Cheeky Chocolate Fruit Balls

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Merry Christmas!

My mum’s side of the family get together every second year for a Christmas fiesta that we all look forward to, till the minute we are all driving away in tears as we part company until the next reunion! Rob calls it “Animal House For Adults”. It is just a huge party with incredible home cooked food; way too much alcohol; hilarious games and memories; and most importantly, a whole ton of love! As we all like to say, “There's nothing like a Fisher family Christmas”.

I yearn for those four days for two whole years! And so does everyone else. Last year we made a culinary family tree cookbook, complete with all of our favourite family recipes, photos and stories from the last 40 years. I had so much fun making it, and it is such a treasure to have. I was reminded of how much I love our family Christmas as we prepared for a smaller, more low-key Christmas this year. This year is the off year, where we all head off to our in-laws. Without seeming disrespectful to our other families (who are all wonderful by the way) we were all phoning each other mournfully today longing for the New Year to tick over so that we can start planning another Fisher Family Feast!

As mum and I were baking Christmas food last night, we were fondly reminiscing on all of our special memories and bemoaning the loss of Kimmy’s rum balls! Everyone is responsible for bringing their signature treats to share every year. My mum makes her shortbread, apricot rolls and brandy sauce. My aunt makes her famous fruit cake; and my other aunt makes her cookies and chocolates. But it is my cousin Kim’s rum balls that seduces many a family member into a condensed milk induced coma! We have had many midnight meetings at the fridge door scoffing them!

Now Kim, I love you, and I love your rum balls. They can never be replaced. But I must post these raw chocolate balls as a sad alternative to your glowing efforts. My mum has been making these chocolate balls for years. We made some of them today to put in our “Whole Food Christmas Hampers”, and they are every bit as impressive as the first time I tasted them. They're a good match for the traditional rum balls, minus the wheat cookies, alcohol, sugar and condensed milk. Sorry Kimmy, I say that with love!

You can use any combination of raw nuts that tickles your fancy. Each combination will yield treats with a slightly different personality. But I have yet to find a combination that isn't delicious. 

These raw chocolate balls make great snacks in school or work lunch boxes; great power snacks for a long work out; or a great little bite to put beside a cup of herbal tea. These will last in a sealed glass container in the fridge for weeks. But they never last that long!

Raw Vegan Chocolate Fruit Balls

Cheeky Chocolate Fruit Balls

  • 1 cup mixed raw nuts (I used 1/3 cup each of raw almonds, cashews & macadamias)
  • 1/2 cup organic pitted chopped dates
  • 1/2 cup dried chopped apricots
  • 1/2 cup raisins
  • 2 Tbsp raw cacao powder or unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 Tbsp fresh orange juice
  • a couple of drops – 1/8 tsp of natural almond essence
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup desiccated coconut
  1. Mix the coconut and cinnamon in a small bowl and set aside for rolling.
  2. Put all other ingredients in a food processor, and slowly add in the orange juice if it doesn’t bind together completely.
  3. Roll into small balls and coat with the coconut mixture.

Store in a sealed glass container in the fridge.

Tip: the best way to clean your blender

After blending up something sticky, gooey or smelly, just place a few drops of soap in the carriage with some warm water and blend on high until all of the congealed food slips away from the blades and sides. Then repeat this process. Then rinse with water and presto! Clean carriage. 
If you have smells or stains repeat this process with some bicarbonate of soda or lemon juice and water. 
Check out the video on A No Hassle Way To Clean Your Blender that I did as part of the Chow Tips Series.

These are so easy, healthy and delicious.


I am glad you like them! I really love this recipe!

These are tooooo good! I made them for an after dinner treat and thanks to my gluttonous friends i only ate one! They went so quickly. Ah well…will just have to make another batch just for me :-) Thanks for recipe! Love your site!


LOL! Yes! That happens to me too :)

Just wondering where the chocolate is in the vegan balls?
Have I missed something/

still getting all the ingredients for everything. lots of new things for me…that is good. Need a change and a healthy one.


Hey Robyn!
There is a little bit of unsweetened cocoa powder, and believe it or not, that is all you need! These are SCRUMMO! Let me know what you think!


My children also love these in their lunches. What a great healthy snack for children - they feel like they are eating something naughty but there is nothing but healthy ingredients in this recipe. We made a quadruple batch this week and they are almost all gone. Any tips for how to make them last?


LOL! Hide them! But then that would be no fun!
I am so glad you enjoyed these.
They are a huge favourite in my house too.

