It is DAY 26 of "Raw Food Recipes with Excalibur" and I am utterly thrilled to be featuring the wonderful Marie-Claire Hermans from Ravishing Raw. Marie-Claire is a raw food chef, author, and coach in Belgium, Europe and is a wonderful contributor for this Excalibur event because she specializes in making raw food look and taste like cooked food! This is especially helpful for raw food beginners who are craving cooked foods during their transitional period. 

You can also purchase the RAVISHING JUICE FAST, eBook, where Marie-Claire guides people through a cleansing juice fast for 3 weeks with thorough information to remove all toxins and rejuvenate your body safely. This fabulous eBook comes with a recipe for every day through the several phases of Ravishing Raw’s online live juice fast group program that Marie-Claire organizes twice a year.

Those of your who sign up for Marie-Claire’s free newsletter will receive, RAW FOR 3 DAYS – FROM MINDSET TO RAVISHING RECIPES. This free eBook offers an easy, fun and delicious way to experience all things RAW. Marie-Claire explains the benefits of eating live raw foods, and shares menu ideas for three days complete with step-by-step photos of all the recipes, and shopping lists. Subscribers then receive a second eBook a week later with a questionnaire to reflect on physical, mental, and emotional changes as a result of the dietary changes, and assistance for future development.

Just like Cecilia Kinzie from yesterday’s post, Marie-Claire started Ravishing Raw after she cured herself of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia with a raw foods lifestyle. She is now passionate about helping others to experience optimum health with the power of live whole foods. With her knowledge and experience as a manager and booking agent for world class jazz musicians, she helps high performing artists resolve health issues due to their very demanding lifestyle by implementing raw food in their diet.

She does this in spectacular fashion. This is one of my favourite raw food sites. It is seriously slick with a TON of information such as: how to understand a raw foods diet; a glossary of raw vegan ingredients and kitchen tools; delicious recipes in easy-to-find categories like fermented foods, desserts and sweet treats, smoothies, "looks like cooked", juices, and she ROCKS with fabulous dehydrated recipes.

I could list my favourites, but there are seriously just too many. I am telling you, this woman is incredible! Luckily for us, Marie-Claire offers private raw food workshops as well as one-to-one personal coaching.  

Trust me, take some time to visit Ravishing Raw and you will see what I am raving about. If my words don't convince you, perhaps this sensational recipe will! When Marie-Claire sent me her recipe and photo, I responded with, "You had me at the photo!" Then, after one bite I was transported to Piggy Heaven! WOW! 

Otherwise known as mille feuilles, these raw vegan lasagne vegetable stacks have the look and softness of cooked food. As much as I LOVE my raw lasagne stacks, Marie-Claire’s fabulous recipe demonstrates how the Excalibur dehydrator can help you achieve achieve a lasagne similar in texture to conventional cooked varieties.

For this recipe you will need a sharp chef’s knife, a mandolin, or a wide potato peeler.  This dish is absolutely delicious, and makes an impressive starter, vegetable side dish, or main attraction. Either way, do not miss out on trying it. It is s’blended!

Marie-Claire, thankyou for sharing this delectable recipe and for participating in this event with such enthusiasm and support. 
You are absolutely SENSATIONAL...

For more information check out Marie-Claire's original recipe post
Learn more about Marie-Claire Hermans at Ravishing Raw
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Ravishing Raw ‘s Mille Feuilles

