Raw Crispy Mexican Crackers

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These awesome raw Mexican crackers come from Young and Raw.

Sheleana and Caleb met in Vancouver Canada, and after talking with Preet Marwaha from Organic Lives, who suggested they adopt a raw vegan lifestyle in order to eradicate Sheleana's chronic health problems, successfully transformed their lives with the power of live foods.

On a raw foods diet, Sheleana lost 45 pounds, healed her body of infertility, re-balanced her energy from extreme adrenal fatigue, reversed a hormonal imbalance that was threatening her life, and restored her body to optimum health. She and Caleb now dedicate their lives to teaching others how to do the same.

They created Young and Raw to share information about health and nutrition, beauty recipes, and delicious raw recipes. Some of my favorites include the caesar salad, chunky berry energy cookies, sunflower veggie burgers, and the maca-almond martinis.

Their raw crispy vegetable crackers are full of fabulous flavor, loaded with nutrients, and live enzymes. I've halved their original recipe and trialed it after some of your comments. So, I hope my changes make the recipe easier and more accessible for you. I hope you enjoy them.

Learn more about Young and Raw.

Raw Crispy Mexican Crackers

Raw Crispy Mexican Crackers

Makes 30 to 40 crackers720 MINS
  1. Place the flax, chia, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds in separate bowls. Cover each food with water, and allow to soak for about 6 hours. Cover the flax and chia with just enough water to make them into a gel. It's about 1 cup for each bowl. Rinse and drain the sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.
  2. Throw the onion and bell pepper into your food processor, and process until it's almost a liquid consistency. Add the drained sunflower and pumpkin seeds, the juice pulp, and the chipotle powder, garlic powder, salt, and cayennne, and process until well combined. Stir through the chia and flax gels until well combined.
  3. Scoop the mixture out and spread in even thin (1/8th-inch) layers onto mesh dehydrator sheets fitted with non-stick sheets.
  4. Score the layers crackers into the shape and size you’d like using a sharp object like a pizza cutter or knife.
  5. Set your dehydrator for 115°F, and dehydrate for about 6 hours. Peel the non-stick sheets off, and turn the cracker sheets over directly onto the mesh screens, and dehydrate for a further 6 hours, or until completely dry and crispy.
  6. Store in a sealed container.

Reipe from Young and Raw
Photo by Trent Lanz and styling by Alicia Buszczak




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