Alkaline, Sugar-Free Mint Shamrock Pudding

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Happy St Patrick's Day! This is my favourite "non holiday season" celebration of the year, not just because I am part Irish (yes, I am a McDermott and an O'Sullivan), but because the entire world goes green with food! Yippppeeee! I thought long and hard about what special "green" recipe I was going to share to pay homage this year, and I decided on this raw, alkaline, sugar-free, cancer-friendly, diabetic-friendly mint pudding that Scott and other acutely ill patients could enjoy.

I have received literally hundreds of emails from readers and listeners who have read our cancer story, or listened to The pH Miracle, who have asked for help and support with recipes to aid their transition into a more alkaline lifestyle. I am going to answer the call and share a TON more alkaline recipes this year that have helped Scott and I enjoy and thrive on while following The pH Miracle protocol.

I am also in the process of developing some healthy, alkaline, sugar-free recipes for my dad, who has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Whilst this news did not come as a shock to us, it is still concerning, and something that requires immediate action. The timing of the diagnosis, so soon after Scott (a type 1 insulin-dependent diabetic) has changed his life and almost cured himself of cancer with an alkaline diet, is positivily serendipidous.

I truly believe that the universe is in perfection, and the energy flow of the world is nothing short of miraculous sometimes. Mum and dad have just been visiting from Australia for a couple of weeks before embarking on a 60 day grand voyage cruise. Lucky ducks! They had the rare opportunity to accompany us down to Dr Young's ranch, meet Scott's therapists, taste the fabulous alkaline food, and watch Scott self-administer his alkaline IV drips every day.

This was Scott, the man who was eating TV dinners and drinking Coke everyday when they met him for the first time a couple of years ago. "What a transformation!" they exclaimed. However, it was so fascinating to see my dad conveniently differentiate his story from Scott's situation. "Well, I just have diabetes, I don't have some life-threatening illness like cancer." Listening to his rationalizations for two weeks about why he didn't have to make such drastic changes to HIS life and how it WASN'T life and death for HIM just confirmed my long-standing belief that most people move through the world (like my dad and Scott) with a reactionary, rather than a preventative relationship, with food. As Scott has said many times, "the pain isn't bad enough" until the "C" word or some other life-threatening condition inspires enough fear and dread to make real changes.

My dad is a wonderful man, and we are incredibly close. I utterly adore him. But, he has been overweight for twenty years, and my mother, sister, and I have desperately tried EVERYTHING to get him to change his eating habits and exercise more. Bless my mum, who continues to cook healthy whole foods meals at home in the hope that he will "stay the course." The problem is that whilst my dad loves healthy food, he likes to indulge in all of the colon-clogging high-fat, sugar-laden processed foods as well. On the sly, of course...

The fact is, my father is an addict. That assessment might seem a bit extreme for some of you, but the fact remains -- my dad soothes and comforts himself with food, and can't stop. Even after a mini heart attack a few years ago (that scared the living crap out of us) where he was warned repeatedly by the cardiologist to change his lifestyle, he chose to maintain the status quo.

Perhaps this time is different. Only time will tell. I can only hope. But, at the end of the day, it is his life. I will continue to share health recipes, and love him no matter what. I just hope he can manage his diabetes wisely, and make responsible food choices. He HAS been walking every day, which is a GREAT start. So, I live in hope...

My dad is a FABULOUS recipe taste-tester because he eats ALL kinds of foods. He always gives me wonderful feedback. I got a big thumbs up for this recipe during his stay, where my parents ate our alkaline diet for the whole two weeks. My dad lost quite a bit of weight, and enjoyed the food. I almost wish I could have him live with me for six months until his health has improved. But, that is not realistic, unless I can build a rocket ship to transport him to my house for three meals a day! LOL!

Anyway, I will get off my soap box, and offer up this raw, vegan, alkaline, sugar-free mint shamrock pudding that anybody can enjoy. Raw coconut meat is such a fabulous alkaline pudding base. You could also substitute two avocados if you don't want to crack coconuts. The mint liquid chlorophyll offers a FABULOUS nutritional alkaline boost, is an excellent blood purifier and builder, and adds a gorgeous, vibrant green colour. The natural alcohol-free mint flavouring and peppermint stevia drops complete the minty goodness with no sugar. You gotta love that. If you are not following a strictly alkaline diet, you could always use some coconut sugar or maple syrup. Enjoy :)

Alkaline, Sugar-Free Mint Shamrock Pudding

Alkaline, Sugar-Free Mint Shamrock Pudding

  1. Throw everything in your Vitamix and puree until smooth and creamy.
  2. Tweak flavours to taste, and chill in the fridge for a few hours.
  3. Serves 4.


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