  • Vegetables required per person:
  • 1/2 to 1 small round zucchini
  • 1/2 red bell pepper
  • 1/2 yellow bell pepper
  • Fresh basil to taste
  • 1/2 pack of wild mushrooms
  • some sprigs of fresh thyme
  • a sprig of fresh rosemary
  • 1/4 tsp of Celtic sea salt or more to taste
  • organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
  • To make the cocktail sauce:
  • 1/2 red bell pepper
  • 2 TBSP cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes (soaked in oil)
  • 1/4 cup of raw cashew nuts or pine nuts
  1. Place all of the sauce ingredients in your high speed blender (I use a Vitamix) and blend until creamy and smooth.
  2. Next prepare the vegetables:
  3. Cut the round zucchini in two halves.
  4. Slice up the zucchini with a wide potato peeler or a mandolin. Make about 5 to 6 thin slices
  5. Place them on a plate and cover them up with olive oil.
  6. Sprinkle some sea salt on top to soften.
  7. Marinate for one hour until they are soft and look like cooked.
  8. You can speed up the process by placing them in your Excalibur dehydrator for about a half hour and then covering them up with plastic to keep them moist.
  9. In the meantime:
  10. Slice up the bell peppers into small strips.
  11. Slice up the mushrooms.
  12. Throw everything into separate bowls.
  13. Add fresh herbs and sea salt to taste.
  14. Pour olive oil generously on top, mix and let marinate for about 20 minutes.
  15. Spread the marinated veggies on a teflex sheet on Excalibur dehydrator sheets.
  16. Let them soften in your dehydrator at 108°F or 42°C for about 60 minutes.
  17. To assemble:
  18. Take a nice plate and start with a slice of zucchini at the bottom.
  19. Place some of the marinated vegetables on top and a few leaves of basil.
  20. Top with a new slice of zucchini.
  21. Put a spoon of cocktail sauce on the side of the plate and draw a line with the “head” of the spoon.
  22. Finish with some fresh herbs out of your garden or some course black pepper.
  23. Serve like this or warm them up in your dehydrator at 108°F or 42°C.
  24. Some tips from Marie-Claire:
  25. If you want a thinner sauce, add a little bit of water.
  26. These vegetable stacks are perfect with a fresh green salad.
  27. The longer these vegetables marinate, the softer they become.
  28. Enjoy as a starter, vegetable side, or main meal. YUMMO! 

For more information check out Marie-Claire's original recipe post
Learn more about Marie-Claire Hermans at Ravishing Raw
Follow Marie-Claire on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest


selecting and storing raw cashews

“Raw” cashews are widely available in pre-packaged bags as well as bulk bins. Always purchase from a supplier where there is a high turnover to ensure freshness and quality. Look for plump cashews that are uniform in colour. Avoid the limp and shrivelled ones. Cashews should smell nutty and sweet. If they have a sharp or bitter smell they have gone rancid. To preserve the precious oils, store cashews in a sealed glass jar in the fridge for up to six months. Always soak cashews before using to remove the enzyme inhibitors and make them more digestible.

I am just as utterly thrilled to be part of your wonderful initiative to inspire the world Tess! Together we can do so much more huh?! Thanks for your sweet words and being such a lovely hostess.
xox Marie-Claire


Oh Marie-Claire, it was an absolute PLEASURE and ALL true! ThankYOU for so generously participating in this event and supporting all of the other participants! You are just AMAZING….

Just wanted to share that I am currently redesigning my new kitchen and ensuring there is space for my new Excalibur Dehydrator.  I am very inspired :)


Oh, how wonderful Kathryn! It is so much fun to redesign your kitchen and make it all raw. A raw kitchen supports and inspires every day… :-)
x Marie-Claire

This is brilliantly beautiful!!  I so enjoyed reading and learning more about Marie-Claire and can’t wait to re-create this magnificently Ravishing lasagna in my Excalibur dehydrator!

Tess, this month continues to be so spectacular and each contributor is fascinating to get to know. I am concerned I’ll be having withdrawal come September 1st : )

Much love & sunshine to all!
Penni from


Thank you for your lovely complement Penni! Nice to hear you like it :-)
xox Marie-Claire

Oh, Penni..
You are just SO lovely.
This event has been so much fun for me. I love to celebrate the fine work of all of you. ThankYOU for your unfailing support of all of the participants throughout the event. No need for withdrawal!....we have Vitamix next month. Yippeeeee!

Yum! It reminds me of raw ratatouille. I don’t have a dehydrator so I may have to improvise a little.


That’s the taste indeed Kay! If you don’t have a dehydrator yet, you can use your oven at 108°F. That will help to soften the vegetables too. Enjoy!
x Marie-Claire -Ravishing Raw

Yes! It DOES taste like that! Use you oven on the lowest setting as Marie-Claire said and you will be in HEAVEN! Enjoy :)

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