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Probiotic Berry Almond Shake

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This almond milk kefir strawberry smoothie is one of my favourite "kefir" smoothies, and was a lifesaver for me when I was transitioning from stage one of The Body Ecology Diet. Yesterday, I posted my super easy recipe for raw cultured almond milk and shared how including this plant based "kefir", along with coconut water kefir, cultured coconut pudding, and fermented vegetables help to rebalance my inner eco system and restore my optimum health and vitality. This is one of my favourite body ecology friendly recipes.

Not only is this vegan kefir smoothie loaded with healthy probiotics and plant based nutrients, it is gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, and sugar free, and tastes absolutely spectacular. This smoothie is also perfect for those people who do not like the taste of kefir. You can't taste it at all. I have found this blend wonderful for children. However, if you are partial to the tart kefir flavour, reduce the amount of almond milk in the recipe.

As I said yesterday in my almond milk "kefir" post, cultured milk is incredibly potent, and you don't really want to consume more than about a cup a day. So, it is best to reduce the almond milk, rather than increase the amount of kefir in this recipe. Particularly, if you have not included kefir in your diet regularly. I always recommend introducing kefir into the diet with 1/4 cup a day, until the body can tolerate it. Then slowly increase to a cup a day.

Now, a word about the blend: I used the Sweet Leaf Vanilla Creme Stevia in this recipe. But, you could use any alcohol-free stevia you like. You could also add some alcohol-free vanilla extract if you are going to leave out the Vega One Berry Protein powder. I added it, as it helps to boost the berry flavour, and add some micronutrients. But this smoothie tastes great without it. Just tweak the flavours to taste. For those of you following The Body Ecology Diet, you may want to leave the Berry protein powder out, just in case you have a reaction to the stevia they use in their formula. 

With regards to the hemp seeds, chia seeds, and flaxseeds. These are also optional ingredients if you don't have them available. But, I do recommend uncluding at least a tablespoon of these nutrient-dense seeds every day. The easiest way to get your daily dose is to throw them in smoothies. They are really great in this smoothie. 

Also, a note about the fruit. I have deliberately used strawberries in this recipe, as they are a low sugar (or what's called a sour (acid) fruit). They are wonderful for including in transition as they do not feed candida as much as the high sugar fruits like bananas. Also, when you consume them with kefir, the microflora consumes the sugar and doesn't feed the candida. 

Other low sugar/sour acid fruits that are great with kefir include: lemons, limes, grapefruit, cranberries, blueberries, pineapple, tangerines, kiwis, sour apples, pomegranate, kumquat, sour peaches, sour plums, and acerola cherries. Play around with this basic recipe and make it your own. Cinnamon and ginger are wonderful with some of these fruits, as is a bit of heat! I will post some more recipes in the coming months. My pineapple kefir shake is pretty amazing too. I need to share that soon. 

In the mean time, try my body ecology-friendly ginger, cranberry almond shake. That is AMAZING. I receive so many emails about that recipe. It is a lifesaver for those of us on sugar-free diets. I used to eat that like pudding every week when I was on stage one of the diet. YUMMO! 

Probiotic Berry Almond Shake

  1. Place all of the ingredients in your Vitamix and blend until smooth and creamy.
  2. Tweak flavours to taste. You might like more sweetener, almond butter, ice etc.
  3. Makes about two 16-ounce glasses.

This protein shake was AMAZING!!  Thank you so much for sharing this and all the other great shake and smoothie recipes!!  This is a fabulous and informative site!!!


Thanks Tia. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I really love this shake, and am so glad you did too.

everyone at the white party kept asking if we’d met; i’m sad i didn’t b/c i love your site!


OH, thankyou. That is really sweet. We will have to meet up one day. I was really sorry to have missed that event. I had a shoot and couldn’t make it at the last minute. Catch you at the next one :)

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