Happy St Patrick's Day! I am so thrilled my family are staying with me and we can spend this fabulous day together. This is one of our favourite holidays. My mother is part Irish -- her family are descendants of the McDermotts, Sullivans and O'Learys. We are very proud of our Irish heritage and milk it for all it's worth. I know St Patrick's Day was originally a religious holiday. But let's be honest, to any self-respecting hedonist, it is fondly embraced as a "feast and drinking day": a fabulous opportunity to celebrate "everything Irish" and a golden invitation to get "over-refreshed" with irreverent indulgence under the guise of national and ethnic pride.

Those of you who know me know all-too-well my penchant for "all things green." I will seize any and every opportunity to turn everything green and celebrate! I have always thought the Chicago River looked better green. Thankyou, St Patty's Day! Although, 40-100 pounds of orange food dye being poured into the river constantly? OK Maybe not. I have also dreamt of marching in the famous St Patrick's Day Parade full of blarney and a pint of green ale. Well, nearly. Having actually kissed The Blarney Stone, along with my mother and sister, I can live up to the second requirement. Those of you who have spent time with us know that is an understatement! But, having never had a beer in my life, I will have to forego the second. So I turn to my trusty green smoothies as my ale of choice and share it with you today.

I start every day with a different green smoothie, and this blend is my favourite way to introduce new people to the practice, which can really boost your health.

Leafy greens are loaded with vitamins and nutrients and chlorophyll. A molecule of chlorophyll is similar to a molecule of blood. Ann Wigmore likened drinking green smoothies to getting a blood transfusion, where your body is nourished with essential nutrients for optimum health. I had read Ann Wigmore's books and had made many "green soups" over the years, but did not incorporate them regularly in my daily routine until I read Victoria Boutenko's book Green For Life. That book and her story changed my life. 

If you are new to green smoothies, start by making them with fruit to get used to the taste of all of the different greens and wild edibles, and then slowly transition into pure vegetable green smoothies that are more alkalizing and do not contain as much natural sugar. But making sweet fruit green smoothies with mild leafy greens is the most effective way to introduce these nutritionally dense shakes into your diet. I would suggest starting with fruit smoothies and then gradually reducing the amount of fruit in the blend every day.

There are a ton of fantastic green smoothie recipes out there for healthy blending inspiration. The Boutenkos share a lot of their favourite raw green smoothie recipes on their website and in their books. There is also a multitude of raw and vegan websites sharing heaps of information and endless recipes for raw green smoothies. They are so easy to make. Just throw in some leafy greens and the fruits or vegetables of your choice. Experiment with the flavours that work best for you. If it is too sweet, add in some more greens. If it is not sweet enough, throw in a little sweetness. Too easy! 

For the more savoury green smoothies, a top tip is to throw in an avocado instead of a banana (you know I will take any opportunity to give my beloved avocado a guernsey) and you will get a creamy raw smoothie that would make anyone green with envy. I also like to throw in some organic creamed coconut and ice, which tends to take the bitterness out of some of the wild edibles and greens that are not as palatable to some people.

I have deliberately chosen spinach for this introductory smoothie. The mild flavour that is so easily masked with fruit makes this smoothie enjoyable for even the most green-skeptic drinker. Perhaps St Patrick's Day is the perfect day to try this because everyone is drinking green drinks! Just remember to rotate your greens for variety.

Trust me - If it weren't for the green colour, you would never know this smoothie had leafy vegetables in it. It tastes like a mango banana coconut fruit shake. Go green and you won't be sorry. It will literally change your life! No orange food dye required. 

I intend to drown my sorrows in a few gallons of this blend as an antidote to my broken heart after I drop my sister and my gorgeous niece off at the airport tonight. However, if the green smoothie doesn't do the trick, I intend to head down to the famous (or infamous) Tam O'Shanter Inn with mum and dad to sing and dance to some great Irish music. There is nothing quite like it in L.A.

Happy Green Smoothie Day! 

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Tropical Raw Green Smoothie

Tropical Green Smoothie - My Favorite Recipe For Newbies!

  • 4 cups organic spinach
  • 2 cups organic fresh or frozen mango
  • 2 medium organic bananas
  • 2 cups organic coconut water
  • 1 cup ice cubes (optional if you use fresh mango)
  • 1/4 inch small cube of organic creamed coconut (optional)
  1. Throw all your ingredients into your blender (I like to use a Vitamix) and puree until smooth and creamy.
  2. Serves 2.


select fresh spinach popeye would be proud of

The best tasting spinach has vibrant bright green leaves with crisp stems. This spinach also has the highest nutritional value. Purchase organic wherever possible. Avoid wilted leaves that have yellow discolouring, bruising, or a slimy coating. This spinach has passed its prime and should not be consumed.

HEY, I come from a line of McDermotts too! Another awesome picture and recipe! Happy St. Patty’s to you, hope you all enjoyed each other today!

:-) xxo Eva


I couldn’t wait to blend this one this morning!
My suspicious husband said: “We’re going to *drink* spinach?!”
He asked for more after the first glass…
Even our 2 1/2 yr-old said “Mama, I want my green smoothie too!” :)


Yay!  All these delicious ingredients are easily accessible in south India!  I can’t wait to try it - mango season has just begun!


I cannot wait until you move onto that mango and coconut farm!!!!!

