Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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If you are like me, you will agree that cleaning the toilet is the most dreaded task in the house. There is nothing glamorous about it. But, it has to be done. There are a lot of toxic toilet cleaners on the market that I can't with all good conscience flush down into our waterways. Fortunately, there are some wonderful natural toilet cleaners at the health food store and grocery store. However, these cleaners can be extremely expensive, and are not quite as natural as I would like.

I have tried many green toilet cleaners, but I keep coming back to plain vinegar, baking soda, borax, and lemon juice. However, if this is a bit too "granola hippy" (as my father calls it) nothings beats this fabulous recipe from the wonderful Sophie Uliano.

This wonderful concoction does the job "gorgeously' as Sophie would say. It is quick and easy to make, costs pennies, smells divine, and really works! I love how it fills the whole bathroom with a delightful lavender and tea-tree breeze instead of polluting the house with the stench of chlorine and bleach. Trust me, this "gorgeously green" recipe is a winner!

So, who is Sophie Uliano?

Sophie is the NY Times Best-Selling author of 3 green lifestyle books: Gorgeously Green - 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life; The Gorgeously Green Diet; and Do It Gorgeously - How to Make Less Toxic, Less Expensive, and More Beautiful Products. She is a Green Expert and Healthy Lifestyle speaker who has appeared on some of the top TV shows such as Oprah (where she appeared with Julia Roberts), The View, Good Morning America, The CBS Early Show, and many others.

Sophie also works as a spokesperson for green products from brands such as: Mattel, Good Earth Tea, Pyrex, Frito Lay (Sun Chips), 3M, Scott Naturals, Ziplock, Target, and many others. She also speaks all over the country, and contributes to countless websites and online publications such as: iVillage, AOL, Daily Green, My Gloss, Real Simple, Body & Soul, Health, and Parenting.

Visit Sophie's amazing website for tips about sustainable living and healthy eating; eco-friendly product reviews; and tons of green recipes for beauty products and cleaning products; and tons of other DIY things. In addition to her wonderful blog, Sophie has a widely supported You Tube Channel, with tons of amazing videos where she demonstrates how to make many of her "gorgeously green" recipes, including this natural, eco-friendly toilet cleaner.

Part of Sophie's irresistible charm is that she makes "going green" easy, accessible, fun, and chic! Hence the saying, "Do It Gorgeously!" If you think you can't be fashionable and green, think again. Sophie finds a fabulous healthy balance between sustainability and style. She has a saying, "there are different shades of green." This really speaks to me - where everybody can do their part and adapt an eco-friendly lifestyle in a way that feels comfortable and is achievable.

Trust me, check out Sophie and her website, and fall in love with all things "gorgeously green." There are so many amazing ideas.

Sophie, thank you for giving me permission to publish your recipe here. You rock!

Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Makes 3 1/2 cups10 MINS
  1. Stir the baking soda into the water.
  2. Add in the castile soap.
  3. Then gradually add in the vinegar a little bit at a time. It will foam and fizz like soda.
  4. Lastly, add in the tea tree oil and lavender essential oil.
  5. Transfer this mixture to an old toilet cleaner squeeze bottle. Give the bottle a shake before using.

This works to clean the toilet seat and toilet bowl.

For really dirty bowls you can apply straight vinegar or make a solution of 1 cup borax and 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice.

Watch Sophie's YouTube video where she makes this recipe

Recipe from Sophie Uliano
Photo by Trent Lanz and styling by Alicia Buszczak




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