for the recipe!

Yes, it is a challenge. BUT it CAN be done. When I met my partner, Scott (read his pig of the month post) he was eating cheetos, TV dinners, and diet coke. A year later, he has lost over 25 pounds, is working out every day, drinks SAVOURY green smoothies every day, and is a VEGAN!
Read his story and get your boy inspired!

So, I’ve been reading the book (pH Miracle) and checking out the website… very cool stuff, and this isn’t too far off from how I already eat. It’s how I ate/lived for years, until my parents passed away 5 years ago… stress, grief, etc. I was a strict vegan for 3 years until this point. I became allergic to soy at some point too, which I discovered about 2 years ago. Maybe I was getting too much processed soy.

Thought I’d share… and again, thanks!!

This recipe was a g-dsend for me when I was on a low iodine diet before taking radioactive iodine to counter thyroid cancer. I had to use kosher non-sea salt, since anything from the sea was forbidden as a potential source of iodine, but otherwise it was perfect. Thanks Tess!


Oh Illume, I am SO pleased this recipe has been so useful to you during your recovery. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment on facebook and for sharing your experience here. I really appreciate it. So great to be connected.

Hey! just found your site, i love it. i only wish i had the money for a blender like that. could you suggest a lesser one that might get the milk making job done decently? anyways, im excited to start making these milks! my family goes through a gallon every few days…it seems like a lot of money! im guessing this isn’t only healthier, but a bit cheaper as well? anyways, thanks!
<3, Brezi


Hey Brezi,
I totally understand that the high-speed blenders are a serious investment. You are in luck with this recipe, because you can really make almond milk easily in most blenders. Then strain it to get a more homogenized-style milk. There are some inexpensive blenders that will do the job. Have a look at the major review sites for great insight. But, I will say, that you get what you pay for, and if you are going to make more homemade milk and other healthy vegan whole foods, an investment in a Vitamix is a long term commitment to your health. They have a 7 year warranty, and if you look after them, they last a very long time. Vitamix has payment plans, and also offer reconditioned machines for a fraction of the cost. Most of these machines have only been used once!!
Call them to discuss options. They have excellent customer service and just want to help people.
If you need more help with suggestions please feel free to email me.
My address is in the FAQ section of the website.

Thank you so much! after look through these recipes, and having been asking my fiance to buy me a food processor for a couple years now! (I’m just asuming that this sort of doubles as a food processor with everything that you make with it). i think I’m going to invest in a reconditioned one. i am always cooking, and i hate that i have to pass on some recipes because i only have a dang baby bullet from when i used to make my daughters baby food! so thanks for the insight! =)

Brezi! I am SOOOO excited for you.
You will absolutely NOT NOT NOT be sorry. Having a Vitamix makes healthy food prep SOOO much easier.
There are some fantastic instructional videos and recipes on the Vitamix website too.
Please feel free to email me anytime with questions or help. WOO HOO!!!!!!

hey! thanks for the excitement, but today…God bless its soul…the baby bullet died tragically. :,(

lol, im sure this is trivial to you, but just had to respond and say sadly i need a blender desperately for tonight, and i think im going to hit up the target for a Ninja. bout 100.xx bucks..which i can manage today. otherwise i would have to save up for the super duper mac daddy Vitamix. i hear the ninja is comparable though… :/ we shall see!!! 



Oh No Brevi! I’m sorry!!!!
I totally understand you need a blender. The Ninja is OK. But doesn’t compare to the Vitamix. I get many emails from people who are unhappy with it, saying it doesn’t pulverize the kale and other fibrous veggies properly. But I totally understand you had to buy something!!!

I will have to update you then tonight after I make some peanut butter and rice milk… :: fingers crossed:: lol. Idk… I figure I give it a chance =)
Ive been chewing on getting a dehydrator too, so I figure I get the “starter kit” if you will….of a cheaper blender and have money left over for a dehydrator too. Do you have one? What are your thoughts on them? Brands?


Great! Let me know how you go :)
I am giving away an Excalibur dehydrator this month. Just click on the button on the right hand side of every recipe. I will also give you advanced notice that I am giving away a Vitamix next month.

