Summer Heat Watermelon Detox Juice

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This delicious watermelon, grapefruit, lime, and chile detox juice blend from Meredith Baird's Everyday Raw Detox book is a weight-loss wonder. This gorgeous book is full of phenomenal recipe. If you want to detox with style, this is the bible. With stunning photography by Adrian Mueller, enticing descriptions, and valuable information about ingredients, juicing and blending techniques, this book makes cleansing chic.

This book finds sexy ways to incorporate healthy foods into your diet in a stylish and accessible way. There are 100 exotic raw, vegan recipes in this book from juices, to blended fruit or vegetable smoothies, brewed tonics, appetizers, soups, salads, dips, and main dishes, a section of skin and body tonics, and a wonderful resources section.

All of the recipes are easy, but have Meredith's exotic spin. Some of my favorite detox recipes include: Banana Carrot Chai Smoothie, Blueberries and Cream Kefir Smoothie, Miso Me-So-Green Smoothie, V 10 Juice, Herbal Infusuon, Chai Mai Latte, Rose and Aloe Spritz, Chamomile Nettle Tea, Chia and Buckwheat Cereal, Mimosa Sorbet, Collard Burrito, Curried Spinach Dip, Cauliflower Caviar, Blood Orange-Scented Beet Soup, Beet Spaghettini with Pistachio Thyme Pesto, and the Coconut Hair Mask.

Snag your copy of this book, and you will not be sorry.

After getting a ton of emails from those of you in the Southern hemisphere enjoying the scorching Summer weather. I deliberately chose this "Summer Heat" Watermelon Detox Juice for you.

Meredith says, "Watermelon is not only incredibly hydrating; it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory that is rich in lycopene. This juice is high in vitamins C and A and is rich in the minerals magnesium and potassium. The chile pepper boosts metabolism and fights infection. Low sugar, low calorie, and packed with nutrients - this is one of the most perfect detox drinks."

This watermelon blend is incredibly refreshing. If you're not detoxing, try adding some sparkling water for a spicy mocktail!

If you're not familiar with Meredith, she is a certified raw food chef, Meredith was a crucial part of the Matthew Kenney Lifestyle brand, and assisted in writing several books with Matthew, including Everyday Raw Express, Everyday Raw Desserts, and Raw Chocolate.

I honestly cannot rave enough about this lovely lady. She is hugely talented, and incredibly generous and sweet.

Summer Heat Watermelon Detox Juice

Summer Heat Watermelon Detox Juice

Serves 2 10 MINS
  • 3 cups watermelon 
  • 1 rub red grapefruit, peeled and chopped
  • 1 small red chile pepper
  • 1 lime, peeled

Push the ingredients through your juicer, and strain with a fine mesh sieve.




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