Crispy Mexican Crackers

from Young and Raw

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It is DAY 8 of the "Raw Food Recipes" series and I delighted to introduce you to the incredible Sheleana Breakell and Caleb Jennings from the Young and Raw blog. Where do I start describing this dynamic duo? Young and Raw, Strong and Open, Wise and Humble, Generous and Caring. Yep! That just about says it all. Well... not quite.

So, who are these two? Sheleana and Caleb met in Vancouver Canada, and after talking with Preet Marwaha from Organic Lives, who suggested they adopt a raw vegan lifestyle in order to eradicate Sheleana's chronic health problems, successfully transformed their lives with the power of live foods.

On a raw foods diet, Sheleana lost 45lbs, healed her body of infertility, re-balanced her energy from extreme adrenal fatigue, reversed a hormonal imbalance that was threatening her life, and restored her body to optimum health. She and Caleb now dedicate their lives to teaching others how to do the same.

They created Young and Raw as "a place to share inspiration and promote natural living through a high raw, plant based lifestyle." On it you can find fantastic informative blogs about health and nutrition, raw beauty recipes, and delicious raw and vegan recipes. Some of my favorites include the raw vegan caesar salad, chunky raw berry energy cookies, raw vegan sunflower veggie burgers, and the maca-almond martinis.

These raw vegan crispy vegetable crackers they are sharing today are RAWmazing! We are already on our third batch, and we have been eating them as snacks every day. They are super easy to make and are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, and soy free. Most importantly, they are loaded with nutrients and live enzymes and are absolutely delicious.

Intimidated by raw? Caleb and Sheleana have created a three month raw food program for newbies called How To Go Raw, Not Crazy, which aims to demystify the raw foods world and offer a compassionate, supportive weight loss program with the tools to succeed. Ali, their Resident Holistic Nutritionist is available for support. She has been 100% plant based for over seven years and 100% raw for five years. The program includes twelve weeks of meal plans, a private student community monitored daily by Ali, weekly affirmations, emotional support, and more. They are currently looking for student testers, who receive 50% off the registration fees. So send them an email if you want in!

Caleb and Sheleana share a deep desire to teach and inspire others to have a deeper personal awareness about food, in the quest for a more sustainable relationship with their food and planet. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite healthy food blogs; and their rapidly growing Facebook page is a fantastic place to meet and learn about raw foods, health, and sustainability. Trust me, check out Caleb and Sheleana and you will fall in love just like I have.

Caleb and Sheleana, thank you for participating in this event. You ignite my passion for all things young and raw....

Learn more about Sheleana Breakell & Caleb Jennings at Young and Raw
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Crispy Mexican Crackers

Crispy Mexican Crackers

from Young and Raw

Makes 30 to 40 crackers30 MINS
  1. Soak all of your seeds for at least 6 hours or over night in fresh water. I usually put my seeds or nuts in water right before bed and then drain and rinse first thing when I wake up. Your flax and chia seeds will become very gel like.
  2. In your food processor, put 1 onion and 2 red peppers or the equivalent of 3 cups. Process until the mixture is almost a liquid and pour into a large bowl.
  3. Add all of your soaked seeds, and the 4 cups of veggie pulp left over from making carrot & celery juices. *If you haven’t juiced, you can also just put carrot and celery in your food processor until it’s completely broken down and pour it into your bowl with the other ingredients. If you do this rather than using veggie pulp, the crackers may take longer to dehydrate because the mixture will contain more water.
  4. Thoroughly mix all ingredients together until the cracker mix is evenly combined.
  5. Scoop out your mixture onto your dehydrator sheets and evenly spread the mixture and begin to spread it out across the tray in the shape of a square.
  6. Make sure to use your hand as a smooth rolling pin, moving your hand up and down across the mixture on the tray until it’s spread evenly, and thinly across your dehydrator sheet. You want the crackers to be thin, so no more then 1/8 of an inch.
  7. Score your crackers into the shape and size you’d like them to be using a sharp object like a spatula, pizza cutter or even the backside of a large knife (be careful).
  8. Set your dehydrator to 110-115 and dehydrate for about 12 hours.


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