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Rich and Spicy Carrot Soup

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I thought I would squeeze in one more delicious soup before I head back to America to bask in the warmth of a Northern Hemisphere Summer, and all things raw! I had a Winter “soup and salad” night this week, and I needed to accommodate some food allergies and come up with an allergy-free menu. When I was looking for recipe inspiration I immediately thought of this delicious spicy carrot soup from my favourite Healing Foods cookbook.

Since I posted the sugar free chocolate prune cake and the happy garlic peasant soup recipes I have had numerous emails asking how to get a copy of this fantastic book that is currently out of print. Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate any copies of this book. However, I have gained permission from Anness publishing to post a few more of their “healing” recipes; and this carrot soup is among the treasures that have to be shared.

The best thing about this soup is that it is gluten free, dairy free, nut free, egg free, soy free and is dead easy to make and absolutely delicious. I love carrots. Not only are they loaded with nutrients and add a gorgeous vibrant colour to dishes; but they lend themselves so beautifully to sweet or savoury flavourings, and in this case, a simple blend of spices. This soup does have a bit of bite to it. For those of you not fond of spicy dishes, only add in a tiny pinch of the chilli powder. This will create a much tamer blend that is still full of flavour. The coconut milk is also optional. I find it balances out the spices, and adds an incredible creamy element that makes the carrots sing. But this soup is just as tasty without it. So, for those of you looking to reduce the fat content of this recipe, just leave it out. You could, of course, cream up this soup with some raw cashews or macadamias. 

I will say that if you want this soup to taste exactly like mine, the vegetable stock/broth that you use is important. Not all stocks were created equal. They really do vary in quality and taste. I always use Massel vegetable stock, which I believe is superior in quality and flavour. Massel stocks are vegan, gluten free, lactose free, kosher and free of MSG. When I don't make my own home made stock, I always use Massel stocks. I actually prefer to use the stock cubes so I can control the strength. I use 1 stock cube for every 2 cups of filtered water. 

This recipe is not particularly generous and only serves about four people. With four cups of vegetable broth it creates a luxurious thick velvety treat that is very filling. You could always add in some more strong vegetable broth in order to thin it out for a nice starter for six. Or just double the recipe to serve eight. But this soup is at its best when it is creamy, rich and thick.

Top with some freshly chopped coriander and a scoop of grain, and this makes a delightful quick and easy healthy dinner with a difference.

Spicy Vegan Carrot Soup

Rich and Spicy Carrot Soup

  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • 2 large organic red onions chopped – about 2 cups
  • 1 kg organic carrots sliced
  • 4 cloves fresh garlic chopped finely
  • 1/2 tsp Celtic sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp of ground coriander
  • 1/2 tsp ground cumin
  • 1/8 tsp hot chilli powder
  • 4 cups strong vegetable broth (I use Massel)
  • 1/2 cup coconut cream or more to taste
  • fresh chopped coriander and parsley for garnishing
  1. In a large saucepan heat the oil, garlic, onions, carrots and salt, and gently stir for about 5 minutes.
  2. Add the spices and stir for another 5 minutes letting the flavours infuse.
  3. Cover with stock and bring to the boil.
  4. Simmer gently for about 45 minutes or until the carrot is cooked through.
  5. Puree soup in your blender (I use Vitamix), return to the pot and stir in the coconut cream.
  6. Garnish with fresh coriander and parsley.

Serve with gluten free garlic croutons, gluten free crusty bread or a grain ball. YUM!

Recipe adapted from a Lorenz Books title ‘Healing Foods for Special Diets’. Published here with their permission. 
For similar books and further information please visit

Tip: What Is A Grain Ball?

I like to supplement a bowl of blended soup with a scoop of cooked grain (day-old is best, as it sticks together). I prefer the protein-rich grains—quinoa, amaranth, and millet (they’re alkaline, too). But use any grains you like—brown rice, buckwheat, or (if you’re not gluten-free) pearl barley. Try cooking grains in vegetable broth or coconut milk, and/or adding some ginger, garlic, sea vegetables, herbs, and spices for an added boost of flavor.

This soup is really simple and tasty. I added a little less spice and it was still good.


Yes! It is really delicious with a bit less spice. Thanks for sharing :)

I like all things spicy, so i added a little more chilli powder! Was so good!


I didn’t have the hot chili powder, so I subbed with regular and it still came out flavorful.  A very nice, creamy “sweet” soup.  Sharing with clients next week.


Thankyou for sharing. Glad you enjoyed it.

Lovely Lovely Soup.  So yummy :-)


This recipe is so simple yet so amazingly flavourful. I have served it to three different people who all loved it! It’s one I can make anytime as I have the ingredients at hand. And it’s great to trick people, they think it’s pumpkin until they try it!


LOVE that you are enjoying this soup so much. Yes, it really fools people doesn’t it? YUM!

I just made this recipe…and it is so so so good! Thanks so much! <3


Thanks Sophie!
You are SO welcome! I LOVE that soup!
So delicious and comforting :)

I don’t eat vegan often but when I do I eat stuff like this! A big ball of millet and nice piece of bread complimented this perfectly :) awesome recipe!


So glad you enjoyed this vegan soup. Yes, a big millet grain ball is AWESOME with this soup. Thanks for sharing :)

this is probably dumb but how much is a kg in cups, i keep getting different answers. Thanks!


1 cup of carrots is typically about 160g. So 1kg is about 6 1/2 cups.

I’m new to the high powered blender thing (just got a VM less than a month ago).  I’ve made lots of frozen smoothies, shakes, and other cold things (salsa, etc.)  I’ve also made “hot” soup as they suggest.  However, I’ve never tried putting hot things into the VM.  I see lots of recipes where you are supposed to cook a soup, puree it in the blender, and return it to the pot to finish.  Can you put hot (i.e., near boiling) liquid into the VM with the plastic container?  Or do you need to cool it down substantially first?  I worry about melting it, and the containers are NOT cheap!  Thanks for the advice!


Hey Justin, Vitamix is designed to handle boiling hot liquids. I always cool my cooked soups for about 5 minutes for safety. I don’t like to burn my hands when taking the lid off (I use a cloth). But, boiling liquids will not crack your Vitamix container.

Can the coconut be replaced with heavy cream ? My husband is allergic to coconut :(

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