Zesty and Nutty Lemon Cashew Dressing

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The weather has been absolutely gorgeous in Melbourne this week. I have been seizing the opportunity to sit out in the sunshine with a plate of raw foods and a glass of lemon water. I thought I would take advantage before the weather turns and I am rugging up with a bowl of soup!

My food processor has been getting a work out this week; and I have opened more cabbages and bunches of kale than usual! I just can’t go past a bowl of shredded vegetables splashed with a generous drizzle of olive oil, multiple squeezes of lemon juice, and pinch or two of Celtic sea salt. But when the cream dreamer in me longs for something a bit richer, I can’t go past this zesty dressing.

Once again, my beloved cashew comes to the rescue, saving me from a dip in the trough that I know will make me sick. And, of course, no salad of mine would be dressed correctly without inviting some gorgeous olive oil and lemons to the party. Oh, and I must not forget the garlic! Once again, a few simple fresh ingredients save the day, and will keep any combination of raw vegetables dressed to impress. I use this dressing all the time – for raw slaws, green salads, or drizzled on raw or steamed vegetables. Either way, this dressing is a winner. It is gluten free, dairy free, egg free and soy free.

I have supplied a basic salad dressing blend that will satisfy most palates. But honestly, I let my taste buds dictate my perfect blend. Of course, that depends on the salad, the time of year, and my general mood. You know that I am a tart at heart, so I always squeeze in a lot of lemon juice. Often, I will toss through some extra olive oil, lemon juice and Celtic sea salt to taste at the end – in order to get the balance just right. I am also partial to lots of garlic, so I tend to be quite heavy handed with that too. But as healthy and cleansing as raw garlic is, we all know how anti-social it can be! As my mother constantly reminds me, whenever she samples my blends.

Just blend and taste. Keep adding in more garlic, lemon juice and salt until you get your perfect blend. Another thing to mention is the olive oil. I always use really good quality cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil because I like the deep rich flavor and nutritional benefits it adds to salads. You might find that a bit too overpowering and opt for a lighter, fruitier olive oil. You will get a creamier consistency if you have a high speed blender. But this dressing tastes gorgeous when made with any blender. You might have a slightly crunchier texture. But it is not going to matter once you mix it through your salad.

Blend up this dressing for your next meal and you won’t be disappointed. It is absolutely deelish!

Zesty and Nutty Lemon Cashew Dressing

Zesty and Nutty Lemon Cashew Dressing

Makes 2 Cups5 MINS

Throw everything in your blender and blast on high until smooth and creamy.

Add in more lemon juice, garlic and salt to taste until you reach your perfect blend. Dress and Devour!


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