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The Rawtarian’s Sweet Potato Chips

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It is DAY 26 of "Raw Food Recipes with Excalibur" and I am delighted to feature the lovely Laura-Jane, AKA The Rawtarian. Laura-Jane is a passionate raw vegan chef dedicated to creating flavourful raw dishes that will inspire others to include more live foods in their diet. 

The Rawtarian has some fantastic raw food recipes. You can find delicious raw salads, raw soups, raw puddings, raw cakesfantastic raw dehydrated crackers and breads; raw dehydrated cookies bars and loaves; and so much more. Some of my personal favourites are: raw taco meat, raw cream of celery soup, raw zucchini bread, raw lemon bars, raw eggnog, and one of her best recipes, the raw chocolate brownies with raw chocolate icing. YUMMO! 

These quick easy raw sweet potato chips are a fantastic example of how easy, accessible, and delicious Laura-Jane's recipes are. Be sure to read the recipe directions carefully, as you need to use a mandolin to make the slices in order to yield the best results. I made a large batch of these and seasoned them as I needed them to keep them fresh. Not that they lasted very long! LOL! These made for a fantastic snack on my flight from LA to NYC.

Check out Laura-Jane's blog, which features all kinds of recipes, raw tips, and reviews. You can also participate in the community forums, where you can learn from other raw foodists and share your own ideas. You can also watch Laura-Jane's videos and listen to her podcasts.

Laura-Jane has written some fantastic eBooks. Check out Laura-Jane's fantastic thirty day THE RAW FOOD DIET PLAN, and transform your health with the power of live foods. The best value is the combo pack: RAW FOOD FROM A TO Z, where you get THE RAW FOOD DIET PLAN and DEHYDRATING 101. Laura's latest eBook, TOO GOOD TO BE RAW DESSERTS features twenty-eight raw vegan sweet treat recipes. YUMMO!

Check out The Rawtarian, and see how easy making raw foods can be! 
Laura-Jane, thankyou for graciously participating in this event. You ROCK! 

Check out Laura-Jane's original recipe post
Learn more about Laura-Jane at The Rawtarian
Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and You Tube

The Rawtarian’s Sweet Potato Chips

  • 1 or 2 large yams or sweet potatoes
  • pinch of Celtic sea salt (used at the end of the recipe)
  • tiny amount cold pressed extra virgin olive oil (use at the end of the recipe)
  1. Peel the yams.
  2. Slice the yam into thin slices using a mandolin slicer. This is a finicky recipe and it will only work if you use a mandolin slicer to create thin potato chip slices. Do not chop them like fries. They won’t dehydrate properly.
  3. Place the yam slices onto an Excalibur dehydrator sheet covered with parchment paper. Do not put any oil or salt on them at this point.
  4. Dehydrate on high for one hour, then reduce the heat to 115 degrees. Dehydrate until they are dry, they will curl up and look like this photo. You will know that they are ready once they are crispy.
  5. Before eating, place the chips in a zip-lock bag. Sprinkle a tiny bit of olive oil in the bag. Add way less than you think you will need, it only takes a tiny splash to coat them well and you don't want to over-oil them in the sack.
  6. Shake and squish a bit inside the sack to distribute the oil.
  7. Once the oil is well distributed on the raw yam chips, add a bit of sea salt and any other flavoring that you like. Dill, onion powder, or garlic powder works really well.
  8. Eat immediately. These chips don't keep well once you've seasoned them with the oil and spices.
  9. If you want to keep them, leave some dry and unseasoned. ENJOY!

Check out Laura-Jane's original recipe post
Learn more about Laura-Jane at The Rawtarian
Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and You Tube

Tip: a quick easy way to clean this “cling-on” pieces out of your garlic press

If you are using a garlic press to mince your garlic you will know how hard they can to clean sometimes. There are always a few little stubborn bits that refuse to let go of the garlic party. Next time you are replacing your toothbrush (I replace mine about once a month) recycle it and then wash it. Keep it under the sink to scrub out your garlic press under running water to help remove those little cling on pieces.

I just ordered my own Excalibur Dehydrator. Kendra and I have been sharing one but I want my own. I can hardly wait to make these Yam Chips and so much more! Thanks so much for this great recipe! Linda


Yay for having your own dehydrator! Sharing is over-rated - especially when it comes to food :)

I LOVE that Linda! How exciting!!!! These yam chips are simple, so easy, and really delicious! ENJOY!

I was inspired to purchase a dehydrator because of all of these recipes. I have tried so many recipes from your site and have never been disappointed. I felt like I would be missing out if I didn’t try these. So we just ordered one and I will be trying these. I am off to Sur La Table to purchase a mandoline. I didn’t know what that was either. Thankyou for opening up my world. Your website is a constant help to me and my girlfriend.


Yay for getting a mandoline slicer! They are so handy - especially for making chips. I love to make zucchini chips too.

You’ll love dehydrating once yours arrives. It opens up a whole new world - especially when it comes to savory flavors like chips, crackers, veggie burgers, etc.

Thanks so much for your kind words, Tess. It is a true honour to be featured at your lovely site, and to be in such great company with so many raw inspirational people. xox


ThankYOU for participating and sharing your delicious recipe and talent. It is lovely to be connected :)

I made these and they were really easy and tasty.


Great! Aren’t they easy?! LOVE these :)

How do you remove the starchy flavor? Thanks


I didn’t have an overly starchy flavor. Did you use a dehydrator or an oven?

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