Mmmmm these really hit the spot Tess, thank you for sharing this delicious recipe.  I just mixed them up in a couple of minutes with a variety of nuts I had in the cubbord.  Not being a Chef, at times I forget how simple it is to modify the nut choice.  We get stuck following directions percisely.  I love in this recipe how you listed a mixture of nuts and it opened my mind in a way that enabled me to satisfy my sweet tooth while enjoying a healthy raw vegan recipe!  Thanks Tess, Lots of love, Michele


Hey beautiful Michelle. I am so glad you liked this recipe. Thankyou for all of your support! Oink Oink :)


This made me the hit this afternoon at my friends afternoon tea party. Not one left! Thanks Blender Girl


Thanks Reggie.
These are always a hit….and they are SO easy!
Even better :)

I have a BIG problem with this recipe… 12 choc fruity balls are not enough! They taste so sinfully delicious that once you’ve had one, it quickly turns into three or four!! YUMMO!


I know!!! I have that problem too Beck!

These turned out great. Loved loved them. Thanks so much for sharing. I can’t wait to try more recipes. I am new to this site and it all looks so healthy and tasty. I think i should give it an Oink! Or Grunt is it?!


LOL! Thanks Sullivan.
Welcome! It is great to have you here.
Can’t wait to hear what you think of the other recipes :)

these look I N C R E D I B L E thank you x x


They ARE!
Can’t wait to hear what you think!

Can never get sick of this recipe. These are so good and so moorish! Am ready to make another batch tomorrow :-)


I know!
I make these a lot and I never get sick of them!

I made these for lunch snacks and they didn’t make it past the weekend. These are SO good and SO easy. Wow….


I have that same problem! LOL!
Enjoy :)

These look amazing.  I have to wait until I get a better food processor to make them though.  My $60 unit just can’t handle my requests lately.


Yes! You need a food processor with some power to make these little balls of joy!
I am manifesting a super duper machine for you Vibeke!

I whipped these up last night. Can you say delicious?!  Wow! My husband was loving them and couldn’t believe what the ingredients were. So tasty and so healthy! As you would say: Yummo!


LOL! SO glad you all enjoyed these Tina.
You ROCK!!!!

I’ve made two variations of these. So fantastic!

One was:
raw cashews, raw agave, raw dates, coconut butter, coconut oil, raw almond butter, raw cacao, almond milk, sea salt, cinnamon and a pinch of ground clove, then I rolled them in coconut flakes. I added a hint of rum to half of the batch. Holy cow these things were good.

The other had similar ingredients, but was meant to resemble chocolate chip cookie dough. 

Thanks for the inspiration.

BTW, my boyfriend just bought me a vita mix. Can’t wait for it to get here!!


Your blend sounds absolutely INCREDIBLE!
WOW! Thankyou for sharing!
I will try it FOR SURE!
But I have to say…...I am more excited about your Vitamix arriving…....WOOOOOO HOOOO!
I am SOOOOO excited for you!
I CANNOT wait to hear how you break that baby in! That machine will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

You’re welcome :)

I was looking at all of the recipes and things you can make with it and I was surprised at how much it can do. I got the 5200 super with the dry grains container… I can make my own flour!

I’ll let you know how it goes :)

Yes! You can make SOOOOO many things with it. I just shot all of the recipe and technique videos for the new Vitamix website and was in HEAVEN playing around with it for a week!
I use mine AT LEAST 4 four times a day.
I just could NOT live without it.
Yes! Grinding your own grains is AMAZING!
SO happy for you! Have fun :)

FUN! Where can I see the videos?

The videos will be on the new Vitamix website when it launches in July.

Awesome!! Can’t wait!

I LOVE my vitamix!!!

Hi there,
Thank you for a beautiful recipe. MUST try these.
Do you think I could use coconut oil instead of butter? And would it make a big difference taste-wise if i used normal cocoa?
I hope you don’t mind me asking:)
Thanks again.


Hey Anna!
I don’t mind you asking questions at all!
You can absolutely use normal cocoa in this recipe. But I don’t know what you mean about the butter and oil? There isn’t any in this recipe?

There was in mine…

I was wondering if Anna was referring to my concoction :)

Oh YES! Of Course!!!!!
Can you answer that about your recipe please?!
I just woke up and thought I was going crazy!

I was just playing around with flavors when I made mine, playing off what you had already done here :)

Anna, I didn’t use that much coconut butter, so leaving it out wouldn’t effect the recipe too much, especially if you add coconut oil and coconut flakes.

And one ingredient I forgot to mention was vanilla extract.

Gosh, how did I get that mixed up?! Man, I must’ve been tired.
Anyway, thanks a lot for reply! Both of you, ha:)

Just made these today for the first time - really yum! Will definitely be making them again!


Great! SO glad you enjoyed these Lisa. These are one of my holiday favourites. Thanks for taking the time to leave a lovely comment. Try the mango balls! They are AMAZING!

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