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Young and Raw’s Turmeric Cocktail

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It is DAY 25 of "Green Juicing With Omega" to celebrate our AMAZING Omega Juicer Giveaway. We already have three lucky winners! I will announce the fourth person this weekend. Don't miss out on your chance to win one of the two remaining Omega Vert VRT350 Masticating Juicers. TWO MORE to go!

Today I have a magic turmeric juicing remedy from RAWKSTARS Sheleana Breakell and Caleb Jennings from the Young and Raw blog. This dynamic duo are taking the raw food world by storm! You may remember them from the "Raw Food Recipes with Excalibur" event where they shared their incredible Raw Vegan Mexican Crackers. YUMMO! 

These two health warriors successfully transformed their lives with the power of live foods. Sheleana lost 45lbs, healed her body of infertility, re-balanced her energy from extreme adrenal fatigue, reversed a hormonal imbalance that was threatening her life, and restored her body to optimum health. She and Caleb now dedicate their lives to teaching others how to do the same. 

Young and Raw shares valuable information about health and nutrition, raw beauty recipes, and raw and vegan recipes. I really love their smoothies and juices! So, I couldn't host a juicing celebration without inviting them to the party. 

This anti-inflammatory turmeric cocktail juice might not be the most palatable juice blend featured this month, but it is powerful! Sheleana likens the version with coconut water to "drinking pickles!" Whilst I am a huge fan of raw coconut water, I decided to feature the green juice version of this cocktail, as I thought it may be more attractive to those of you turmeric newbies! 

Whatever you do, don't discount this magic elixir. Turmeric contains magical anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents, as well as having natural antibiotic, antiseptic, and analgesic properties. It can improve digestion, purifies your blood, lowers cholesterol, heals stomach ulcers, prevents gas and bloating, assists fat metabolism, can help with acne and psoriasis, arthritis, and I could go on and on. It is just INCREDIBLE. 

In her original recipe post, Sheleana posted this juice as a remedy for sore joints and menstrual cramps, as well as  a way to reduce inflammation and repair your muscles faster after a workout. I cannot recommend this juice more highly for this. I have used both the coconut water shots and the green juice mixture, and they work a treat! I don't get menstrual cramps since I followed food combining and went alkaline, so I can't personally attest to that. However, if Sheleana says it works, I believe her! Obviously, everybody is different. But, I say, give it a shot! Better than popping those toxic menstrual cramp tablets. 

There is just a wealth of information on this site. I could get lost on it for hours. Make sure you join their hugely popular facebook page as well. Sheleana and Caleb also offer some wonderful programs. Check out their new 21 Day Raw Food Reset Cleanse to get "Clean and Green in 2013."

Sheleana and Caleb, thanks for sharing yet another one of your awesome recipes. 
You just RAWK! 

Read Sheleana's original recipe post
Learn more about Sheleana Breakell & Caleb Jennings at Young and Raw
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Young and Raw’s Turmeric Cocktail

  • 1 inch piece of turmeric root (or 1-2 tsp of ground turmeric powder)
  • 1 whole cucumber
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 1 inch nob of ginger
  • 1 peeled lemon
  1. Process all ingredients through your juicer (I use an Omega).
  2. Enjoy strained or unstrained. Whatever your preference. 
  3. Serves 1.
  4. Alternatively, you can mix the 1 oz of juiced turmeric root with 1 cup of raw coconut water. This acts a “carrier” delivering more nutrients to the cells.
  5. Drink either version of the turmeric mixture right away and you can do this multiple times per day.
  6. *Note that if you’re new to juicing or fresh roots, turmeric is very cleansing and you may need to use the restroom frequently, but this is normal.

Read Sheleana's original recipe post
Learn more about Sheleana Breakell & Caleb Jennings at Young and Raw
Follow them Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Tip: the best way to store lemons

Lemons continue to respire and ripen after they have been harvested. The faster they respire the more carbon dioxide they produce, and the quicker they spoil. Store your lemons in the fridge to slow this down and they should keep for up to about ten days. Make sure you do not store them in plastic bags where they are on top of each other. When there is limited oxygen, the ethylene gas gets trapped, causing them to rot. Always bring them to room temperature to get the most juice out of them.

This is right up my alley. I usually stir ground turmeric into my juice, but this is a good idea, using staple juice ingredients I always use.


Yes, either way, it is great to get turmeric in there isn’t it?

This sounds so good, wish I could try it. Would you peel the cucumber first? Can you recommend a replacement for the lemon (non citric due to severe allergies?)


No need to peel the cucumber. You could add a bit of apple to this blend. Alternatively, try doing the coconut water version.

This sounds super yummy too. I loved being able to get fresh turmeric root when we were in New Mexico. I can’t find it here.


Oh, so sorry you can’t get the fresh root now. But, ground is better than nothing.

You can find fresh tumeric root at most Asian supermarkets. Try calling around. You may also find it in an East Indian food mart. Well worth investigating.

Yes. True! Thanks for helping everyone Alison.

Is this good for a person on Coumadin?


Please consult your doctor about that. I am not a health care professional and don’t know your personal situation. I would think it would be OK. But, there are always exceptions.

I have read that Tumeric will thin your blood, so definitely ask your Doctor if you are on Cumadin or any other blood thinner.

Yes. Thanks for sharing Jackie.

Can I Vitamix this by any chance?


Yes! You can absolutely make this in your Vitamix. Throw everything into your machine and add 1 cup of water (or more to get a blendable consistency) and then strain to get a “juice”. You may have to tweak the flavors as this has been formulated for a juicer.

I’ve heard turmeric is fat soluble so I was hoping for a raw turmeric smoothie recipe with coconut fat of some kind.


You could blend 2 cups coconut water with 1 cup coconut meat with 2 cups of frozen pineapple, 1 cup spinach, and 1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric. Yum!

I found some fresh turmeric, but when I cut in to it, it was white. Do you know if this has the same properties as the yellow-orange variety? Thanks!


Yes, there is a white variety related to turmeric that is more like ginger. This white turmeric is great for detoxing the body and purifying the blood. I prefer the yellow turmeric root for the powerful anti-inflammatory support. But, this white variety does have health benefits, too.

I usually juice with a lot of different vegetables if I put turmeric in with multiple veggies will it have the same effect as just putting it with certain veggies


I add turmeric whenever I can for added anti-inflammatory power. It is more effective with certain foods. But, you can’t go wrong using it wherever you can.

I’m not sure where you folks are from…I’m in the hudson valley in New York and I can buy fresh turmeric root at my shop rite.


Yes, in NY, CA, CO etc turmeric is everywhere. But, in many parts of the world it’s still not widely available fresh. That will gradually change. I can’t wait!

What is “1 piece of turmeric root”?  You specify an inch for ginger, but how much turmeric root?


I’m sorry Beth. I will fix that. It’s a 1 inch piece as well. Enjoy!

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