AHH sweet nuggets! alright! how exciting… had zero time tonight to make anything! haha, i should have expected as much.. anyways almonds are soaking, rice is cooked, cant wait to try out these recipes in the morning! what an awesome site btw, you have soooo much on here! i actually just shared your link with a friend today, who is just starting out on some blender recipes and shakes ect.. thanks! :)


Thankyou! I really appreciate the support and kind words. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the recipes.
Please post comments on the ones you try and let me know how you go :)

sweet Jesus this milk is the best milk ive ever tasted! i know im a homemade milk virgin, but dang im sold on it! havent made coconut milk yet…lets see how that goes tomorrow.
even my fiance was like, “you made this?!”..AND its 2 year old approved..think we found a winner ;)


LOL! I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing that!
Enjoy :)

hi, what are your thoughts on the nutribullet? i have been using a majic bullet for a while now works pretty well., just ordered the nutribullet.


Wonderful. I think the Nutribullet is a great inexpensive machine. I prefer the Vitamix with more power and durability. But, I am glad you have this blender to help with prepare healthy whole foods. Enjoy :)

About how long is the fridge life on one “batch” of almond milk? A week? 2 weeks? Just want to make sure i’m not using past it’s expiration date! Thanks!!


I hate to say it, but it is actually 2 DAYS. Perhaps 3 days in a really cold fridge. Particularly if you soak your almonds beforehand. I know that is a pain, so that is why I advocate making small batches using 1 cup of almonds and 2 - 3 cups water. That seems to be great for one person for one day.

I just started the Body Ecology Diet and have been making almond milk and almond butter and almond milk kefir, but I was just re-reading the B.E.D. book and it says no nut butters or nut milk even with almonds. I was so excited that I could use almonds, but now my excitement has been dashed because although I really like eating them whole, I want some versatility and since I can’t find young coconuts I wanted to keep making almond milk kefir. So, my question is…
When the book says no almond milk or almond butter are they saying so because they don’t want me buying them from the store with sugar in them? Do they not realize that they can be made at home with the sugar being left out or are they really so bad that they can’t be eaten on the diet? You may not know the answer to my question, but since you’ve been on the diet, I thought I would go ahead and ask. Thanks!


Hey Amber,
I made homemade unsweetened almonds milk (just water and almonds) while I was on BE, as well as homemade unsweetened almond butter (just almonds and coconut oil) and I was fine. Different bodies react differently, or course. But, I am not quite sure of the correct response to this, and I wouldn’t want to give you the wrong information. Please contact The Body Ecology and ask them to be sure. But, just almonds, water, and probiotics would be fine I imagine. Sorry, I couldn’t be more help on this one. Good luck on the program. It was life changing for me :)


Love your website. 

I’ve been making almond milk and I’m concerned about what you say in regards to floating Almonds.  I recently bought a 5lb bag of organic raw almonds from California online and I soaked my first batch the other night and almost half of the almonds floated to the top.  When I’ve bought Almonds from Wholefoods or the local co-op and soak them I’d have maybe 5 nuts float to the top, but these weren’t truly RAW as I’ve learned that all nuts sold in stores have to be pasteurized.  Do you think my nuts from CA are bad?  And, in the picture you have of the almonds in the vitamix in water the nuts are all floating, so I’m confused by this.  I can’t find any other information on “floating almonds” and I’d hate to be making almond milk with rancid nuts.

Thanks for your help.


Hey Tracie, I am so sorry for my late reply. My comment feature was compromised and it just got fixed. With regards to floating almonds - always purchase from a store with a high turnover to ensure your best possible chance for freshness. The nuts are floating in the photo because I pushed them up to show the blades. I get a handful that float to the top, sometimes more. Please don’t stress to much about this. Just scoop up the ones that float and use the rest. If you have a lot more, just soak longer (up to 24 hours) and then rinse thoroughly. Also, soak with salt and a bit of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. I hope this helps. Feel free to message me on the contact page if you like.

hmmm… what are the bb using to make the shelf life so long in organic almond milk?  When I read the label nothing really stands out as a preservative.


Those packs are sealed in long-life packs and they mostly contain sugar, salt, carrageenan, lecithin, gums, potassium citrate, etc etc to keep the milk from separating and to extend the shelf life.

Can confirm that this will work with a much cheaper ninja blender. Just got to strain it.


Absolutely. You can make this in your ninja blender and then strain. You just may have to blend a little longer.

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