Natural Kitchen Surface Spray

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I have the most amazing discovery to share – a fantastic company that has developed a phenomenal line of eco-friendly cleaning tools that are helping America go green with their cleaning routine. These are literally the most functional, durable, stylish eco cleaning tools I have ever used! The “practical-yet-gorgeous” design of these products blows me away. Every detail has been fully thought-through -- such as ergonomic handles that make the tools easy to hold and highly effective, a stand up or hang up design for quick drying and less bacterial accumulation, as well as stunning bamboo bases that make them look like pieces of kitchen art!

When I first saw them, they reminded me of the sleek Swedish and Danish designer pieces I have bought in the past, without the expensive price tag. Yes, these items are affordable for everyone, and you can use them again and again and again. The best part is, they are made from sustainable and renewable resources such as: bamboo, cellulose, and loofah that are fully biodegradable.

Form, function, and style combine and come “full circle” to create natural products that are kind to the environment, kind to your household, and kind on the eyes. The company also maintain rigorous green business practices, maintaining a factory with great working conditions and high environmental standards of production. They source raw materials close to where the processes and packaging is done to minimize transportation; all packaging and marketing materials are made from recycled and FSC certified paper; and all scraps and waste materials are recycled. This company and their products are amazing. I simply cannot rave enough about them.

To celebrate, I am going to feature some of the natural cleaning products recipes, as well as some of my own, to show how easy it is to make homemade natural cleaning products using food-grade products in your kitchen. My mum has always used lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils to clean the house, so I grew up using these natural green recipes. I featured my top natural uses for lemons, baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils as part of my green kitchen blog for Go Green America TV. But until now, I haven't shared any of the recipes here. I don't know why! So, I will rectify that this month.

I thought I would share this surface spray recipe, which is the same as the recipe I grew up with. You just combine 1 part white vinegar, 1 part filtered water, and 1 1/2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice. The lemon juicer that comes with the spray bottles makes mixing this together a breeze. But you can mix this recipe together in seconds by blending, or shaking in a spray bottle. For even better disinfecting results, I like to soak the lemon rinds and cut up lemons I have already juiced for my lemon water in the vinegar for up to a week to really allow the lemon scent and juice to infuse into the vinegar. But you don’t have to do this if you are in a hurry. This natural spray is really effective for cleaning most surfaces. But vinegar should not be used on marble surfaces. Always test a small amount of surfaces you are unsure of.

You can use the flat square cleaning cloths made out of plant-based biodegradable cellulose with this spray. Instead of using paper towels, you can wipe up spills, clean surfaces, or wash dishes with these. They are highly absorbent, and reusable. You just freshen them up in the dishwasher or in a pot of boiling water. I also really like the 100% organic cotton dishcloths. These are also absorbent, durable, and reusable. They are really gentle for surfaces and pots. But also have a slight loop texture that makes them great for gentle scrubbing. The organic dishtowels are made out of 70% rayon from bamboo, and 30% organic cotton, have a gorgeous weave, and are great for drying dishes.

Another fantastic sponge is the flip/scrub sponge, which is part sponge/part loofah scrubber. Made out of 100% biodegradable loofah and cellulose, it expands to twice it’s size when wet, and is safe on non stick surfaces. The “scoop” 100% biodegradable cellulose sponges are amazing too. These are great for cleaning up crumbs and other food spills. They are ingeniously curved in shape, which makes them dry quickly to avoid bacteria, and that disgusting “dirty sponge” smell. Both of these sponges can also be disinfected and reused again and again.

The cleaning brushes are also really impressive. The "laid back" dish brushes not only look stylish with gorgeous renewable bamboo handles, but the colored heads are made out of plant-based biodegradable “plastic”, and the natural recycled bristles are durable and effective at cleaning dishes. The small round grip pot scrubber is one of my favorite things in the kitchen range. This is 100% plant-based - the round bamboo handle fits snugly into my hand, and the loofah, which expands to twice it’s size when wet cleans up the toughest baked on grease.

