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Sophie Uliano’s Awesome Organic Vanilla Body Cream

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It is DAY 24 of "Gluten Free Vegan Recipes with Breville" and we celebrate our Breville Sous Chef® Food Processor Giveaway "gorgeously" today with the beautiful Sophie Uliano - Green Lifstyle Goddess, NY Times Best Selling Author, and Genius behind Gorgeously Green. After Julia Roberts wrote the forward to Sophie's first book, and they appeared together on an Earth Day Celebration special of the Oprah Show in 2008, Sophie shot to instant stardom and a "gorgeous green guru" empire was born! Millions of eco fashionistas, green conscious women, celebrities, and publications around the world went "gorgeously gaga" for Sophie's "Do It Gorgeously" approach to environmental living that is simple, easy, and FUN! 

Sophie is the NY Times Best-Selling author of 3 amazing green lifestyle books: GORGEOUSLY GREEN, DO IT GORGEOUSLY, and THE GORGEOUSLY GREEN DIET. She is currently working on her fourth book. I can't wait for that! Sophie is a Green Expert and Healthy Lifestyle speaker who has appeared on some of the top TV shows around the world such as: Oprah (where she appeared with Julia Roberts), The View, Good Morning America, The CBS Early Show, Access Hollywood, The Soup, and many others.

Sophie has established herself as THE "Go-To" source for down-to-earth green living information, and is a regular contributor to countless websites and online publications such as: iVillage, AOL, Daily Green, My Gloss, Real Simple, Body & Soul, Health, and Parenting. She is a spokesperson for the green sector of brands such as: Target, Mattel, 3M, Ziplock, Good Earth Tea, Pyrex, and many others. She is also in demand as a keynote speaker at high profile events all over the country, and her warm, engaging, "every woman" middle-ground approach to sustainable living is engaging and inspiring. I have been fortunate to hear Sophie speak on a number of occasions and she is AMAZING. 

Part of Sophie's irresistable charm is that she makes "going green" FUN. Best of all, there is no "granola hippy" in sight with her ideas. They are CHIC! Hence the saying, "Do It Gorgeously!" If you think you can't be fashionable and green, think again. Sophie finds a fabulous healthy balance between sustainability and style. She has a saying, "there are different shades of green" where everybody can do their part and adapt an eco-friendly lifestyle in a way that feels comfortable and is achievable regardless of individual circumstances.

Visit Sophie's amazing website, Gorgeously Green for a one-stop-shop BIBLE for How To Go Green with Style! There is a very expansive blog with articles about Green Beauty, Eco Fashion, Sustainable Kitchen Ideas, Healthy Recipes, Environmentally-Friendly Travel Advice, Clean Home and Garden Tips, Conscious Kids, Health and Fitness, and more!

But my favourite way to learn is through the informative and entertaining Vlog and Gorgeously Green TV. These fabulous short online videos are full of fabulous Eco Chic DIY Tips! Sophie has wonderful gardening, cooking, and product advice. But the quick easy green recipes for natural organic beauty products and cleaning products are my FAVOURITE videos. I have made SO many of these recipes and they are just AMAZING! 

Sophie has a widely popular You Tube Channel, where you can view all of these "gorgeously green" homemade skincare recipe videos. Some of the best ones are: Vitamin C Serum, Natural Non Toxic Sesame Sunscreen, Natural Hand Sanitizer, Homemade Mouthwash, Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, and this luxurious Organic Vanilla Body Cream she is sharing today. 

This delightfully simple concoction "does the job gorgeously" as Sophie would say. It is super quick and easy to make with just four ingredients, and is absolutely DIVINE! This is seriously one of the BEST body creams I have ever used in my life. Sophie says, "the combination of this four-ingredient cream is delicious - the subtle scent of coconut and vanilla makes you want to eat it. It takes 3 minutes to prepare in a food processor." I say, "this cream is a WINNER and NOT to be missed!" I am going to make this cream along with some of Sophie's other natural beauty products for Christmas presents for my girlfriends! SO easy and GORGEOUS!

