Berry Hemp Antioxidant Superfood Blast

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It the last day of our Navitas Naturals giveaway, so don't miss out on your chance to win the last $200 Gift Card and SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIES book. It is also the last day of Dairy Month and Pacific Foods decided, instead, to proclaim it, "Non Dairy" month, and have been celebrating by sharing amazing non-dairy recipes on their pinterest board. I decided to share in the fun, and am sharing one of my favourite dairy-free antioxidant berry blast superfood smoothies, which is absolutely loaded with protein, and makes a fabulous vegan breakfast.

I typically make my own hemp milk, but when you can't, Pacific Foods unsweetened hemp milk is a great option. Hemp is such an incredibly powerful food and I include it in every way I can - hemp milk, hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, and hemp oil. Hemp seeds are extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, healthy plant based fats, antioxidants, fibre, live enzymes, and natural chlorophyll. Hemp is also an amazing source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty essential fatty acids, and contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to repair tissues, particularly after exercise. It also contains valuable calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, fibre and B Vitamins. Hemp milk has been linked heart and skin health, and is known as a fabulous immune booster.

Hemp seeds also contain complete protein -- all 10 essential amino acids. In fact, the amino acid, Edestin is present only in hemp. Edestin is considered integral to our DNA, making hemp the closest plant based source of protein to our own human amino acid profile. Not only is hemp protein of excellent quality, it is highly digestible. It is very easily aborbed by the body, not requiring much energy, which leaves more available for muscle regeneration and fat metabolism.

I have used hemp milk, hemp seeds, and hemp oil in this smoothie to really give it a boost of hemp. You could also add hemp protein powder to this smoothie too. Aside from hemp, this smoothie is utterly LOADED with antioxidants, not just from the mixed berries, but from the goji berries and macqui powder, containing the highest levels of any fruit every tested! Yes! Just two teaspoons of this vibrant purple powder, and you have a miraculous anti-aging food to include in your smoothies. The best part is, it has an incredibly mild flavour that mixes easily with just about anything. If you don't have macqui berry powder or goji berries for this smoothie, you could always substitute acai, or just leave it out. I have also added in wheatgrass for a blast of green, but you can use any green powder you have, or leave that out as well.

I seize every opportunity to include hemp oil in my smoothies, as well as chia seeds and ground flaxseeds. I really like the sprouted flax powder from Navitas Naturals, but you can use any flaxseeds that you have .

Either way, this antioxidant blast smoothie is berry good :)

Berry Hemp Antioxidant Superfood Blast

Berry Hemp Antioxidant Superfood Blast

Throw all of your ingredients into your blender and puree until creamy. Sweeten to taste, and enjoy
Serves 2 (just over two 16-ounce glasses)


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