Scott is the glass and bottle scrubber in our family, and he love the bottle brush! Made out of recycled plastic and recycled stainless steel, it has a fantastic ergonomic handle design that hangs on the faucet to dry and doesn’t collect rust or bacteria. The U-shaped design allows you to clean the inside and outside of the bottle at the same time!

But the nifty "crystal clear" glass cleaning brush has been the saving grace after our dinner parties. Scott is highly meticulous when he cleans the wine glasses, cocktail glasses and tumblers, and he thinks this is the best glass cleaner he has ever used! The design is superior – with it’s layered rosette cellulose sponge design, it removes lipstick stains better than anything we have used. It also has a renewable bamboo handle that stands up for easy storage and drying, preventing bacterial growth. We laugh (both being voice over artists) that it looks like a microphone! Lol!

We only eat organic produce in our house. But scrubbing and cleaning it is still very important. The vegetable ring brush has such a fantastic design that prevents hand cramping when you are cleaning fruits and veggies. We had a friend come over the other day, and said, “trust you to have a vegetable scrubber that looks like a piece of art!” It really does….and it’s functional! The natural recycled bristles clean, but don’t bruise. I love this brush!

For the bathroom, I am very impressed with the iron-shaped "grunge buster" grout and tile brush, which is the best tile scrubber I have ever used. Made out of renewable bamboo and recycled plastic, the handle makes it so easy to use without tiring your hands when you are scrubbing a whole shower. This brush has two kinds of bristles – tough for the grout, and soft for the tile. You just clean the brush with warm soapy water, stand it up for quick drying, and then hang it up for storage. Too easy!

The microfiber scrubby cloth has become my best friend for cleaning the bathroom. It has an abrasive corner that is made out of 80% recycled plastic from water bottles! I was using an old toothbrush to clean in between crevices and corners. But this cloth gets into those places! You scrub with the edge, and wipe away the grit and residue with the soft portion of the cloth. All you need to clean is just add water.

But the item that has completely changed our lives is the Odor-Free Fresh Air Compost Collector. Made our of partially recycled plastic and stainless steel, this brilliant container allows for aerobic decomposition. Unlike sealed compost bins, the unique design of this can creates “wind fumes” that allows the oxygen to flow through the organic waste so that there is less build up of liquids which means the food stays much drier during the composting process and decomposes more slowly. This prevents the strong odors that are a problem with other bins. There are also no flies! You don’t need any filters either. Just place one of the compostable waste bags in the container and secure it with the wire holder. These bags are incredible. The bags begin the degradation process when they come in contact with food waste and continue to break down with time. They last about 5 days. The best part about this compost container, is that you can clean it in the dishwasher between fills. With a push-button lid, it could not be easier to use; and just like all the products, it is functional, but stylish.

Check out these gorgeous green cleaning products. Their glass cleaner has become my gift of choice at the moment. My friends all want one after they see how amazing it is. Then, I have to show them the rest of the range, and they are hooked!

I love their tag line: “Protect Your Health, Your Planet, and Your Wallet. Come Clean with Full Circle.” This company might be the best kept secret in the cleaning world. But, if I have my way…..not for long! Trust me, this stuff is a find!

**No payment was received for this review, but product was given to use and give away.

Natural Kitchen Surface Spray

Natural Kitchen Surface Spray

Makes 2 1/2 cups5 MINS
  1. Mix the ingredients together in a spray bottle.

*This surface spray acts as a natural disinfectant. It's effective on shiny surfaces, and doesn't require rinsing. Always do a small test on surfaces you're unsure of. Spray a small amount on, and observe any reactions.

**This spray should not be used on marble surfaces as it contains vinegar.

***You can soak lemon halves in vinegar for up to a week for even better results.

Recipe from Full Circle
Photo by Trent Lanz and styling by Alicia Buszczak




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