I have never had a raw green energy smoothie a go and I am a convert!


SO happy this recipe has converted you! AWESOME!

Blending up spinach never tasted so good! I have made a different version of this smoothie every day this week and I am not turning back now. I also read your page on green smoothie and ordered the Green For Life book. I also ordered the book on Wild Edibles. Thankyou so much for sharing.


Oh, that is wonderful Lulu. Thankyou so much for sharing. Glad you found this post so helpful.

This is soooOOOOooooOOOoooOOOOoooo much better than the shamrock shakes I liked as a kid!  Thank you!


LOL! Thanks Lenore. SO glad you enjoyed this smoothie so much. I LOVE it too :)

This looks so good! I’m on a real smoothie kick at the moment.


Great! Can’t wait to hear what you think :)

I’m new at this at made this smoothie and wow.  I like it more than fruit smoothies.  It’s sweet and very yum yum.  If you’re new try this first, you won’t believe it’s spinach.  Incredible!


Thanks for the glowing endorsement Monique. SO glad you enjoyed it.

I just made this for my kids and they LOVED it. I am going to try more green smoothies on them. Thanks again Tess.


AWESOME! Yes, green green green! Love it.

I love this smoothie.  I started having it daily for breakfast a couple of months ago and I notice it gives me a lot of energy, especially before workouts.  I shared the recipe with my aunt, who is in her seventies, and now she drinks it all the time and says it makes her feel healthier.  Thanks, Tess, for this truly amazing recipe.


Oh, I am so pleased Piggy Lenore.
I will post a lot more of my favourite green smoothies in the next few months.
They really do make such a huge difference to your health and were the missing piece for me! So glad they are working for you too.

Blender Girl how do your freeze tour mangos? Whole or cut up into pieces?


Hey Piggy Jolly,
I always freeze my mangoes cut up into pieces to make it easier to grab what I want for use in smoothies. Welcome. Oink Oink

Hello u gawguz Piggy Queen!!!!
Just wondering, I really love to have oatbran with LSA and yoghurt for brekky, as it is winter here. Is this smoothie ok for lunch or do u think the body would absorb it better in the morn? x


Hey Piggy Nicky
If you are following food combining principles the smoothie is best in the morning because it is light and has fruit in it. You can absolutely enjoy it for lunch if you wait a few hours after your breakfast meal. If you are not concerned with food combining, sip away anytime you want! LOL!

This was the first recipe I tried from your site, and immediately I was hooked on your concoctions!
This is now my favorite smoothie to have for breakfast.

I have never been vegetarian, vegan or had any food allergies, but have always loved cooking! (And being healthy!)

Your recipes have truly opened my eyes to the possibilities of vegan, raw vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free cuisine.  Thanks so much, Tess!


Hey Piggy Natalie,
Thankyou for your kind words.
I am so pleased that you are enjoying the recipes. Welcome!

this smoothie is amazing!  it is so refreshing and the perfect way to start off the day :)  all my coworkers couldn’t believe i was drinking a green smoothie, so i gave them some to try and even the biggest doughnut fans said they loved my breakfast!


I made this, and it was drinkable but not what I expected. BUT I was like ok…. lets save it. So I froze what was left, thawed i back out later over night, added a few ice cubes (it was kinda still frozen by itself) and it tastes so good today. I think it wasn’t cold enough before? I blended an entire tray of ice cubes but it wasn’t to my liking. so maybe if you have my experience, freeze it a bit. I also added two whole kiwi to it. Mine looks nothing like the picture tho X) I wish my daughter liked it, she says she can taste spinach. I can’t, all I taste is banana… but I don’t really like bananas and she doesn’t really like spinach… it’s a mind trick! lol


Oh ya, sorry for my second post in a row, but people are dying for recipes to use for their Ninjas. I got the set for Christmas which is how I ended up here. Would it be ok if I shared this? I’d like to give credit to your website when I do so, if that’s alright, because you have so many recipes that would work great with it.

Yes! Please share any recipes you would like.

Thanks for sharing your experience with everyone. Freezing is a great idea. You can also add in some more fruit or some dates to make it sweeter.

OMG i just stumbled onto this webside and I FLIPPING love it


My husband wants to buy me a Vitamix. Whichever one I think I need. Since I want to be able to do juices plus mix dough for muffins, throw in tree stumps etc. Lol ! Everything basically, which model would you choose ? I’m asking you because I’ve followed you long enough, I trust your opinion ... Thx Sarah


Hey Sarah, SORRY for my tardy response to your question. I have had a crazy schedule and am just getting caught up now. I have been delaying the arrival of your Vitamix! Shame on me! The standard 5200 with the wet and dry containers will allow you to do everything you need to do. You can go up one model and get the pre-programmed settings. But, I really don’t think you need to spend the money on that. I never use them. I really prefer to completely control my blends on a variable speed and stand there with the tamper ready! The 750 is also AMAZING. I have that too. You only need one carriage for that machine. You can do smoothies, knead dough, grind flours etc in one container. However, I have found that the wider larger container can be problematic with smaller quantities. I use the 5200 for that. So, overall, that would be my pick! But honestly, ALL of the models are AMAZING. It is really a matter of personal preference. Just get the 62 ounce wet container. I hope this helps. CANNOT wait to hear what you make first. SO excited for you!

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