Denver Rocks!


I had a really beautiful time in Denver. I always feel energized when I go to Colorado. There is such a wonderful vibe around wellness and healthy living that I find inspiring.

I arrived into Denver really late from New York and was absolutely exhausted after an incredibly busy week of appearances and meetings. So, to be spoiled with an amazing suite on the top floor of the hotel and a gorgeous welcome amenity of superfoods and dark chocolate with a 180 degree view of the city was such a treat. I had a soak in my beautiful heavenly spa bath and then rolled into that amazing Westin heavenly bed (that I have decided I can’t live without) and slept that night with all of the drapes open so I could soak in the city lights.

The next day I headed off to the Le Creuset signature store in the incredible Fillmore Plaza. That has to be the best lifestyle mall in the country, with all of top brands I love represented. It is so lovely to just stroll the streets.

Aleena, Stephanie, Jill, Marilyn, and Sara had everything so well organized and set up for me, making my demo and book signing so easy. It was lovely to meet wonderful people I had connected with in social media or through the site. It’s always much nicer to connect in person and put faces to the names and handles.

I fired up the blender and used the new Le Creuset  stainless steel (I swear every time I visit a store I find another piece to add to my wish list) to serve some cauliflower soup, pesto pasta, sweet kale shakes, and raspberry jam with Driscoll's berries. Everybody loved the food, as well as the Kevita, Navitas Naturals, Massel, and Earthbound Farm samples and coupons I handed out. I am so grateful to Melissa’s Produce for shipping in the freshest and best quality produce to all of my LC demos, which makes travelling and preparing for these appearances so easy. Congratulations to Dona won the Palm Platter. What a lovely belated Mother’s Day surprise for her.

I then moved onto the Williams-Sonoma at Park Meadows, and Lisa, Cyndi and the team there just had it all dialed in. It was such as pleasure to share my favourite blender tips and tricks, and serve the kale shake, edamame dip, potato salad, and raspberry jam.Thankyou for being so organized and lovely to work with. It was wonderful to finally meet Shannon from Another Hungry Vegan who I have been communicating with in social media. She and her mum were so sweet. 

I drove back to the hotel dreaming of sliding into the amazing heavenly spa in my suite, and couldn’t run the water fast enough. After a relaxing bubble bath, I relished the rare opportunity to have an early night and an eight hour sleep. I just can’t believe how well I have been sleeping at every Westin I stay in. Those beds really are the best beds I have ever slept in, and I have finally convinced Scott that we should get one. Woot Woot!

Suffice to say, I felt like a million bucks the next morning, and was savouring every minute of my one day off during the tour. I took advantage of the Westin Gear Lending Program with New Balance, and borrowed some workout gear. I still can’t believe you can borrow all of that nice gear and have it laundered for $5 for your entire stay. I am so impressed with the Westin wellness initiatives that have been introduced as part of their Westin WellBeing program. Move Well is such an important part of their philosophy of offering guests options to continue their wellness program and be able to work out while they are staying. It’s such a great program if you are travelling with carry-on luggage and don’t have room for your gear. Hence Westin’s slogan: “Pack Light Keep Fit.”

I had an energizing run and walk through the streets of downtown Denver (gosh it’s a beautiful city), before having an amazing lunch with my friend Catherine. I then spent the afternoon napping. Yes! It was amazing! I was so relaxed and cosy in my room (you really know it’s a great hotel when you are right in the heart of Denver and would prefer to stay in your room) that I honestly couldn’t be bothered walking down to the many restaurants I had eyed off on my workout. So, I just took my stash of Driscoll’s berries and some other fruit, and some Navitas superfoods I had in my suitcase, and I fired up the blender to make a smoothie and a chia pudding for dinner. LOL! Well…..I am The Blender Girl.

The next morning, I enjoyed a lovely breakfast off the Westin Superfoods Rx Eat Well menu and enjoyed the view of the city before heading off to the White Wave corporate headquarters to make smoothies with their staff. Since I started working with Earthbound Farm they have become a part of the White Wave family, joining Silk and some other brands. I really love Earthbound Farm, and was thrilled when they asked me to do a demo showcasing their organic leafy greens and frozen fruits with some summer smoothies.  

I had a really great time talking about food with a group of food scientists, nutrition experts, and sales people. We all enjoyed the smoothies too. I made the ice cream kale shake and papaya pleasure from the book, as well as the spinach edamame dip.

It was a bit of a mad dash back to the airport, and as I looked back at the mountains I felt sad to be leaving Colorado.....but I must move on to San Diego next weekend. More to come! 




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