Homemade Wood Furniture Polish

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Hey everyone! I hope you are all well. Only short posts this week as I am enjoying a vacation in Australia with my family! I had intended to have everything written in advance before I got on the plane. But, alas, as usual, I left everything to the last minute and things did not work out in such an organized fashion. So, I am bashing this post out as Alexandra sets up the "Dora Tea Set" my cousin gave her for her 3rd birthday, before I am expected to arrive in the "fairy garden" for our morning tea party.

But I had to quickly share this natural homemade eco green wood furniture polish! This simple little mixture is really effective and takes seconds to make. I have used this recipe a lot and love it. But, I was overjoyed after giving it a real test last week after Alexandra's fairy party, cleaning up after 20 little fairies, pixies and goblins (with a Batman, Peter Pan, and Buzz Lightyear thrown in).

My sister and brother-in-law made an absolutely exquisite allergy-friendly gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free fairy toad stool cake for the party. I swear they are becoming cake decorating wizzes! It looked absolutely incredible, with fairies sitting on the grass underneath with their wands in hand. I will post pictures on Facebook so you can see it.

The fairies enjoyed lots of other delicious allergy-friendly treats such as: jelly tea cups, fruit flowers, gluten free cupcakes, fairy bread stacks, honey joys, oatmeal cookies, and lots more! They played "pin the nose on the fairy clown", "pass the fairy parcel", stabbed a fairy castle pinata, and danced a lot! It was a spectacular success, and so much fun!

But after every last fairy had left, there was congealed "danced-in" cake all over the wooden furniture and "magic carpets". Enter this simple wood cleaner, that we whipped up in seconds in the kitchen! I have also added some wood furniture cleaning and restoring tips that we used as well. These tips are nothing new. They are recipes my mum has been using for years. But I wanted to share them for those of you who have not tried making your own furniture polish. For those of you who make your own cleaner, please leave a comment and share you tips with everyone! I love learning from you.

I really appreciate all of your comments and emails telling me how much you are enjoying the homemade cleaning recipes. I wasn't sure how everybody would respond to my diversion from the edible treats! Just a few more natural cleaning solutions before we head back to the blender for more culinary pleasure!

Until then, I am off to the fairy garden with Dora!

Homemade Wood Furniture Polish

Homemade Wood Furniture Polish


to polish:

to clean:

to restore:

to remove water condensation marks:

  1. To make the wood polish, hake in a glass jar and apply with a very soft cloth to naturally clean and polish hard wood furniture. You only need a little bit.
  2. To make the wood cleaner, use a soft cloth to wipe down wooden furniture and give it a good cleaning before polishing and restoring.
  3. To make the wood restorer, mix together and use a soft cloth to restore wood furniture.
  4. To use the water-spot remover, rub to remove marks with the grain. Wipe off with a soft cloth.

Photo by Trent Lanz and styling by Alicia Buszczak




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