Using Your Blender

"Hello, My name is Tess and I am a proud blending addict."

The miraculous Blender is THE culinary gift from the time Gods to every cook – man, woman and child! These machines are designed to make our lives easier. Why not exploit them to their full potential. Blenders save time, mess and clean up; and if loved, last a very long time.

There are hundreds of makes and models of blenders ranging from the very simple, standard low tech blenders, to the more expensive models with all of the bells and whistles – automatic timers, built-in measuring functions and pre-programming capabilities.

Here are some of some easy hints and tips that might help you get the most out of your blender

  • Make sure you have the lid securely fastened before turning on the blender to avoid the "food on the kitchen ceiling" scenario.
  • Chop up any large hard pieces of food into cubes before adding them to your blender, as it will preserve the life of your machine and yield a more uniformly blended product. Foods such as frozen bananas, dates, fruit and vegetables come to mind.
  • Always place liquid ingredients in first and then add solid ingredients. This will assist the blending process in getting started.
  • Most blenders work best when they are about 3/4 full. Filling the carriage all the way to the top is a recipe for disaster! 
  • Make sure you turn the machine off immediately you hear the motor struggling. Take the carriage off and stir the ingredients and scrape the sides of the bowl to assist the blending process. You may need to add more liquids to the blend.
  • If blending hot liquids, make sure you use a hand mitt to remove the lid to avoid burns.