Unlike the video, I don't make this cream in my blender, as the carriage is just too big to blend such a small amount. I have found that the mini prep bowl of my Breville Sous Chef® Food Processor works beautifully, and the cream turns out perfectly every single time in just 3 seconds, without the need to get in there with a spatula and waste any ingredients!

This homemade cream is also extremely affordable if you buy the raw ingredients in bulk from New Directions Aromatics. LOVE this site! As I have said many times with my homemade organic skin creams and homemade organic cleaning products, the most economical way to purchase your organic raw ingredients is to chip in with some friends and buy in bulk online.

Sophie has SO many incredible ideas on her website. Trust me, you will get lost in her "gorgeously green" world for HOURS and be better for it! 
Sophie, thankyou for graciously sharing your FABULOUS recipe and participating in this event. You are just AMAZING! 

Reprinted with permission from Sophie Uliano and Do It Gorgeously copyright © 2010. Published by Hyperion Books.

Learn more about Sophie Uliano at Gorgeously Green
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Sophie Uliano’s Awesome Organic Vanilla Body Cream

  • 2 Tbsp shea butter
  • 2 Tbsp virgin coconut oil
  • 4 Tbsp sweet almond oil
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla absolute oil or other essential oil of your choice
  1. Blend all of the ingredients together in the mini prep container of your Sous Chef® food processor.
  2. Spoon in a dark glass jar.
  3. Store in a 4oz dark glass jar in the fridge for up to six months. But it NEVER lasts that long :)
  4. Yields approximately 4 oz of cream.

Reprinted with permission from Sophie Uliano and Do It Gorgeously copyright © 2010. Published by Hyperion Books.

Learn more about Sophie Uliano at Gorgeously Green
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Tip: Get the most juice out of your citrus fruits

Always juice lemons, limes and oranges at room temperature. This will maximize the juice available. Another trick is to use a citrus press. I could not live without mine! I have one for lemons, one for limes and one for oranges. But if you squeeze as much lemon and lime juice as I do, it can be a pain in….your hand. To alleviate some of the pressure cut the fruit into quarters instead of halves. Not only is it easier than juicing halves – it actually yields more juice.

Do you have a certain brand of shea butter that you purchase? If so, where do you usually purchase it?


Andrea, I use anything organic and try and purchase Fair Trade. I buy all of my raw ingredients from New Directions Aromatics. Fantastic customer service and GREAT prices.

If you love soft skin and lavender, you have to try this cream… so easy and wonderful.  I’m thinking gifties for the holidays are in my future…


SO glad you enjoyed this cream. I just LOVE Sophie’s recipes and this one is a WINNER!

My skin is dry and very sensitive. I must make it tonight..:)


Oh, you will LOVE it. Sophie’s recipes are SOOO amazing. I adore this cream. SO easy, and your skin just drinks it in. Enjoy :)

Can you substitute anything for the almond oil? Like apricot kernal oil or jojoba? If not, is this almond oil the same as the almond oil sold by the olive oil or is it sold in the body products area?

Thank you!!


Yes, you can substitute other oils in this recipe. You can find these oils in the body care section of the health food store or online. I like the New Directions Aromatics website. Organic ingredients, great prices, and fabulous customer service. You can get the glass jars there too :)

Clara Mitchell Enns - May 09, 2013 at 11:01pm #

Such a fantastic refreshing resource which I will employ to get myself back on track to lowering my carbon footprint & lightening the load on our overburdened health care system. Thank you very much, Blender Girl.
Clara Mitchell Enns


That is wonderful. This body cream is a such a fabulous recipe that is gorgeous and feels indulgent. Enjoy :)

I was wondering if you had a recipe for foot balm (with bees wax and shea butter)?
Now that summer is here, my feet are dry and cracking.
Thank you


Yes! Here’s a link to a recipe I really like. There are lots of recipes that are very similar, and the basic principle is the same. SO easy to make too. Enjoy.

Where can I buy dark jars? What happens if the cream isn’t refrigerated?  Want to try this cream!


It’s best to store this cream in the fridge to preserve the previous oils. But, a cool, dark cupboard is fine too. I buy all of my ingredients and dark glass jars from New Directions:

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